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Setting up Your iPad 2. Slide the Arrow to Unlock.

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1 Setting up Your iPad 2

2 Slide the Arrow to Unlock

3 Choose Language

4 Choose Country

5 Choose Belton ISD, not GuestWLAN Username: firstname.lastname Password: id#tiger Your username is your Skyward username If your firstname.lastname is more than 20 characters, add @belton.isd after your last name

6 Enable Location Services

7 Setup iPad Choose “Set Up as New iPad” if you have never had an iPad before Choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” if you backed up your iPad to iCloud last year Enter your Apple ID on the following screen If you do not remember your Apple ID, click the “Forgot Apple ID or Password” link on this screen

8 Setting up your iPad for the 1 st Time Have an Apple ID you want to use? Click “Sign in with an Apple ID” Need to create an Apple ID? Click “Skip This Step”

9 Agree to Terms 1. Click “Agree” in the bottom right corner of the screen 2. Click the “Agree” button in the middle of the screen.

10 Using iCloud? If you backed your iPad up to iCloud last year…. Choose the most recent backup and let the backup restore

11 Choose Diagnostics Setting up your iPad the first time? Choose “Automatically Send” diagnostics and usage

12 Set up Your Email Click the Settings Icon in your iPad Select Mail, Contacts and Calendars

13 Add your Email Account Click “Add Account” Click “Gmail”

14 Your Gmail Account Type your name Your email address is your firstname.lastname@my Your password is your id#tiger (tiger is not capitalized, no spaces between your id# and tiger) Id #tiger firstname.lastname@MYBISD.NET

15 Click “Save” On the following screen click “Save” Your email account is now set up If you are having problems setting up your email account, please visit the iHelp desk in the library BEFORE or AFTER school this week (not during the school day).

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