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Annual Family Orientation

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1 Annual Family Orientation
Welcome to Pack 783! Annual Family Orientation

2 Common questions What do we do in scouting?
What is the time commitment? Who can participate? What does it cost? Do I have to come to the meetings or can I just drop off my kid? Is it a religious organization? If so, what if I have a different faith? Is this the same as last year? NO

3 Religious Organization?
Yes, but completely non-denomination We are open to all faiths There will be invocations at the beginning of pack meetings and occasional references to the principle that a scout is reverent We will absolutely NOT tolerate anyone pushing any particular religion or demeaning any faith Your Faith and your scouts is a personal matter We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable

4 Common questions What do we do in scouting? Camping Pinewood Derby
Scouting for food Popcorn sales Games and crafts Fun with a purpose

5 The 10 purposes of Cub Scouting
Character Development Spiritual Growth Good Citizenship Sportsmanship and Fitness Family Understanding Respectful Relationships Personal Achievement Friendly Service Fun and Adventure Preparation for Boy Scouts

6 What is a Pack? The Pack includes boys from grades 1-5
A Pack is made of several Dens Dens are grouped by age level Dens are the primary unit where boys spend the most time All leaders in the Pack are volunteers

7 Where do we fit in? Our place in the larger picture:
Our Pack is chartered to Faith Viera Lutheran Church We partner with Troop 720 All Scouts in Brevard from Titusville to the Pineda Causeway make the Challenger District Challenger District is part of the Central FL Council The Council is part of BSA BSA is part of the World Scouting movement

8 When/where are meetings?
Dens meet 2-4 times per month Den meetings vary by time & location – your den leader chooses The Pack meets once a month We meet at 6:30 PM on the last Monday at Faith Viera Lutheran, with a few exceptions

9 What do we do at den meetings?
Den meetings are where the program happens Crafts, projects Trips/outings Games, songs, skits Learning, achievements, advancements Outdoor skills, nature study Community service

10 What do we do at Pack meetings?
Pack meetings are where the boys get to show off what they did in den meetings that month Display their crafts, projects, etc Play games, lead songs, perform skits Get recognition in front of their peers, receive advancement items Hear about upcoming outings, events, etc

11 Monthly Themes Both den and Pack meetings use a changing monthly theme to bind the activities together Some examples are: “Cub Scout Express” (trains) “Indian Nations” (native American study) “Our Feathered Friends” (birds, wildlife) “Play Ball!” (team and individual sports)

12 Advancement Cub Scouts work on achievements towards earning their badge of rank The handbooks contain all the info necessary for completing the achievements Much work is done in the home with the boy’s adult partner (“Akela”) As progress is made, recognition items are awarded Tiger totem/beads Wolf/Bear “Progress towards ranks” totem/beads Webelos activity badges/colors Electives – Arrow points, Tiger washers

13 Advancement Cub Scouts also earn recognition for participation in sports, academic and other pursuits: Belt loops and pins are awarded for learning about and developing skills in over 60 sports and academic subjects Additional patches, pins, and awards recognize achievement in Outdoor Skills, wildlife conservation, emergency preparedness, international activity, and much more.

14 Advancement Cub Scouts are recognized in front of their peers
Major awards (badges of rank and some other achievements) are announced individually at Pack Meetings Belt loops and pins are usually awarded at den meetings in smaller ceremonies

15 Advancement – the Bobcat
All Cub Scouts earn the Bobcat before moving on to other achievements The Bobcat is the first rank in Scouting. All new Scouts must earn Bobcat first, regardless of their age/grade at the time they joined the Pack. There are 8 requirements for earning the Bobcat Earning the Bobcat is easy and teaches the boys the ‘basics’ of Cub Scouting (salute, promise, sign, etc.)

16 Uniform Requirements We have 2 uniforms – the “Field Uniform” (sometimes called “Class A”) and the “Activity Uniform” (the Pack T-shirt). Field Uniforms are required for Pack Meetings, community service and other activities as indicated by your leaders Activity Uniforms are usually used for Den meetings and other less formal (or more messy!) activities

17 Uniform Requirements We do not require ‘official’ pants/shorts (though the color must be correct). Hats are strongly recommended for outdoor activities. Official socks are also optional. All Field Uniform items may be purchased at the Brevard Scout Shop Activity Uniforms are provided with paid Pack dues. One Activity Uniform per year is provided at no additional cost to the Scout. (Additional shirts may be purchased for adults/siblings/spares). Our Pack’s full Uniform Guide can be found in your folders and on our web site at

18 Financial Information
Pack Dues Separate from registration fees paid to BSA Provide funding for the local unit (Pack and den) Funds for den leader supplies Provides money for advancement items and events such as Blue & Gold, Pinewood Derby, etc. Pack Budget available on request Scholarships are available for families in need Uniform bank is also available

19 Financial Information
Pack dues are $150 for a full year of scouting! This includes: $20 for Den Supplies Pack T-shirt Next year’s Book, Neckerchief and slide All advancements earned Pinewood Derby car and Raingutter Regatta boat Boys Life, Back-2-pack waterslides….etc…

20 Financial Information
We strongly encourage you to pay this through fundraising The current per-scout fundraising commitment is only $450 per year There are only 2 fundraising events per year Popcorn in the fall and Discount cards in the spring Fundraising provides money for advancements, awards, supplies, equipment, outings, etc

21 Financial Information
Pack Dues and National Registration Pack Dues include the re-registration of your son with BSA and subscription to Boys’ Life magazine If you registered at School Night you paid national registration through this year. Your dues are therefore reduced for this upcoming year only.

22 Volunteer Requirements
Cub Scouting is a family activity Siblings are always welcome, Akelas are required Every person in the pack is a volunteer Everyone will contribute in some way Without volunteer leaders the Pack will fail Complete the talent surveys ASAP Be prepared to help and participate in activities

23 Volunteer Requirements
EVERYONE has an assignment!!!! Leaders Den Leaders, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, advancements, etc… Everyone else is on Planning committees! Each rank has 2 events that they are responsible for Events are age appropriate

24 Event Committees Tigers Wolves Bears Weblos 1 Weblos 2
Tiger Growl, Holiday Party Wolves Scouting for Food, Spring Campout Bears Fall Campout, Daytona Campout Weblos 1 Pinewood Derby, Scout Show Weblos 2 Blue and Gold, Weblos Woods

25 Volunteer Requirements
Full training is provided to all leaders We have our own Pack Trainer BSA provides training frequently On-line training is available for certain courses Materials and experienced leadership are available to help new leaders “Cub Scouts 2010”, leader guides, den meeting outlines Monthly Roundtable meetings for leaders

26 2013-2014 Program Highlights Coming very soon: Pack Meeting: Tomorrow
Raingutter Regatta: Tomorrow Scout night at Funtown: September 7th Fall District camping: “Cubs of the Roundtable” 10/25-27 “Tiger Growl” campout 11/22-24

27 2013-2014 Program Highlights Fall District Campout (Oct.)
Scouting for Food (Nov.) Holiday Party (Dec.) Webelos Woods (Jan.) Pinewood Derby (Jan.) Blue & Gold Banquet / Webelos Crossover (Feb.) Spring Pack Campout (Mar/Apr.) Family Fest (May) Pack Graduation (May) Cub day camp (June) Summertime activities (June, July, August)

28 Pack Communication ScoutTrack E-Mail Web site - Council Web Site
Monthly Newsletters

29 Additional Resources Pack Handbook Pack Library Leaders

30 Welcome Akelas and Scouts!
We’re glad your family is part of Scouting and our Pack! © 2010 Pack 783

31 Fees Summary IF you have previously filled out a new Scout application AND written a check to the Boy Scouts of America THEN: Check for $150 made out to “Cub Scout Pack 783” or a signed commitment form IF you have not previously filled out a new Scout application OR paid for anything THEN: Check for $9 made out to “Boy Scouts of America”

32 Safety Please Read your guide dto safe scouting We train our leaders
We practice two-deep ledership

33 THE CUB SCOUT PROMISE I, (say your name), promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, To help other people, and To obey the law of the Pack.

34 Leadership Now that we have covered the basics of Cub Scouting
Let’s talk about what YOU can do for the pack!

35 Our Pack (Rule of 2’s) 2 Tiger Dens 2 Wolf Dens 2 Bear Dens 2 Weblos 1
2 Dens per rank! 2 Leaders for each Den!!!! Wow that is a lot of leaders needed!!!!

36 Our Pack (Tigers) 2 Tiger Dens Den 4 member Den 9 members
Den Leader – Brenda Gerhard Assistant Den Leader -- ________________ Den 8 Den Leader -- ______________________ Den 4 member Dempster, Gerhard, Gustke, Henderson, Nikon, Villar Den 9 members All other first graders Dens are expected to share information Brenda with questions

37 Our Pack (Wolves) 2 Wolf Dens Den 2 member Den 6 members
Den Leader – ________________ Assistant Den Leader -- ________________ Den 6 Den Leader -- __Tracy and James Luck_____ Assistant Den Leader -- __Paul Yelvington___ Den 2 member Allen, Byrd, Charles, Eccleston, Foret, Kraus, Reed Den 6 members Duhaime, Grissom, Hewitson, Luck, Reyes, Yelvington We may need a third Den if there are lots of recruits

38 Our Pack (Bears) 2 Bear Dens Den 1 members Den 10 members
Den Leader – ___Joanne Stewart________ Assistant Den Leader -- ___Wendy Hancock__ Den 10 Den Leader -- _____________ Assistant Den Leader -- _____________ Den 1 members Daffron, Gentile, Hancock, Kapatoes, Knear, Lindstrom, Mcnabb, Parks, Sterling, Stewart, Thompson Den 10 members All New Third Graders!!! Joanne is excited to mentor the Den 10 Leaders

39 Our Pack (Web 1) 2 Weblos 1 Dens Den 5 members Den 9 members
Den Leader – ___Dave Bookman________ Assistant Den Leader -- ___________ Den 9 Den Leader -- ___Cheryl Water______ Assistant Den Leader -- ___Mike Gerhard___ Den 5 members Bookman, Hanney, Hoffmans, Layman, Thomas Den 9 members Cobb, Durante, Gerhard, Helms, Keyes, Moreno, Raco, Shear May need a third den depending on the number of recruits

40 Our Pack (Web 2) 2 Weblos 2 Dens Den 3 members Den 7 members
Den Leader – ___Kevin Gustke________ Assistant Den Leader -- ___________ Den 7 Den Leader -- ___Stephen Kraus______ Den 3 members Duhaime, Gustke, Krassel, Pappademetriou, Passabile Den 7 members Dempster, Hansen, Kraus, Montemurno, Thompson, Toledo We will try to split the recruits evenly

41 We need Den Leaders!! 3 Tigers 2 Wolf 2 Bear 1 Web 1 2 Web 2
10 Den leaders needed But wait there is more!!!!

42 We need other Leaders!! Assistant Cubmaster (John moves on in February) Cubmaster Trainee (I will be moving on next February) Newsletter Editor (Valerie will be moving on in February) Pack Trainer is currently open Pack Secretary is currently open Volunteer Coordinator is currently open Communications Officer is currently open Grubmaster is currently open Quartermaster is currently open All of the event chair positions

43 Fill out your talent surveys!
This is a starting point Please follow up with a leader (myself, den leader, etc…) Everyone will have a position There are positions available for every skill set and schedule

44 Upcoming events, calendar
Calendar is maintained in scouttrack

45 Upcoming events, calendar
Calendar is maintained in scouttrack

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