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Rivalta, La città della logistica. Logistic services Terminal Container and Intermodal services Rivalta Terminal Europa (RTE) Interporto Rivalta Scrivia.

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1 Rivalta, La città della logistica

2 Logistic services Terminal Container and Intermodal services Rivalta Terminal Europa (RTE) Interporto Rivalta Scrivia (IRS) BUSINESS

3  RIVALTA SCRIVIA (HEADQUARTER) LOCATION The Rivalta perspective rail connections


5 SHAREHOLDERS Interporto Rivalta Scrivia S.p.A. shareholders are: Fagioli Finance S.p.A. (67,51%) F2i Logistica S.r.l. (22,70%) Autostrada To – Mi S.p.A. (4,34%) Aurelia S.p.A. (2,05%) Altri soci ( 3,40%)

6 HISTORY 1963 – Establishment; 1966 – The first invoice; 1967/1988 – At full gallop – Rivalta grows and becomes a focus of the national economy; 1989 – The apocalypse – A terrible fire destroys 80.000 sm. of warehouses; 1990/1995 – A difficult period – Reconstruction is hard, but a new age is coming: logistics!; 1995/2000 – With the arrival of Fagioli Group Rivalta knows an unprecedented growth; 2001/2006 – The challenge – With 2.250.000 sm. Rivalta is a modern a mondial logistic operator; 2007… - Looking forward the future – R.T.E., Inlog, Uirnet, and..

7 FIGURES Total area1.250.000 sm. Indoor warehouses 400.000 sm. Cooled warehouses 150.000 cm. Squares 350.000 sm. Green area 200.000 sm. Offices 10.000 sm.

8 BUSINESS BUSINESS AREA Large retailers Food large retailers Raw materials (Cocoa, coffee, sugar) Oils/ Excises Wood Sport wear Shoes Bricolage White, grey and brown Fresh and cooled products(0°C / -30°C) Controlled temperature(8°C / 18°C) Promotionals Pharmaceutical and make up products Automotive STOCKING TYPOLOGIES National warehouses Bonded warehouses Temporary warehouses Fiscal warehouses

9 - Internal Genoa customs office - Import / Export customs operations in Rivalta - National, bonded, temporary and fiscal warehouses - Transport office for all customer requests - Internal technical office - Internal IT office - Owned WMS for all customer requests SERVICES

10 REASONS FOR INVESTMENTS The main reasons in order to believe and invest in Rivalta are: The strategic position: Interporto is located less than 100 Km far from Ligurian Ports (Genoa, Savona and La Spezia); Direct connection by rail with the Ligurian Ports; Barycentric position in North of Italy, just in the middle of the most industrialized areas of the country; Industrial areas for new logistics infrastructures, indoor and outdoor; Price level of the services really competitive in comparison to the hinterland of the big cities of North of Italy; Credited and appreciated skills of company staff; No interruptions of activities due to strikes for almost 50 years of history.

11 The new “DRY PORT” of Genoa MISSION

12 R.T.E. SHAREHOLDERS Heavy Lifting Heavy Transport Engineering Logistics Infrastructure Transport 47,87% Other shareholders are: Provincia di Alessandria, Comune di Tortona, Comune di Alessandria, Confindustria Alessandria. Piemont region (Finpiemonte Partecipazioni), Genoa Port Authority and Savona Port Authority declares their interest to be a part of R.T.E. shareholders SHAREHOLDERS

13 Total area1.200.000 sm. Terminal Container – 1° lot 250.000 sm. Entry and Inspection area/Offices 10.000 sm. Container maintenance and repair 6.000 sm. Green area 284.000 sm. Development area 650.000 sm. Teus capacity 25.000 teus FIGURES

14 8 Employees 10 Lift truck operators 3 Reach stackers 1 Forklift 30 tons 3 Frontlift for empty container 2 Diesel Locomotive 3 Sets of wagons composed each by 11 S15 and 6s26 1 Transtainer 4/5/4 Reggiane FACILITIES

15 R.T.E.SHUTTLE TRAINS VOLUMES In 2010 Rivalta Terminal Europe moved 8 couples of train per week. For 2011 we forecast to increase up to 15 this result, thanks to the implemenation of the service and according with the Tiger project.

16 R.T.E.Total Volume (TEUS) VOLUMES

17 R.T.E. I.R.S. Container yard (CY) Container freight station (CFS) Shuttle Intermodal logistic chain: flow chart SERVICES


19 - Daily rail service (Shuttle) from/to sea terminals - Internal Genoa customs office - Import / Export customs operations (including, from 2011, ex 1 issuance, in Rivalta - No need of any transit document (T1, CIM) - Customs inspections inside the terminal Export Import Terminal (CY) Inland terminal (CY) Shuttle SERVICES


21 TIGER PROJECT is the model for the new working of the trains beetwen corridor Genoa – Rotterdam and it is co-financied by UE TIGER PROJECT forecasts the integration of the most modern IT and rail signs tecnologies The terminals involved into the project (San Giorgio, Tortona, etc) will be connected with all modalities with rail networks and equipped with the most innovative systems for logistic operations. (computerized customs, automatic recognition of containers and goods, etc) Tiger Project TIGER

22 Tianjin Project : - Creation of a logistic platform, starting with 100.000 sq. of warehouses and squares, in order to help the commercial interexchange between China and Italy through the ports of Tianjin and the portual and retroportual system of Genoa (Rivalta Terminal Europa) - Chartered custom agreements in order to advantage the exchange of the goods beetwen the two countries - Coordination inside the platform of the activities of freight forwardes, logistic operators, financial and insurance operators, commercial brokers and suppliers of physical services to the goods - Other services for the companies, like legal and fiscal assistance, market information, availability of a show room TIANJIN

23 UIRNET Project : - Uirnet first goal is improving the logistic system of the country, developing: - Support services to the intermodality; - Services for truck companies and drivers; - Support services to the companies. - Uirnet platform will provide services for the market of logistics, particulary dedicated to freight forwarders (matching demand and offer, supporting basic and advanced services, managing transport flows, etc) and truckers (traceabilities of the shippings, prevention and communication of critical events, support into information exchanges between logistic operators,etc) UIRNET

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