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Kiara Kilgo and Christyn Geniesse February 7,2012 Period 3.

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1 Kiara Kilgo and Christyn Geniesse February 7,2012 Period 3

2 All around the world people are poaching Siberian Tigers for there furs, teeth, bones and other feasible body parts. Siberian tigers are the top most endangered species in the whole world. They are being poached for cosmetics, ivory, clothes, fat ornaments, and food. There has been a 40% decline of Siberian tigers the last 12 years. tigers.htm#c tigers.htm#c

3 This effects the animals and younger kids. Every 20 minutes the world adds 3,500 human lives but looses one or more entire species of animal or plant life. There are only about 300 Siberian tigers left in the world. This is destroying the population and generations after us may live in a world where these animals are extinct. If these animals go extinct, there will be an overpopulations of wild boar and red deer. Humans caused morality 75- 80% of deaths. tiger-project

4 Both hunting and poaching of Siberian Tigers continues to be a concern in the isolated areas out there, though it is hard to make sure such actions don’t occur. There isn’t enough manpower to continually keep hunters and poachers out of the areas where the Siberian Tiger is found. This is a very important issue because this could continue to happen and wipe out the entire species of tigers and soon other animals. www.tigers-

5 The root cause of this problem is that people don’t get a repercussion for doing it and they treat it as a life style. There are laws about it but these laws do not get enforced. If these laws were enforced more then people would take this matter a bit more seriously and help save this species of tigers.

6  The scope of this problem is at a national level because this is taking place all over the world, not just in the states.

7  Make Punishments for poaching more severe  Put up cameras and monitor poaching hot spots to catch the offenders  Set up an ecotourism business and give part of the profit to those who poach for survival in order to be able to eat other food

8  The best possible solution is to make the punishments for breaking the law against poaching. The current punishment is a fine and possible jail time. However, this is not enough. The new punishment should be definite jail time for a minimum of 3 years. In addition the fine should be higher, depending on how many animals have been killed with a starting fine of $20,000.

9  This is the best because the most effective way to stop the problem of poaching is to get rid of those who commit it. However, this cannot be done unless the poachers are too afraid of taking the risk. By raising the stakes, violators will be less willing to take the risk of poaching.

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