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Oklahoma State Department of Health

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2 Oklahoma State Department of Health
Information Priscilla Tiger RD/LD eWIC Project Manager WIC Program Consultant Oklahoma State Department of Health WIC Service

3 Plans for eWIC Original Plan First Modification to Plan Current Plan
Pilot in March 2014 Rollout June 2014 to November 2014 First Modification to Plan Pilot in September 2014 Rollout January 2015 to June 2015 Current Plan Pilot in March 2015 Rollout June 2014 to September 2015

4 Plans for eWIC Delay due to our MIS not being ready
In house developed system-PHOCIS Addition of household account module Revision of food package & food issuance Complete revision of our vendor management system New platform for PHOCIS

5 Pilot Plans Pilot Phase 2 counties – 6 clinics
Monthly caseload varies from 136 to 2436 Variety of vendors Proximity to largest cities Added 4 counties – 6 clinics to end of pilot phase – not in original plan

6 Rollout Plans Rollout Phase 4 Phases
Revised from 6 phases in original plan Shortened from 6 months to 4 months Rolling out from our pilot areas

7 Pilot & Rollout Map eWIC Pilot eWIC Rollout Areas
Cimarron Nowata Ottawa Texas Beaver Harper Woods Alfalfa Grant Kay Craig Osage Washington Woodward Delaware Garfield Noble Rogers eWIC Pilot Mayes Major Pawnee Ellis 2 Counties, 6 Clinics, 27 Vendors March - April 2015 Tulsa Dewey Payne Wagoner Blaine Kingfisher Logan Creek Cherokee Adair 4 Counties, 6 Clinics, 18 Vendors May 2015 Roger Mills Lincoln Custer Muskogee Canadian Oklahoma Okmulgee Okfuskee Sequoyah McIntosh Beckham Washita Cleveland Pottawotomie Haskell Caddo Seminole eWIC Rollout Areas Grady Hughes Greer Kiowa Pittsburg Latimer Le Flore McClain Phase 1 – 7 Counties, 23 Clinics, 103 Vendors June 2015 The pilot and rollout map is on the WIC Training Link under the eWIC section. To get a better look and to learn about eWIC please visit this site often as we will be adding information as we move forward with eWIC. Harmon Comanche Garvin Pontotoc Jackson Coal Stephens Murray Pushmataha Phase 2 –14 Counties, 27 Clinics, 130 Vendors July 2015 Tillman Cotton Johnston Atoka Carter Jefferson McCurtain Marshall Choctaw Phase 3 – 25 Counties, 28 Clinics, 81 Vendors August 2015 Love Bryan Phase 4 – 24 Counties, 30 Clinics, 99 Vendors September 2015 06/16/2014

8 eWIC Training Committee
Plan and schedule trainings for staff Schedule clinics for rollout Develop training material Meet at least monthly

9 Vendor Outreach Ongoing contact with vendors
Regional meetings for integrated vendors Onsite trainings for vendors with stand beside devices

10 State Staff Trainings Training of nutrition & vendor staff, state helpdesk staff on process Training of financial staff Scheduled for January/February

11 Staff Trainings Staff website with eWIC section
Written documents PowerPoint presentations with voiceover Presentation at Annual WIC State Nutrition Conferences

12 Staff Trainings Quarterly Video Conferences Regional trainings
Fridays prior to rollout–Policy & PHOCIS 2 Sessions per day 1 Nutrition staff and 1 policy staff

13 Rollout Days Caseload & size of clinic Number of clinics each week
Two staff members for clinics over caseload One staff member for clinics under caseload Generally two days at each clinic Number of clinics each week Four to eight clinics per week

14 Rollout Days Staff needed per week Vary upon number & size of clinics
Maximum six staff members per day Nine staff members to pull from

15 Rollout Days Scheduling rollout Challenging
Clinics and slots on calendar for staff to pick from Decided to make it fun

16 Regional Training Princesses
Nutrition Staff Policy Staff

17 Rollout Princesses Nutrition Staff

18 Scheduling Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Jasmine/Ariel
Clinic A Mulan/Belle Clinic E Week 1 Rapunzel/Ariel Clinic B Pocahontas/Belle Clinic F Cinderella/ Tiana Regional Training A Jasmine/Mulan Clinic C Week 2 Rapunzel/Belle Clinic G Pocahontas/Ariel Clinic D Aurora/ Snow White Regional Training B

19 Celebration Plan to celebrate!

20 Contact Information Priscilla Tiger RD/LD ext

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