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FRA Rail Development Program Update

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1 FRA Rail Development Program Update
Corey Hill Scott Greene

2 FRA Rail Development Program Update
General Updates FY 2013 obligation priorities: HSIPR, TIGER III, TIGER 2012 Rail Line Relocation (competitive) TIGER More than $328 million in TIGER funding administered by FRA (all years) More than 60% of TIGER funds obligated, including 100% of TIGER I and II funds $161.3 million for freight rail projects in 14 states $166.9 million for passenger rail projects in five states RRIF 10 loan agreements for $980 million have been executed since FY 2009 Welcomed new staff this month to help with monitoring and oversight and the application review process Rail Line Relocation Over 50% of RLR funding has been obligated (approx. $46 million FY08-11) Announced selections for FY11 funding March 2 12 projects in 11 states selected to receive $17M Grant Status Highlights Of $17.1 billion allocated across all programs, $16.9 has been obligated to date (over 98% of allocated funding) Over $7 billion (42% of all funding) has been disbursed to grantees to date Presentation Title:

3 FRA Rail Development Program Update
HSIPR Michigan DOT closed sale of 135 miles of right-of-way on Dearborn-Kalamazoo corridor from Norfolk Southern ($150 million, FY 2010 project) Notice to Proceed issued for $352 million contract to Sumitomo Corporation of America for 130 bi-level passenger railcars for use in California and the Midwest Downeaster initiated extended revenue service between Freeport and Brunswick, Maine ($38 million ARRA project) WA – Mt. Vernon Siding Extension ($3 million, FY 2009) obligated in November Grant Status Highlights Of $17.1 billion allocated across all programs, $16.9 has been obligated to date (over 98% of allocated funding) Over $7 billion (42% of all funding) has been disbursed to grantees to date Extended Downeaster service NNEPRA photo Presentation Title:

4 HSIPR Construction Underway
37 HSIPR projects for approximately $1.7 billion are currently under construction or complete in 17 states. Underway in the Midwest: IA: 1 project IL: 1 corridor, 2 projects MI: 2 projects MN: 1 project MO: 2 projects WI: 2 projects Including completion of improvements to MI’s Battle Creek Station and 110-mph service along portions of the Chicago-St. Louis Corridor Underway in the West: CA: 1 corridor, 9 projects OR: 1 project WA: 1 corridor, 2 projects Including 2 projects that have finished construction in CA and rerouting to permit 79 mph top speeds in WA Underway in the Northeast: CT: 1 corridors, 1 project MA: 1 corridor ME: 1 corridor NY: 2 projects PA: 1 project VT: 1 project Including completed work to extend Downeaster service to Brunswick, ME and 190 miles of improved track on the Vermonter line Construction Update 37 HSIPR projects for over $1.7 billion are currently under construction or complete in 17 states across the country. Newly Completed Construction NY – Empire Corridor West: Buffalo-Depew Station Improvement ($771 thousand, ARRA, FD/Construction): Rehabilitation of the Buffalo-Depew station facilities to a state of good repair and provide accessibility upgrades to meet ADA standards. The result is an enhancement and stabilization of the station facilities that improves the attractiveness, comfort and convenience of the passenger rail service. Individual project(s) Corridor program(s) and individual projects Corridor program(s) Legend Underway in the Heartland: OK: 1 project Including ongoing work at Oklahoma City’s Santa Fe Depot Station Underway in the Southeast: NC: 1 corridor Including completed construction at Cary Depot Station, High Point Station, Burlington Station, and Capital Yard in NC Presentation Title:

5 Re-Aligned FRA Regional Teams
CT DE RI WA CA NV ID MT AZ NM CO UT WY OR NE SD ND MO IA MN WI IL MI IN OH OK TX LA TN KY MS FL AL GA WV NH ME NY PA AR VA DC KS NC SC VT MA NJ MD SOUTHWEST NORTHWEST MOUNTAIN CENTRAL - WESTERN CENTRAL - EASTERN HEARTLAND GULF SOUTHERN CENTRAL NORTHERN Central 1. Western – Wendy Messenger 2. Eastern – Wynne Davis East 1. Northern – Trevor Gibson 2. Central – Adam Denton 3. Southern – Randy Brown Re-aligned FRA regional teams mean one point of contact for every state DOT. West 1. Northwest – Leo Wetula 2. Mountain – Leo Wetula 3. Southwest – Melissa DuMond South 1. Heartland – Catherine Dobbs (on leave; Randy Brown acting) 2. Gulf – Catherine Dobbs (on leave; Randy Brown acting) Presentation Title:

6 Briefing Content Presentation Title:

7 Preparing for the Future
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8 Freight Policy Council
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9 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21)
FPC Ensures Multimodal Approaches and Solutions to Meet Future Freight Growth MAP-21 Freight Provisions Include But Not Limited To: Develop National Freight Policy to improve conditions and performance of the Nation’s Freight Infrastructure; National Freight Strategic Plan will identify bottlenecks and develop forecasts; Identify National Freight Network; States are to develop State Freight Advisory committees; States will develop State Freight Plans. Upcoming Outreach To Gain Information From Stakeholders About Implementing Provisions. Presentation Title:

10 The Importance of Planning
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11 Top 10 Intermodal and Recent Investments
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12 Comprehensive Transportation Planning
Without Question, Rail Will Need To Play a Significant Role In Meeting Tomorrow’s Transportation Challenges Your Participation Is Crucial to Ensure Smart Transportation Planning and that Rail Is a Major Component FRA Preliminary State Rail Plan Guidance States: “State rail plans are an important part of a comprehensive approach to identifying and fulfilling a State’s future transportation needs. “PRIIA requires States to coordinate State rail plan efforts with statewide transportation planning goals and programs and set policy for rail transportation’s role with the State’s transportation system.” Planning will require cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders States must think beyond their borders Presentation Title:

13 Staying Focused Department of Transportation’s goals Safety
Economic competitiveness State of good repair Livable communities Environmental sustainability Presentation Title:

14 Keys for Future Success
Collaboration and cooperation between public and private sectors Advance and articulate public benefits of rail investment in planning efforts. Rail is well positioned to advance Public/Private Partnerships and leverage public dollars to maximize infrastructure investments Maintain flexibility in programs to leverage public dollars for infrastructure projects Presentation Title:

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