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College Action Update on the Independent Review’s Recommendations 7 June 2013 1.

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1 College Action Update on the Independent Review’s Recommendations 7 June 2013 1

2 Tiger Team 2 Kathy Jones Suzanne Mabrouk Terry Mays Bob Riggle Kevin Adcock Alan Coker Jim de Luca Tom Horan

3 TIGER TEAM CHARGE “…developing immediate, long-term and interim (if required) policy, process, and/or procedural changes that address the recommendations identified in the ‘Institutional Review Report to The Citadel Board of Visitors’ dated 3 April 2013.” 3

4 4 IR Recommended: Policy Revision, Centralize Coordinating Responsibility, Oversight Committee, Streamline Forms, Monitor Programs and Activities, Document Retention Policy, and Report all Claims, Tiger Team Recommended COA: Extensive revision of “Protection of Minors” policy Hire a fulltime Child Protection and Risk Management Officer Revise and Computerize Children on Campus Forms Child Protection

5 5 IR Recommended: Darkness-to-Light Program, Cadets as Co-Leaders, Tailor Program for Cadets, and Clarify Goals for Darkness-to-Light Program. Tiger Team Recommended COA: Continue D2L training through at least 2015 Explore alternative campus-specific options for future training needs “Citadelize” around structured D2L curriculum Establish a 4-year development Cadet Co-leader program Darkness-to Light Training

6 Tiger Team Recommended COA: Draft Clarified D2L Goal Within the context of The Citadel’s core values, Darkness to Light training is intended to increase awareness of respect for the safety, well-being, and rights of others and to emphasize the duty to take action on behalf of those who may not be able to do so themselves. 6

7 7 IR Recommended: Board of Visitors Communications, Board at the Strategic Level, Board of Visitors response to Information, Board Oversight, and the Role and Responsibilities of the General Counsel. Tiger Team Recommended COA: Draft Memorandum includes: Duties of the General Counsel and reporting lines Reassign primary responsibility for College Regulations and policies as well as FERPA and other compliance related issues Governance

8 8 IR Recommended: Ensure: Focus is not on Complainant’s shortcomings or potential motive; Persons are not placed beyond Suspicion; Title IX Information is Easily Accessible. Employ “Dear Colleague Letter” recommendations. Tiger Team Recommended COA: Provide mandatory Title IX Training for all faculty and staff Provide Investigation Training IAW the Dear Colleague Letter Draft Memorandum 2-25 statement that emphasizes focus is not be placed on the complainant’s past or motive and that no one is beyond suspicion Sexual Assault

9 9 IR Recommended: Publicize Hotlines and revisit The Citadel’s Crisis Communication Plan. Tiger Team Recommended COA: Activate Emergency and Crisis Hotline Button on Citadel homepage Activate Emergency Contact Web Page on Citadel web siteEmergency Contact Web Page Print and Disseminate Emergency and Crisis reference materials to each Cadet room and campus office and incorporate in White Book New “Campus Emergency” and “Urgent and Priority Communication” policies Revised “Annual Exercise Program for Safety and Security”, “Emergency Response Plan”, and “ERP Quick Reference Guide” Communications

10 10 IR Recommended: Examine / Adjust Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policies, Adequate Investigative Experience & Training for Investigators, Work Overload and Stress on Senior Staff, Use Materials from other Institutions, and reduce the Incidence of Reprisal. Tiger Team Recommended COA: Revised and created policies and memorandums addressing non- discrimination, harassment, and reprisal Maintain a pool of trained personnel for conducting investigations Increase the use of cross-functional Tiger Teams Develop standing cross-functional council/committee structures Administrative & General Matters

11 Tiger Team Recommended COA: Challenge and encourage employees to explore and introduce “best practices” and materials from other institutions Provide opportunities and resources for professional development of staff and faculty 11



14 Tiger Team Additional Recommendations Have Periodic Tiger Teams to address Major Campus Issues Require One Person/Department to Learn How to Complete Children Approval Forms Hold Annual Training on Children Approval Forms Replace Office Phone Numbers of Ombuds with Cell Numbers only on All Documents Remove Serious Incidents Policy from Policies Web site. Revise Building Coordinators Policy Discuss Campus Safety briefly at each Faculty and Town Hall Meeting Require all Citadel people to wear ID at all times Require ID tags on all bags on campus 14

15 Additional Recommendations Move all Campus Policies to one Web site List all Policies 3 Ways on web page: alphabetically, by department, & by Memorandum # Consolidate Policies Compare Citadel Policies to those of Other Colleges and Write missing Policies Have Responsible Department of Policy Maintain Word Document for Future Revision Move Maintenance of Policies to Office of Compliance. Review Policies Every Five Years Change Reporting Chain for Director of Environmental Health and Safety to Associate VP for Operations Remove Attachment A of Annual Exercise Program from Web, Review, and Keep Confidential 15

16 Additional Recommendations Write Template for Departmental ERP and Post to Web Require each Department to write an ERP and post to Web Develop Video on Campus Safety and Post to Web for Evening Students to View Conduct Comparative Study of Cost for Campus Call Boxes versus Development of Smartphone App to serve same function Purchase 3 rd Vehicle for Public Safety ($1,200/mo.) Purchase Shields for Public Safety Officers in Emergency Situations ($2,175 ea.) Include all Items in A-Z sitemap in Pull-down Headers on Citadel Homepage Citadel Homepage Update/edit Phone Numbers on Departmental Listings web pageDepartmental Listings 16

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20 Additional Materials 20

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