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Save The Tiger Fund: Tiger conservation partnership in Russian Far East Mahendra Shrestha.

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1 Save The Tiger Fund: Tiger conservation partnership in Russian Far East Mahendra Shrestha

2 Introduction STF partnership in Russian Far East for 14 years
75 projects contributing more than US $7.3 mill A partnership between ExxonMobil and NFWF started in 1995 EM invested in tiger conservation prior to the creation of STF Focus on wild tiger populations 350 grants; $17 million in 13 countries About ¼ of all philanthropic investments in tiger conservation More than 100 partner organizations

3 Vision A world in which tigers thrive in natural habitats across their Asian range in harmony with people Mission Sponsor effective efforts to stop killing of wild tigers and to enable wild tigers to recover and flourish, while empowering local people to live in balance with natural resources and proving tangible benefits to them whenever possible.

4 How Save The Tiger Fund Works
Neutral player Catalyzing for alliances and political will Forge partnership: World Bank, CITES resolutions, ITC Long-term investments Evaluation and adaptive management Governments Private Sector Science & NGO’s Public & Communities

5 STF Focus and Accomplishments
Tigers and habitat Consolidation of tiger habitat through protection and restoration Law enforcement for deterring poaching and trade – regional cooperation Science Tiger Conservation Landscape document Critical Research and dissemination of scientific information People and Communities Tiger Action Plans Conservation education – Local conservation leadership Sustainable development – community engagement and economic benefits Human-tiger conflict resolutions Ecosystem services – carbon sequestration, watershed, pollination, forest products Conservation financing

6 STF Approach Two pronged approach: Landscape conservation
Tiger trade reduction Focus on 6 out of 9 landscapes Long term and deep investment Outcome based projects

7 Challenges and Opportunities
Declining population trend 100, , , <5,000 Last Century Present Tigers occupy only 7% of their historic range & 40% less than the last decade estimates Increased trade and trafficking 1.1 million km2 of good tiger habitat Some strongholds that can support >1000 tigers 23% TCLs protected Government engagement and wider collaboration

8 Amur tigers in the Russian Far East
1999: A landscape level plan 2003: conference to update the plan and consolidate lessons learned. Vision implementation Vision- a roadmap for future investments complying to the TCL goals

9 RFE: Accomplishments and opportunities
Stable tiger population ( ) Sustainable landuse and partnership for tiger friendly forestry businesses and communities Reduce human tiger conflict Improve law enforcement Public awareness programs Secure habitat and support reserve management Build capacity and conservation leadership Zov Tigra Range expansion Udege Legend Lazovsky

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