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Right Triangle Trigonometry!

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1 Right Triangle Trigonometry!
10th Grade Geometry By Melissa Inforna

2 Table of Contents Welcome Setting up your calculator
Basic parts of a right triangle Angles and Sides of a right triangle Welcome to SohCahToa Finding the ratio Mission #1 Mission #2 Mission #3 Credits

3 Welcome! Congratulations! You have made it to a new area of math; Right Triangle Trigonometry. You and your partner are about to explore the beginnings of the trigonometric functions! Please follow this WebQuest page by page in order to get the full understanding of this topic. Enjoy! Back to Table of Contents

4 Setting up your Calculator
In order to use your calculator you must first tell it what you are going to be doing. Please follow these steps: Turn calculator on Hit Mode Go to where it says Radian Degree Put your cursor on Degree Hit Enter Hit 2nd Quit Back to Table of Contents

5 Basic parts of a Right Triangle
There are 2 legs and a hypotenuse The legs meet at the right angle The hypotenuse is the longest side and is always across from the right angle Back to Table of Contents Leg Hypotenuse Leg

6 Angles and Sides of a Right Triangle
Angles are represented by uppercase letters Sides are represented by lowercase letters The angle’s side is always opposite that angle. Ex: Angle A has side a opposite it. Back to Table of Contents A c b C B a

7 Welcome to SohCahToa SohCahToa stands for:
Take the first letter of the trig function and the first letter of the sides of the ratio. Back to Table of Contents

8 Finding the Ratio Using the triangle at the right we are going to fill in the following values: Back to Table of Contents A 5 4 C B 3

9 Mission #1 Using the Triangle on the previous slide complete the following mission: Find the Sin, Cos, and Tan of Angle B Previous Slide: Click Here  This is to be completed on a separate sheet of paper and shown to me before you continue!!

10 Mission #2 Congratulations you have successfully completed your first mission! Your second mission is as follows: Go to Mission 2 Final Project.doc Complete this ditto on a separate sheet of paper showing all work! Hand in to me when completed

11 Mission #3 This is to be done INDEPENDENTLY!!
This is to be taken at the desk in the library away from the computers! Print out this Exit Slip, complete and hand in for a quiz grade. Exit Slip : Click Here 

12 Credits Ditto for Mission 2:

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