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现场勘查 Crime Scene Investigation ECUPL&CJ Tiger.Nik.

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1 现场勘查 Crime Scene Investigation ECUPL&CJ Tiger.Nik


3 Give my thanks to: Dr. Zhengming Yang Cuitis Klingle Dr. Richard Ward Frola Lai David Webb Joe R. Ashton


5 教学目标 Objectives Give the student an overview and training in: 掌握基本知识锻炼调查能力 1 、各种勘查程序 Various investigative procedures 2 、现场搜查 Crime scene search 3 、现场调查和记录 Crime scene surveying and documentation 4 、现场照相 Crime scene photography 5 、指纹技术的发展 Fingerprint development 6 、工具痕迹的提取 Tool mark collection 7 、鞋印和车痕的提取 Shoe and tire impression collection 8 、模拟现场勘查 Performing simulation training

6 Testing 关于考试 1 、 Mid-examination: written one (but may be changed). 2 、 Final Examination :practice of investigating crime scenes & written exam. The latter account for 70% of your grade.

7 Chief Emeritus of the Connecticut State Police, Founder and Professor of the Forensic Science Program at the University of New Haven, Editor of Seven Academic Journals, author/ co- author of 30 books and over 300 articles. "There are tens of thousands of professions in this world. Every profession is unique. Every profession needs a few who are the best, who can develop and improve that profession. Why not pick an area within your limits, then set the goal of no limit for that profession. Within that area you choose, choose to strive for the best." --- Dr. Henry Lee


9 “ Crime Scene Investigation is more than the processing or documentation of crime scenes, nor is just the collection or packaging of physical evidence. It is the first and the most crucial step of any forensic investigation of a possible criminal act. ” 现场勘查不仅仅是犯罪现场的处理或记录, 也不仅仅是物证的收集和整理。它是任何疑罪调 查的首要的、最重要的步骤。 ------Dr. Henry C. Lee

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