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Planning Permission Process and Procedures

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1 Planning Permission Process and Procedures
Requirement for Planning Approval Content of Environmental Impact Statement Planning Approval Procedure Planning Decision Oral Hearing Areas of Public Involvement

2 Requirement for Planning Approval / Permission from An Bord Pleanala
Where Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) required for development by/on behalf of Local Authorities, Planning Approval / Permission is sought from An Bord Pleanala EIS required under Planning Regulations for development comprising: “Waste disposal installations for the incineration or chemical treatment as defined in Annex 11A to Directive 75/442/EEC under heading D9, of non-hazardous waste with a capacity exceeding 100 tonnes per day” (Item 10 of Part 1 of Schedule 5 of Planning and Development Regulations, 2001)

3 Content of Environmental Impact Statement
Description of the development, remedial measures, alternatives considered, methodologies, baseline studies and impact assessment Aspects of the Environment to be Considered /Assessed Human Beings: Community Aspects, Demographic Aspects, Employment Flora and Fauna: All ecological aspects Soil Water: Natural water bodies, ground water, water supply and drainage Air: Noise, Vibration, Light, Air Quality (pollution), Odour Climate: Microclimate The Landscape: Visual impacts Material Assets: Traffic, Property, Architectural Heritage, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Inter-relationships of all the above

4 Planning Approval Procedure
Prior to lodgement of application and EIS with An Bord Pleanala, Dublin City Council / applicant to publish notice in newspaper Notice shall:- Describe proposed development and location State that approval is being sought for the development from An Bord Pleanala State that an Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared in respect of the development Outline times, places and period in which the EIS may be inspected by the public free of charge, or a copy purchased (may not be less than 6 weeks) Invite the making of submissions or observations in writing to An Bord Pleanala in the display period (may not be less than 6 weeks) Submissions / observations may relate to: - implications of the development for proper planning and sustainable development of the area, e.g. potential incompatibilities with established nearby land uses or nearby proposed land uses - likely impacts of the development on the environment

5 Planning Approval Procedure
Prior to lodging application and EIS, Dublin City Council must send a copy of application and EIS to “prescribed authorities” along with notice stating that submissions or observations may be made in writing to ABP during a specified time “Prescribed Authorities” to be sent application and EIS depends on location and likely predicted impacts and implications of proposed development. May include among others: An Taisce Bord Failte Eireann The Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands The Heritage Council Regional Authority National Roads Authority Dublin Transportation Office Environmental Protection Agency Health Board Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources

6 Planning Approval Procedure
An Bord Pleanala may require Dublin City Council to submit further information in relation to the effects on some aspect of the the environment If An Bord Pleanala consider further information contains significant additional information they must require Dublin City Council to publish a further notice in newspaper (details in notice generally as before) Further information shall be placed on further display for a period of not less than 3 weeks Further submissions / observations in writing in relation to the further information may be made to An Bord Pleanala in this period (not less than 3 weeks) Copy of the further information also to be sent to any prescribed bodies formerly notified and further submissions invited

7 Planning Approval Procedure
An Bord Pleanala may request EPA to make observations in relation to the development and the EIS submitted - ABP must have regard to these observations An Bord Pleanala may hold an oral hearing - at the discretion of An Bord Pleanala

8 Planning Approval Procedure
Before making a decision An Bord Pleanala shall consider the following:- - the EIS submitted - any submissions / observations lodged - any further information lodged - the report and any recommendations of the person conducting the oral hearing and Inspector assessing application All in respect of:- - likely effects on the environment - likely consequences for the proper planning and sustainable development of an area

9 Planning Approval Procedure
When considering the consequences for the “proper planning and sustainable development” An Bord Pleanala must have regard to:- - the provisions of the development plan for the area - the provisions of any special amenity area order relating to the area - none in this case - where relevant the policies of the Government, the Minister or any other Minister of the Government - in this case any National or Regional Policy on waste - the provisions of the Planning Acts and Regulations

10 Planning Approval Procedure Oral Hearing
If An Bord Pleanala decides to hold an Oral Hearing it shall serve notice on the applicant and any persons / bodies which have made submissions / observations - time and venue An Bord Pleanala will assign a person to conduct the Oral Hearing - Planning Inspector of An Bord Pleanala Person conducting Oral Hearing shall have discretion as to how it will be conducted. The persons shall - conduct hearing without undue formality - decide the order of appearance of people at the hearing - permit any person to appear in person or be represented by another person - hear a person other than a person who has made written submissions where it is considered appropriate in the interests of justice to allow that person to be heard - Inspector will usually allow cross-examination

11 Planning Approval Procedure Planning Decision
Planning Decision: An Bord Pleanala may - Approve a development - Approve a development subject to conditions - Refuse permission for development Where An Bord Pleanala approves a development subject to conditions it may not - Attach conditions which would control emissions from the operation of the activity or following the cessation of the activity Where An Bord Pleanala refuses permission it must give reasons for doing so. It may refuse permission if An Bord Pleanala considers the development is unacceptable on environmental grounds (may also refuse permission for range of other planning reasons)

12 Planning Approval Procedure Issue of Decision
No specified time period in which An Bord Pleanala obliged to make a decision - usually aim to determine application in 18 weeks from receipt of last submission lodged on foot of public notice invitation A Planning Inspector working for An Bord Pleanala assesses application, EIS, holds oral hearing and makes recommendation to the members of An Bord Pleanala Members will vote on application having regard to detailed recommendation of Inspector - majority vote carries the decision. An Bord Pleanala is final arbiter on planning matters - only further route for overturning decision of ABP is by way of judicial review on procedural/legal grounds

13 Planning Approval Procedure Potential Areas of Public Involvement
Definite opportunity to make submissions / observations in writing to An Bord Pleanala following publication of newspaper notice, during initial display period (not less than 6 weeks) Potential opportunity to make submissions / observations in writing to An Bord Pleanala if significant further information submitted and further notice given in newspaper (not less than 3 weeks - submissions on further information) Potential opportunity to make oral submission to An Bord Pleanala in the event that an Oral Hearing is held - Where a person has already made a written submission they shall be permitted to make an oral submission - Where a person has not already made a written submission the Inspector will allow that person to make an oral submission if it is considered to be in the interests of justice to do so

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