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Vocabulary for “Lady or a Tiger”. impartial (im pär’ shəl)

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1 Vocabulary for “Lady or a Tiger”

2 impartial (im pär’ shəl)

3 Adj. Not favoring one side more than another; fair. (page 46) Sentence The jury must come to an impartial decision. Image

4 emanate (em’ ə nāt)

5 Verb. To come forth (page 46) Sentence The warmth emanated from the fireplace. Image

6 dire (dīr)

7 Adj. Dreadful; terrible. (page 46) Sentence Driving drunk can lead to dire consequences. Image

8 fervent (fur’ vənt)

9 Adj. having or showing great intensity of feeling; passionate. (page 47) Sentence The fans’ fervent support helped encourage the underdog win the championship. Image

10 imperious (im pēr’ ē əs)

11 Adj. Extremely proud and controlling. Sentence The imperious king refused to hear his countrymen's pleas for better treatment. Image

12 novel (nov’ əl)

13 Adj. New and unusual; (page 47) Sentence The novel fashion trend can be seen in all the stores’ front windows. Image

14 presume (pri zōōm’)

15 Verb to take upon oneself without permission or authority; dare. (page 50) Sentence Don’t presume you can take the car out for a drive just because you were allowed last week. Image Insert your own image

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