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The most diverse group of organisms on Earth – over 300,000 species.

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1 The most diverse group of organisms on Earth – over 300,000 species

2 Total 1,392,485 # of described species of organisms on Earth

3 # of insect species in N. America: ca. 90,000 # of beetle species: ca. 30,000 # of families: 111

4 mandibles antennae elytra (hard fore wings) membraneous hind wings abdomen Beetle structure

5 Rove beetles – Staphylinidae The largest family of beetles in N. America 3,100 species

6 Curculio elephas European Chestnut Weevil Weevils – Curculionidae The largest family of beetles (and probably animals) in the world Second largest in North America 2,500 species

7 Weevils can be pests (alfalfa weevil) or beneficial (attacking invasive weeds) Hypera postica – Alfalfa weevil

8 Ground beetles - Carabidae Calosoma scrutator Caterpillar hunter Third largest family in N. America – 1,700 species

9 Chlaenius sp. Vivid metallic ground beetle Ground beetles - Carabidae

10 Bluemargined ground beetle Pasimachus elongatus Ground beetles - Carabidae

11 Big sand tiger beetle Tiger beetles - Cicindelidae Cicindela formosa

12 Cicindela willistoni Tiger beetles - Cicindelidae Tiger beetles and Ground beetles are active predators

13 Cicindela sexguttata Six-spotted Green Tiger beetle Tiger beetles - Cicindelidae

14 Leaf beetles - Chrysomelidae Fourth largest family in N. America – 1,500 species

15 Leaf beetles - Chrysomelidae Many pests belong to this family Colorado potato beetle

16 Leaf beetles - Chrysomelidae Potato flea beetle Northern corn root worm Western corn root worm Spotted cucumber beetle

17 Phanaeus sp. Scarab beetles - Scarabaeidae Fifth largest family in N. America – 1,400 species

18 Scarab beetles - Scarabaeidae Canthon sp. Dung beetles

19 Japanese Beetle (Popillia punctata) Scarab beetles - Scarabaeidae

20 Cotinis nitida Scarab beetles - Scarabaeidae Green June beetle Larvae – “grubs”

21 Scarab beetles - Scarabaeidae Rhinoceros beetle

22 0 8 in Goliath beetle – the largest beetle in the world

23 Stag beetles – Lucanidae Larvae develop for up to 5 years in decaying wood

24 Darkling beetles – Tenebrionidae Sixth largest family of beetles in North America 1,300 species

25 Longhorned beetles - Cerambycidae Plectrodera scalator Cottonwood borer 1,100 species in N. America

26 Dryobius sexnotatus Longhorned beetles - Cerambycidae Six-banded longhorned beetle

27 Small mulberry borer Longhorned beetles - Cerambycidae Dorcaschema alternatum

28 Longhorned beetles (Cerambycidae) Elm borerElder borer Larvae live in wood Saperda tridentata Desmocerus palliatus

29 Click beetles - Elateridae AdultLarva – “Wireworm” 800 species in N. America

30 Metallic wood-boring beetles - Buprestidae 700 species in N. America

31 Metallic wood-boring beetles - Buprestidae


33 Bark beetles - Scolytidae About 500 species in N. America Mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae

34 Bark beetles - Scolytidae Mountain pine beetle damage

35 Bark beetle damage

36 Soldier beetles - Cantharidae About 500 species in N. America

37 Lady beetles - Coccinellidae Coleomegilla maculata Pinkspotted lady beetle 400 species in N. America

38 Lady beetles - Coccinellidae Pinkspotted lady beetle – efficient biocontrol agent

39 Lady beetles - Coccinellidae Lady beetle larva is a ferocious predator

40 Blister beetles - Meloidae 330 species in N. America

41 Blister beetles - Meloidae PESTS or ALLIES? PESTS or ALLIES? Toxic to horses – may poison hayToxic to horses – may poison hay Natural enemies of grasshoppersNatural enemies of grasshoppers

42 Carrion beetles - Silphidae Burying beetles Nicrophorus spp. 50 species in N. America

43 Silpha americana Carrion beetles - Silphidae American carrion beetle – endangered species


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