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Tiger Sharks By Brandon and Kevin.

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1 Tiger Sharks By Brandon and Kevin

2 Habitat Tiger sharks go from the surface to 1,200 feet. Their population is around the Central Pacific Islands.

3 Diet It eats fish, squid, sea turtles, crabs, clams, and just about anything it can catch alive. It is a carnivore.

4 Physical Adaptations Tiger sharks teeth are very serrated, razor sharp, and curved. The teeth are the same in upper and lower jaws.

5 Physical Adaptations Tiger sharks need eyes to see even though they are color blind. Their eyes have a special cover to close their eyes.

6 Physical Adaptations Tiger sharks fins are important. Their fins have a lot of muscle to make them go fast.

7 Behavioral Adaptations
Tiger sharks are solitary animals except during mating. Tiger sharks might be trying to reproduce with other sharks so the cycle can move on.

8 What If? What if tiger sharks lose their adaptations? The tiger sharks will become extinct because if they didn’t have eyes, teeth, and fins they will never be in the world again. Because they could not see kill or do anything.

9 5 Interesting Facts Tiger sharks grow up to 20 feet. They occasionally attack people. Tiger sharks go 2.4 mph. A baby tiger sharks grows up to inches long. Their life span is unknown.

10 Sources Thank you

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