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TEAM BAGH (TIGER) Design review 2, May 11 th EmilyYusukeSushiMax.

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1 TEAM BAGH (TIGER) Design review 2, May 11 th EmilyYusukeSushiMax

2 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 1 - AGENDA Meet Tiger – Understand and observe Our POV Who are the players? Protoype Cogs behind the wheel Delivery plan, “financials” Conscious incompetence – what we know we don’t know yet the [INSERT HERE NAME OF OUR DEVICE] in action I’ll redo this so it looks nicer

3 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 2 - UnderstandObserve Visualize and build Evaluate and refine Implemen t Show video…. MERGE THIS WITH THE PREVIOUS SLIDE

4 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 3 -

5 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 4 - 12 years old Left primary school at 10 Expected to earn 300 tk a month ($4.3US per month) Gov’t school to costly Learned the basics of reading in primary school but has since forgotten What are the main points here? THIS IS TIGER

6 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 5 - ? DOES THIS FIT INTO THE STORYLINE ?

7 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 6 - WHERE IS TIGER? redo CMES video – i’ll give it a shot

8 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 7 - WHERE IS TIGER? BangladeshCMES Population: 144 million Primary school enrolment: 83% Secondary school enrolment: 45% Adult literacy rate: 40% GNI per capita: $400 Takes students who have discontinued government school -20,000 students, 5xx schools In rural areas Vocational and traditional education Anyone can attend (shoeless with goat)

9 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 8 - P O V create a product that applies literacy and math to student needs while reducing teacher involvement

10 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 9 - THE PLAYERS Design that matters (Tim) “When it hits the ground it goes clunk” “Use CMES as a test bed for Asia” XX,000 units of production “I don’t have time to teach each student” “I want something I can understand” Interactive delivery with modifiable content “Applied to own world” “My budget is $100 dollars maximum per basic school” “For Bikash more than Angkor” “My parents want something that can make money” “The litmus paper and the [magnifying] lens are my favorite” Instant gratification holds my attention CMES (Ibrahim) Basic school teacher (Mamuta) Student

11 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 10 - BEFORE PROTOTYPING: COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE IndividualGroup Game Learning

12 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 11 - PROTOTYPES we are here the board the accountant the quilt the Yusuke + content creation device 5/3/06 video conf

13 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 12 - PROTOTYPES What we are keeping in mind feedback must be meaningful for learning to happen motivation is a prerequisite for learning creativity

14 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 13 - DELIVERY SYSTEM the product software content creation/ programming hardware content delivery the $ Donors Private enterprise? CMES Corporate content creation programming RTC distribution maintenance Basic school end user feedback

15 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 14 - FINANCIAL PLAN How to fund it Annual budget Specific budget -in the context of the basic school budget Our cost target Devices equivalent in price/cost? Within current budget $100 @ steady state How to quantify it Devices equivalent in price/cost? Saved time for teachers Social benefits difficult to quantify in terms of increased wealth impact on 40 students

16 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 15 - external organizations CMES BRAC Bangladesh Sub Continent CMES: 30,000 students, most illiterate at matriculation BRAC: xxxx students 70% illiteracy rate Xxx million unemployed children Similar language barriers, economies, illiteracy rates, etc. with what our organization has to cooperate financing with what is our organization competing other services other users of capital with what our organization has to cooperate financing with what is our organization competing other services other users of capital

17 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 16 - Learning plan difficult to teach groups why not a computer success metrics Examples of literacy elsewhere in the world? Business savyness leads to more $$? What’s going on here?

18 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 17 - BACK TO OUR PROTOTYPE

19 DR2-Bagh-11May05.ppt - 18 - q and a

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