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2 Why foreign banks are investing in Poland? ☞ Large market & geography ☞ Support global/regional client ☞ Political & regulatory framework ☞ European convergence ☞ Potential growth

3 Banks assets are mainly managed by foreign banks STRATEGIES universal group Non retail group Market share for loans and deposits opportunistic global regional specialized

4 Global Bank’s predominant business model Global Bank’s predominant business model Retail Banking Domestic Retail Banking Retail Financial Services International Retail Banking Corporate and Investment Banking Asset Management and Services Advisory & Capital Markets Specialised Financing Corporate Banking Securities Services Insurance Private Banking Asset Management

5 CLIENT’S COVERAGE Corporate Institutions Banks Industries CORPORATE & INVESTMENT BANKING BOOK MANAGEMENT Credit Sales Hedging Energy & Commodities Trade Finance Export Finance Project Finance Syndications Structured Finance Origination Corporate Finance Cash Management Equity, debt, interest, FX, Sales & Trading Corporate & Investment Bank’s Business model

6 Investing in Poland What resource? What constraints? Secure an internal decision! Awareness Contribution to group growth & results Sponsoring of business lines Group’s strategy

7 Investing in Poland Industrialize your processes & MIS Mass processing Outsourcing European platforms (Back Office, Systems, Booking) Telecom, Intranet, Internet Network

8 Investing in Poland 4COMPLY! Local, international & group regulations Code of ethics Know your clients and transactions Be prepared to be audited!

9 Investing in Poland Master your risks to be competitive! Get the best limits! Utilize it! Control it! Sovereign risk Country risk Operational risk Reputation risk Market risk Counterparty risk

10 Investing in Poland The most important: give great care to your human resources! Jobs are not only to be offered, but also to be marketed: Values of the group Strategy of the bank Mission & objectives Training & coaching Career development Current gap between offer & demand: Senior client coverage Market, credit & operational risk skills MIS project management & controlling ….Initiative, autonomy, professionalism….

11 alues : Demanding Standards Values : Demanding Standards Ethics - Corporate governance - Compliance - Sustainable development Transparency – Clients – Shareholders – Employees Corporate values – Commitment – Ambition – Responsiveness – Creativity

12 Get profitable & recurrent business: Daily, budget and business plan positive stress! Constantly evolving landscape Rely upon your team: trust & control Clients, clients, clients….. 39 mio inhabitants and EU accession: substantial sources of revenue for banks?

13 Retail banking Asset management Structured products Consumer banking Business solutions: hedging, cash mgt, structured financing Main growth engines for Poland Keys to success A long term vision A global & skilled team with values Reassess, review, question your business Build up a healthy business Franchise Market share Efficiency Cost to income Solvency Risk/equity Performance ROE Rating Recurrent performance Market Capitalization Make your future

14 Markets: Solid Prospects for Medium-term Growth Fast-growing new markets: - credit derivatives - alternative mgt - fund admin,... Retail banking (Europe) Capital market activities, Savings and investment Stronger influence of capital markets, customer sophistication GDP and credit growth +4 to 5% +8 to 12% Population ageing expanding markets >15% Growth drivers Markets Growth trends

15 Future is uncertain… Mergers, synergies, industrialization Bankinsurance doesn’t seem to be a model New players Weakening systems:Japan, Germany New regulations might affect current competition Crisis: countries, global group reputation

16 Market capitalization (Bio Eur) Leading Banks in Euro Zone

17 Net Income in 2001 (Bio Eur)


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