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Belton Tiger Tennis 2012-2013 Our Vision To mold and develop quality citizens and active participants in society To develop young people into men and.

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2 Belton Tiger Tennis 2012-2013

3 Our Vision To mold and develop quality citizens and active participants in society To develop young people into men and women of honor and character To develop skills in the game of tennis Have a fun and productive year

4 Head Coach Kyle Larson Belton High School Four Years of Head Coaching experience at Belton High with multiple players going to the district and regional level each year.

5 Chad Hammonds: Head Coach, Belton Middle School 7 Years of coaching experience at Belton Middle School TTCA member and USTA instructed

6 Returning BMS Players Gabe Linneman Nick Foreman Josh Herrera JP Archuleta Claire Amato Madison Gonzalez Faith Johanson Morgan Conlin Lauren Ellis Lauren Huffman Emma Stacey Mikayla Parker Megan Winkler Alyssa Adams

7 Returning LBMS Players Katey Capps Alyssa Deaton Nicole Francis Mickayela Hewett Hannah Menn Noah Kruse Rowan Seils Zachary Spence

8 Returning SBMS Players Sahl Evans Bill Pritchard Maricela Alcozer Destiny Billingsly Brianna Kincaid Ariel Van Kleef

9 Equipment Provide your own racquet. Any Racquet is fine. Just make sure it is normal size, no junior rackets. The correct length would be 27 inches. The grip size they would need is 4 1/8 and 4 1/4 Bigger boys would need a 4 3/8 grip size Wear Red, White, or Black shorts and red, white or black top. No Markings Other than Belton, Tigers, or Tiger Tennis

10 Equipment Continued A $10 fee will be asked from each player. This will pay for a shirt you get to keep and a can or two of balls for next year. Sweats will be provided when it gets cooler. Other shirts will also be provided but must be returned at the end of the year.

11 Tennis Practice Practice is at 7:30 in the Morning at the BHS tennis courts –Be on Time every day. Arrive around 7:20 –Please provide your own racket –Give 100% every day –When a coach asks you to do something, you do it, hustling while you do it. –Tutorials: Unless you are failing or close to failing, you need to be at practice. Talk to your teachers about being in HR for tutorials.

12 Matches We will play matches on Tuesdays or Thursdays and on some Saturdays. Tuesday and Thursday matches will start at 4:00 Saturday matches are at 8:00 Players who win challenge matches during practice and who are high enough on the ladder will travel to matches. Directions to matches can be found on theEdublogs BMS Tennis Web SiteEdublogs BMS Tennis Web Site

13 Grades, Band, Tutorials Players must keep their grade above a 70. Failure to do so for a six week period means that you must go to tutorials. Failing for 2 six week periods could remove you from the team If you are missing practice for band, you must come after your rehearsal. BMS walk over, LBMS needs a ride, SBMS needs a ride. Tutorials is not for doing work, it is for getting help if you are failing or close to failing, or if you have missed a class and need to get makeup work. Not for doing homework.

14 Grading Grading will be made up of participation, effort, dressing down, and showing up for matches. Participation: Every three weeks Dressing down: -5 pts a day for not being dressed down Missing days: Missing for anything other than an excused absence, -5 pts. Missing a match: -10 pts for missing a match

15 Summer Camp Date:June 10-13Location: BHS Tennis Courts When: Beginners8:00-9:15$35 Intermediate9:30-11:30$55 Beginner Camp is open to grades 3-6. Basic fundamentals will be taught while having fun playing games. The focus will be to expose young kids to the game of tennis. If you have taken lessons for at least a year, the Intermediate camp will be for you. Intermediate Camp is open to kids ages 12-17. The focus is to help build the complete player using higher level drills, games, and conditioning. All Players playing next year need to be in this camp. Instructors: Kyle Larson- Head Coach at BHS Chad Hammonds- Head Coach at BMS

16 Lessons The Summit in Temple Wild Flower Country Club s/section/section.asp?NS=PCH &MFCODE=WLFCC Peloton Ridge While not mandatory, getting lessons is important. There are several places in the area in which lessons can be found: You can also contact Coach Larson or myself about getting some lessons.

17 University of Mary Hardin Baylor Players willing to give lessons Will Summers: Former BHS Player Two Time Second Team all West Division Honors in singles Honorable Mention All-West Division at #2 doubles 254-231-1931 Josh Pownall: Two Time all conference doubles winner 979-220-1851 All Players in Top 6 at one point for UMHB Carrie Ramos: 254-541-1453 Casey Wharton: 254-645-0739

18 Physicals Each Player MUST have a physical prior to participation in tennis next fall. Please have that done before school starts. Get it scheduled now so it will be done. Spots fill quickly.

19 Thank you!! Thank you for coming out tonight! We look forward to working with your son or daughter next year! If you have any questions, I will stay around! Good night! BMS Tennis Web Site Edublogs Tennis Site

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