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STScI Tiger Upgrade CPT Project Manager: Jim Grice Technical Manager: Mark Calvin.

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1 STScI Tiger Upgrade CPT Project Manager: Jim Grice Technical Manager: Mark Calvin

2 Presentation Overview Which machines will be upgraded When they will be upgraded How to upgrade them Custom install contents Miscellaneous

3 Which Macs will be upgraded? Macs with Panther (OS X 10.3) will be upgraded to Tiger (OS X 10.4). Macs with Tiger currently installed will be upgraded with CPT admin scripts. Beta testing machines are up-to-date. Macs on Visitor Network will generally be moved to the STScI network. Pre-Panther Macs will be handled separately.

4 What is the upgrade schedule? Upgrades will generally be by division. Upgrades will begin May 1. Most upgrades will take place between the second and fourth weeks of May. Special cases and stragglers will be cleaned up the last 1 1/2 weeks in May.

5 What are the system requirements? Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor. Built-in FireWire port DVD drive for installation 256MB of RAM 3GB of available hard disk space (4GB if you install the developer tools)

6 Before You Upgrade Back up your important data. (A complete bootable backup to external FireWire drive is recommended.) Get the printed CPT Tiger Upgrade Instructions and media (DVD if you’re at Panther, CD if you’re at Tiger already.) Make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements, and if not, let CPT know. (x4400,

7 Procedure: Panther to Tiger Perform Software Update until your Panther software is up-to-date. (< 1.5 hrs) Insert Upgrade DVD and double-click “Install Mac OS X”. Will boot from DVD. (~ 20 min) Follow prompts and accept defaults. (< 1 hr) Force-quit Setup Assistant and run SymantecUninstaller if necessary. Perform Software Update until your Tiger software is up-to-date. (< 1 hr) Return DVD to CPT.

8 Procedure: Tiger to Tiger Insert Tiger Upgrade CD. Double-click on the TigerSecurityScripts.pkg installer. Accept defaults and authenticate when necessary. Choose Restart when prompted. Login and return the CD to CPT. Entire procedure takes just a few minutes.

9 Getting Help Most people should have no problem with the upgrade process. However, if you have problems or need help: Write down the details of the problem you’re having. Call the CPT Help Desk at x4400

10 Performance Issues (Panther to Tiger upgrade) Spotlight will fully index any drives attached to the Mac. You can change Spotlight preferences to ignore drives, folders, or file- types. When first run, the Mac Mail application will convert all email to a format searchable by Spotlight. These Spotlight processes can take hours and cause poor performance during this time.

11 Installers Added by Upgrade A folder named “InstallDir” with dmg files is created in the Applications folder. DVD: adds Xcode 2.2.1, X11User, SymantecUninstaller, TeXShop, and STScI-VPN installers. CD: adds STScI-VPN installer. Many users will not need this software.

12 What CPT Admin Scripts Do Create an admin account accessible via ARD and SSH by CPT systems admins. Periodically check ARD and SSH, and turn them on and/or open their firewall ports if the configuration has changed. Periodically send reports to CPT for systems administration, similar to those on Solaris and Linux systems.

13 Unix Software Issues (Panther to Tiger upgrade) The /usr/local, /usr/stsci and /sw trees will not be touched during the upgrade. Your Unix paths and aliases should function after the upgrade. If you install Fink packages from source, or use Fink compilers, you should install the new XCode Tools, remove the /sw tree, and install Fink and its packages from scratch.

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