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Aedes Albopictus Animilia-Anthropod-Insecta

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1 Aedes Albopictus Animilia-Anthropod-Insecta
Asian Tiger Mosquitoes by Michael Salazar and Dillon Kumontoy ______________________ Aedes Albopictus Animilia-Anthropod-Insecta

2 Distribution Originally from Asia. Supposedly came on
a shipment of used tires from Japan. Found primarily in sub tropical regions. Usually found along the eastern coast of continental U.S. and in the south

3 Effects On People Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are considered great pests and dangerous vectors of human diseases. Some of these diseases include: - West Nile Virus- Causes irritation and inflammation of the brain -Chikungunya fever- extremely high fever's

4 Human Interactions People usually use mosquito spray in order to repel mosquitoes. But in the case of the tiger mosquito, this method shows little to no effect due to it’s more resistant immune system.

5 Food Web

6 Effects On Ecosystems Pesticides are sometimes used to kill mosquitoes. But in the process, things surrounding the Asian tiger mosquitoes are negatively affected. For example: - Plants - Other animal - And even us Are effected. Example: plants are affected by the pesticides which are later eaten by herbivores who in turn experiences sickly symptoms. Later on, carnivores feast the dead carcasses of these herbivores and in the process experiences the same sickly symptoms.

7 Reason For Success Its ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions as long as there is some kind of reservoir of water (mainly for breeding)

8 Issues For The Future Asian tiger mosquitoes have
flourished over it’s life time in the U.S. and it’s population has reached astronomical numbers. Because of this, actions must be taken for future. Unfortunately, efforts to control its constantly growing population have been futile due to its ability quickly acclimatize.

9 Interesting Facts Only the female mosquito bites.
A Asian tiger mosquitoes wing beats 300 to 600 times per second. Global warming will likely increase the spread of this mosquito to areas where it previously may not have survived the winters. The Asian Tiger mosquito’s name comes from its black-and-white striped appearance. Some Asian tiger mosquitoes have even been found in the high altitudes of some mountains! Due to its ability to adapt quickly. In order to try to kill off the Asian tiger mosquito scientist found a cannibalistic Asian tiger mosquito and tried to breed it to see if the offspring mosquito will be a cannibal so far we do not know if it was successful.

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