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Welcome to PennWorks Faculty Compensation Training (1 of 2) 1 This presentation has no audio Optional: Click icon to print slides Use buttons to move forward,

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1 Welcome to PennWorks Faculty Compensation Training (1 of 2) 1 This presentation has no audio Optional: Click icon to print slides Use buttons to move forward, back or PAUSE the presentation

2 Web Training Tips 2 Navigation Tabs Outline and Thumbnail show your location in the training Search allows you to search through the training text Presentation Controls Use buttons to play/ pause or move forward or back through presentation Web-Links On-screen links will open a separate browser window Click the Slide Notes button to remove the slide outline and expand the presentation viewing area You do not have to complete the course at one sitting; you may stop the PennWorks courses at any time and resume later. When you return, log in again, click Enrolled in the left toolbar, find the PennWorks course you would like to resume, and click Start. You will have the option to resume where you left off or start from the beginning.

3 Multiphase project sponsored by Provost’s Office, Human Resources, Division of Finance, and Information Systems and Computing A new web-based front-end user interface for the current HR/Payroll System To be used by: –Business Administrators –Payroll Coordinators –Human Resources –Central Payroll Office –Faculty Affairs Offices 3 What is PennWorks?

4 PennWorks Scope First Release: Three Collection Tabs: –Bio –Roles/Distributions –Faculty Compensation 4 Later Releases: Additional Pay SALINC (annual salary increase) Late Payments/Adjustments Reallocations Online Time Reporting

5 Introduction to PennWorks Faculty Compensation Collection Build knowledge of: – Standard definitions of Compensation components – How to use the PennWorks Faculty Compensation Tab 5 Learning Objectives

6 Faculty Compensation Training & Access 6 PennWorks Faculty Compensation is a two (2) module web-based course available as of October 12, 2009 Existing HR/Payroll users identified by their School are required to complete this web-based training by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2009, or they will not have access to the Faculty Compensation Tab when PennWorks goes live on November 2, 2009 Access for new users (not previously users of HR/Payroll) requires completion of Faculty Compensation training and a completed, signed access form Users will access PennWorks via PennKey and Password

7 What is the Faculty Compensation Tab? A tab on the PennWorks application used for collecting and maintaining the university’s annual salary commitment to faculty –Much as you would expect to see in an offer letter or salary letter A feature only available for: –Standing and Associated Faculty –Health System Clinicians –Lecturer C 7

8 What is the Faculty Compensation Tab? (cont’d) A standard set of definitions for the various components of faculty compensation Data necessary to do comparative reporting between actual pay and expected compensation An opportunity to improve internal analytical reporting, as well as Penn’s capability to respond to external salary surveys 8

9 What Will I See on the Compensation Tab? When you first access a record, you will see: – Under the Current Compensation section at the top of the tab you will see the FY10 Faculty Compensation data your School provided the PennWorks project team before implementation – Under Compensation Details you will see the current year Faculty Compensation detail - the user can reset the fiscal year to view FY09 detail 9

10 PennWorks Faculty Compensation Tab 10 Components not tracked on the Compensation Tab are: 1.Summer & Evening Teaching 2.Summer Research 3.Bonuses & Incentives 4.Benefit Stipends 5.Honoraria Collects prospectively, Penn’s annual salary commitment for: 1.Academic Base (previously entered on 003 screen) 2.Base Salary Supplement 3.Faculty Salary 4.Administrative Stipends 5.Staff Salary

11 When Do I Update the Faculty Compensation Tab? During the new hire (Add a Person) process For any mid-year promotion, salary increase, or reappointment – PennWorks users performing these tasks will be prompted to update Faculty Compensation if they have Faculty Compensation Update access – Users with Faculty Compensation update access, but not update access to Roles/Distributions must coordinate with the Business Administrator or Payroll Coordinator managing the record to ensure Compensation related to new or changed roles are being accounted for 11

12 What Do I Need to Know to Manage the Faculty Compensation Tab? Standard definitions of faculty compensation components An understanding of how faculty roles are captured in PennWorks How to navigate and update compensation in PennWorks 12

13 13 Total Compensation Compensation Tracked on Faculty Compensation Tab One Time Pay Period Adjustment Components of Faculty Compensation

14 Standard Definition: Academic Base As described in the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators (Section II.E.11) – Academic base salaries may be decreased only in accordance with an expressed agreement or because of financial exigency Salary paid for regular, full-time academic duties of standing faculty as derived by each School for: –Teaching –Research –Service 14

15 Standard Definition: Academic Base (cont’d) Does not include: –Extra salary for administrative appointments –Overload teaching –Summer research, teaching and administrative appointments –Performance incentives –Bonuses 15

16 Standard Definition: Academic Base (cont’d) While normally paid for a 9-month academic year, paid out in 12 equal amounts in a monthly paycheck, some Schools pay an annualized base for regular academic duties performed over a 12-month period Faculty with a summer research role must have Academic Base entered – Summer research monthly pay period amount should equal 1/9 of Academic Base or less 16

17 Standard Definition: Faculty Salary A new term to describe salary normally paid for academic duties of non-standing faculty Does not include extra salary for: – Administrative appointments – Overload teaching – Summer research, teaching and/or administrative appointments – Performance incentives – Bonuses 17

18 Standard Definition: Base Salary Supplement A new term to describe salary in excess of Academic Base or Faculty Salary that is guaranteed for a defined term Often necessary for recruitment and retention –May be reduced or eliminated at the School’s discretion, or in accordance with any written agreement between the School and the Faculty member 18

19 Standard Definition: Base Salary Supplement (cont’d) Does not include: –Extra salary for administrative appointments –Overload teaching –Summer research, teaching and administrative appointments –Performance incentives –Bonuses Not included in calculations of summer ninths for summer research stipends, summer teaching stipends and overload teaching stipends 19

20 Standard Definition: Administrative Stipends Salary paid for administrative appointments beyond regular teaching, research and service responsibilities May include duties performed on an interim basis The administrative stipend amount should equal the sum of all current administrative roles’ annual salaries 20

21 Standard Definition: Staff Salary A new term to describe salary that is normally paid for staff member duties, for those Faculty holding staff positions as their primary job – e.g. Senior Research Investigators and Health System Clinicians 21

22 Valid Conditions Re: Compensation Academic Base is required for Standing Faculty, including Lecturer C and Clinician Educators –Non-Standing Faculty do not have an Academic Base Salary Only Faculty with a paid, non-guaranteed secondary appointment should have both Academic Base and Faculty Salary 22

23 Valid Conditions Re: Compensation (cont’d) Two rates in the same compensation category (e.g. Academic Base) in effect at the same time are not allowed Faculty cannot have a Base Salary Supplement without first having an Academic Base or Faculty Salary Tenure track Faculty must have an Academic Base 23

24 24 The HR/Payroll system (UMIS) uses ‘Jobs’ to capture appointment information –Limit of 4 Jobs allowed, with a maximum of 8 distributions per Job To stay within the 4 Job limit, often Faculty who have more than one administrative appointment have them grouped together under one ‘Job’ previously referred to as A1- Academician or the distribution is added to the main academic Job –This presents challenges when wanting to report on compensation for each administrative appointment Users manually merge appointments (most often administrative appointments) to manage the records within the 4 Job limit HR/Payroll (UMIS) Jobs PennWorks Roles Before PennWorks…

25 PennWorks uses ‘Roles’ on the Roles/Distribution tab to capture appointment information without a limit of 4 PennWorks logic automatically provides a consistent reorganization of these roles into the HR/Payroll (UMIS) jobs when there are more than 4 –Much like users do manually today when the job limit is exceeded 25 After PennWorks… HR/Payroll (UMIS) Jobs PennWorks Roles

26 For Faculty, this means that each administrative appointment can be captured separately in PennWorks along with the associated salary and distributions –e.g. A Faculty record can have multiple roles with job class code 140010- Faculty Admin Appointment (A1) and select from any of the following descriptions: Department Chair Director of a Center/Institute Graduate Group Chair Lab Director 26 After PennWorks… HR/Payroll (UMIS) Jobs PennWorks Roles (cont’d)

27 The Home Organization who manages the Faculty Compensation Collection must be familiar with each Role in PennWorks to ensure the associated salary is accounted for Faculty administrative roles can be designated as ‘interim’ Users may enter a free-text title to better describe the role –e.g. Director, Urban Design Program Unpaid roles may be added if an organization wants to record the appointment 27 More About PennWorks Roles

28 Quiz Instructions The following slide will link directly to an on-line quiz If you would like to review the material before proceeding to the quiz, use the navigation bar on the left to return to a specific topic or page All questions must be answered correctly for successful completion You may retake the quiz, however you must close the current session and start the course again 28 Use the navigational controls below when you are ready to proceed to the quiz


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