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The PGSSec Committee Who are we. What is our mandate. Our activities.

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1 The PGSSec Committee Who are we. What is our mandate. Our activities.

2 PGSSec 2005 Chair plus three members No Budget Few activities

3 PGSSec Today Budget > $1000 Chair plus 5 members Stipend for Chair (now called environmental commissioner) Number of activities

4 Green Night First time PGGSec was part of PGSS orientation week Free environmental information A sustainable selection of food Other environmental groups Speakers

5 Quinoa Cultivated up to 400 feet Undemanding Protein filled

6 Different Colors of Carrots


8 Other PGSSec Activities “Here on Earth” speaker series Green Drinks Montreal Projects

9 "Climate, Weather and Energy" - the Relationship between Climate, Weather Forecasting and the Energy Market.

10 Bees: A Buzz About Sustainability...because: - bees carry out roughly half of all animal-mediated pollination. - bees improve crop yield and product quality. - bee products have considerable nutritional and medicinal value. - bee numbers are declining worldwide. Contributing factors may include increased pollution, habitat loss, pesticide levels, parasites and diseases. Domesticated and wild populations are both affected. Photo: Adam Makarenko www.

11 The Potential of Grasses as Biofuels

12 Not All Biofuels are Equal Comparison of methods of generating energy from reed canarygrass Energy Gasoline (ethanol) Net GHG Method out:in or coal (direct reduction combustion) g CO 2 e-C /MJ displaced MJ m-2 y-1 Direct20.4 34.77 2604.59 Combustion Ethanol 4.43 4.88~ 100

13 Other speakers Retreat of Andean Glaciers, a Threat for Peruvian Water Resources" Green lessons from Ghana "The West Nile Virus in Quebec: What you really need to know"

14 Green Drinks  "Tourism, Air Transport and Climate Change"  "Waste Diversion in Ontario"  "Solar Buildings"  "More Super Green Savings, Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

15 Bike Loan Program Fall survey: 1) 61.8% of respondents would use 5-15 times per year 2) 75.4% of respondents would pay to use it Application to Mary H. Brown endowment fund

16 Bike Loan Proposal Budget 3 bicycles$1800 3 secure locks 200 Incorporation 1200 3 helmets 200 Total $ 3400

17 Bike Loan Proposal $1 per use to help defray costs Signed waiver once a year April to November Use of bike repair coop on campus Possibility of PGSS money Further work

18 PGSSec website Goal – to get more graduate students active in the environmental movement at McGill and to market sustainability Contents: calculation of carbon imprint, sections on recycling and composting, environmental trivia, write-ups on speaker series topics and other areas of interest Website would be fun and informative

19 Green points program 12 million Canadian households invested a total of 24 billion dollars into a collective fund dedicated to reducing Canada’s 486 Mt of green house Super Green Points Card Program Points for choosing a green purchase Changing existing points (9 billion unclaimed points) Tax credit for choosing green

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