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ARCS Review November 2011 HOGA AGM Patricia Smith Donna Fedorkow Bev Pindar-Donick and many others.

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1 ARCS Review November 2011 HOGA AGM Patricia Smith Donna Fedorkow Bev Pindar-Donick and many others

2 Objectives Review current Academic Role Listing to: – Determine appropriateness of item inclusion Addition Deletion – Establish “relativity” of items Equitable points allocation for different roles – (Identify areas to increase HOGA $$)

3 Too Big a Bite to Chew

4 ARCS: Biggest Issues Cumbersome – Bean counting Lack of “relativity” – “Same” role has different value – Some role “over valued”

5 Adopt the K.I.S.S. Principle

6 Premis: As AFP Members there are certain expectations Teach on a day to day basis Involve learners in deliveries Welcome learners into the operating room – L&D - C/Sections – Gyne OR Teach while on call Supervise on the wards

7 Calculations: Generalists (St. Joes & MUMC) – PGY 1&2 resident months x 20 ÷ # generalists with fudge factors for time away – On call allocation – “don’t you remember, I covered you from 8 ‘till 10 that day” Subspecialists – # resident months x 20 ÷ # subspecialists with the subspecialty divvying up the pot – On call allocation – same as above

8 3-year Average Calculations DisciplineAverageRecommended value SGH Generalist613600 MUMC Generalist587600 MFM340400 Colpo347400 Gyne Onc440400 Urogyne333400 REI333400 Ultrasound100 Sexual Medicine150 PND 49 Per member of group: allocation as per group consensus

9 Teaching Sessions What is done during any rotation: practice orals, OSCEs, teaching sessions, chat over coffee etc., is a part of the rotation and covered in the predetermined points Additional teaching sessions are at the discretion and scheduling of the undergraduate and postgraduate program

10 Proposal #1: Generalist receive 600 points per site per year Subspecialists receive 400 points per year Ultrasound stays at 100 points per year Sexual Medicine stays at 150 points per year PND stays at 49 points per year To be divided PRN

11 Lectures/Simulations/Evaluations LectureOldNew Recommendation Academic half day55 CMAS1 (per hour)5 (per half day) OSATS?5 (per half day) PG OSCE1 (per hour)5 (per session) MF325 Clerkship1.55 LMCC Review Course105 UG OSCE (5.5 hours)35 McMaster CME Presentation 55 Does not account for length of session

12 Proposal #2: Academic Half Day MF3 Clerkship LMCC Review etc. – All 5 points per session Does not account for length of lecture

13 Education Undergraduate Site Coordinator Minimum of 2 students per rotation 10 points per year Proposal # 2: That the above definition and points allocation be adopted

14 Research RoleOld PointsNew Recommendation Journal reviewer32 External Grant Reviewer53 Abstract review (per abstract)50.25 Proposal #3: Adopt new values for above roles

15 Research ActivityOld PointsNew Recommendation Presentation Oral/Poster -First presentation -Subsequent presentations 10 5 Invited: National, International10 Invited: Local, Regional 5 Proposal #4: Adopt new values for above roles

16 Research Grants TypeOld PointsNew Recommendation Major Competitive – TriCouncil (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) & NIH - Principle Investigator - Co-Applicant 50 20 100 Other Competitive – eg. Heart & Stroke, Cancer Care Ontario, ECHO, Canadian Diabetes Association, CFWH - Principle Investigator - Co-Applicant 30 10 50 Non Competitive/Industry Funded - Principle Investigator - Co-Applicant 15 5 Proposal #5: Adopt new values for above roles

17 MD Stipended Roles From MD Supplemental $$ OldNew Recommendation Tutor MF 1-5pointsStipend to individual Pro Comp FacilitatorpointsStipend to individual Proposal #6: Adopt new values for above roles

18 Committee Membership Ex Officio membership based on a stipended role (eg. undergraduate coordinator) is NOT eligible for additional ARCS $. Committees eligible for ARCS $ must be educational or research based: DepartmentProvincial FHSNational UniversityInternational Proposal #7: Adopt the above principles

19 Accountability Star CV allows for input of university activities at source Mistakes happen so it is up to the individual to check for accuracy Corroboration is needed for claims made from outside the university eg: presentations, abstract reviews, grant reviews, committee membership, publications etc. Random audits will take place

20 Ccccccccccccc cccccccccc Making the Pie Bigger FHS Program UG Clerkship – student headcount UG MD Supplemental – leadership roles PG – resident headcount AFP Headcount – HOGA members Repair – Alms from Internal Medicine Academic Contributions – AFP identified roles

21 Make the ARCS Pie Bigger Pie Enhancers Student Advisor MD Admissions MD OSCE Tutor MF Facilitator PC MF3 Clinical skills

22 Further Work Research Grants Multiple Presentations of same work MD program roles and participation Postgrad roles and participation Mentorship: Undergrad & Postgrad Encourage roles that make the pie bigger Proposal # 8: should we continue?

23 Proposal # 9 Anyone wanna take over?

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