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Reaching for Success Grant Writing Workshop November 20, 2014.

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1 Reaching for Success Grant Writing Workshop November 20, 2014

2 Raise funds to ensure academic excellence and success for all students in our District Reaching For Success Grants program funds Robotics, Science, Reading and Math Enrichment and Support Programs LINKS program funds the Tutors, Classroom Helpers & Mentor programs across the district ACCESS program funds lab fees, graphing calculators, AP course fees, caps and gowns Signature Program funds new STEM-based learning courses at all high schools being (implemented in 2013-14 and 2014-15)

3 Introduction Program Guidelines Grant Application Grant Checklist

4 Purpose of Grants To encourage creative educational programs that will help a school successfully meet its Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) goals

5 Key Points Spring cycle – for the next academic year $3,000 requested from LWSF, for all grade levels Unlimited number of applications may be submitted per school, but only one per project CIP based Must have the principal’s support and commitment Clearly and concisely written to help grant readers understand the value of your project.

6 Principal Support and Commitment The proposed project consistent with the goals of our school’s CIP Plan. Principal must rank the grants I assign a priority to this project of ____ of _____ (total number of applications from this school).

7 CIP Goal Summarize the specific goal(s) from your school’s CIP plan to which the project applies, and attach only those pages from your school’s most recently approved CIP plan that explain these goals. (Question # 2)

8 Project Description and Justification Explain your project clearly and concisely without using academic or technical jargon. Discuss how the project will help the school make progress toward the targeted CIP goal(s). Examples: Zeno Math Reading clubs Science docent Music Curriculum and Xylophones

9 Project Description, Significance and Resources This is your opportunity to explain the program, your motivation and why this program is important to your school. Describe the resources required for implementation of the project Why are these resources necessary to the program? How will they help meet the project goals?

10 Project Evaluation Describe how you will measure the results of your project Evaluation process should be specific for the stated objectives and includes measurable outcomes using data and quantitative analysis

11 Community Awareness Recognition of the Foundation as your source of funding in the community Schools will be asked to attach LWSF stickers to any equipment or materials purchased with LWSF Grants Signed LWSF photo releases will be required

12 Material/Technology Requests and Project Personnel All instructional materials and technology must be approved by the District. Stipends (or half-stipends) for teachers are acceptable funding requests. Grants may be used to compensate experts or resource speakers who work with students

13 Timeline Provide details of the implementation plans for your project

14 Budget A detailed budget is required Maximum funding request is $3,000 per grant application Full teacher stipend $2089.00 / Half teacher stipend $1044.50* We encourage co-funding of projects Don’t forget to include: sales tax and shipping costs

15 Projects typically approved are: Tied directly to the school CIP Provide integration of different learning styles Involve students as fully as possible Can be replicated, if successful Explained in a clearly written and complete application

16 Non-Fundable Items Money spent prior to grant award* Teacher release time or compensation for subs Non-instructional consumables (food, awards, incentives) Offsite graduate study, conferences, seminars and professional development Technology-related projects not supported by LWSD Capital improvement projects – furniture, display cases, playground equipment

17 Nuts & Bolts Submit four copies of the completed grant application to the LWSF office by February 27, 2015 No later than 4 p.m. – applications received after this time will not be considered. Please do not fax or email your application.

18 What happens next? Week of March 16 th — Community members will read all your grants. April — Reaching For Success grants committee develops recommendation for approval of grants to the Board. April 29 th is the Foundation Luncheon – the key determinant of whether your grant gets funded. May — Board approves funding for grants.

19 Questions? Minerva Butler, RFS Grants Committee Chair Kristina Williams, Executive Director 425-936-1414

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