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Olympic Scholarships Program

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1 Olympic Scholarships Program

2 Goals and Objectives Annually, the Foundation provides 20 scholarships, which cover in full the RIOU tuition fee and include monthly stipend for students. The winners of the Competition study at the University on the unique English language program - Master of Sport Administration. Goals: Objectives: To offer new opportunities of professional development for talented managers, including the opportunity to enroll for the Master of Sport Administration Program To contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists in Sport Management To help forward the development of modern education in the sphere of management of sport organizations, sport events, and sport facilities. To raise public awareness in the research and methodological development in the area of sport management To promote within Russia and globally the educational programs offered by Russian educational institutions in the area of sport management.

3 Program Activities Scholarships were established to support the professional growth of outstanding sport managers and administrators who are accepted to RIOU programs. These competitive, full-tuition awards are provided through the annual Olympic Scholarships Competition. Within the frames of the Program, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: Holds a Competition for financial support of two types: A donation covering the tuition fee for the full-time study at the Russian International Olympic University on the Master of Sport Administration Program; and A stipend supporting the participant during his period of study. Forms the Expert Committee with the task for it to select candidates, who will receive donations along with the stipends; Arranges for payments to RIOU (donations for study) and payments to participants (scholarships); Carries out a publicity campaign to promote education provided by Russian educational institutions in the area of sport management.

4 Opportunities for Winners
Olympic Scholarships open the doors of Russian International Olympic University for Competition winners. When dreams come true – The Foundation is proud of making affordable study at the University for the brightest and most talented representatives of the sport industry. The winner receives a "start in life" - in the world of sports stadia, new victories, vivid and memorable meetings with colleagues from around the world. Olympic Scholarship fully covers the costs of MSA program at the University located in Sochi city, Krasnodarsky Krai. This year students live in the campus of the University - new premises built in one of the most beautiful places in the city. Russian International Olympic University

5 Collaboration with RIOU
The Foundation collaborates with RIOU in its work on the establishment of a university of new type - the best in the field of sport and Olympic education, where leaders of Russian and global sport industry can study, and whose research facilities will meet all modern requirements. Currently, 20 fellows from 12 countries study on Master of Sport Administration course. The Program is based on the principles of equal opportunities and does not discriminate on race, ethnicity, religion, gender or age. Russian International Olympic University, Sochi

6 RIOU Students at the Olympics in Sochi
President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach and RIOU students Jorge Mario Marroquin Menendez MSA Program students at the stadium Jorge Mario Marroquin Menendez By the time of Winter Olympics start in Sochi, half of the curriculum of RIOU students of MSA Program is over. And although intensive training process does not leave much time free, the students had an opportunity not only to see with their own eyes how Olympics are prepared and coordinated, but also to become active participants in Olympic events. Strong emotional charge brought by Olympics along with the knowledge gained in RIOU study will make the students unique professional in their countries, and we will witness the new achievements in sport industry, prepared and implemented by alumni of our programs.

7 MSA Program Students Near the Olympic Stadium
Jorge Mario Marroquin Menendez

8 Благотворительный фонд В
Благотворительный фонд В. Потанина — один из первых частных фондов в истории современной России — создан в 1999 году для реализации долгосрочных программ в сфере образования и культуры. Основная задача Фонда — содействовать становлению активных творческих профессионалов и развитию благотворительности в России. Фонд формирует общественную среду, где ценностями являются творчество, профессионализм, добровольческая активность. Важнейшее направление деятельности фонда — проведение долгосрочных стипендиальных и грантовых программ, адресованных талантливым студентам и преподавателям государственных вузов, а также музейным специалистам.

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