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Salary Planner/ Budget Development

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1 Salary Planner/ Budget Development

2 Agenda Course Overview Overview of the FY15 Process Overview of Steps
Reappointment Position Budgeting Budget Development Contacts & Lab Sessions

3 Process Overview Salary Planner (Positions)
List by Employee *Reappointment Side (NBAJOBS) List by Position *Budgeting Side (NBAPBUD) Reappointment X Position Budgets X

4 Process Overview Budget Development (Operations)
Budget Development is separate from Salary Planner in Employee Self-Service (MyInfo) Budget Development is used to budget your operational dollars for each of your indexes (i.e. travel, supplies, etc.) While Salary Planner has been pre-populated and will be a review process, you must complete Budget Development. You need to budget ALL of the indexes you are responsible for except for Grants (4Wxxxx) and F&As (436xxx and 437xxx)

5 Budget Development Timeline
FY15 Salary Planner/ Budget Development Timeline May 12th-15th – Salary Planner/Budget Development Training May 19th-May 30th – Salary Planner/Budget Development Help Sessions May 30th – Salary Planner/Budget Development will be closed for budgeting

6 Accessing Salary Planner From MSU homepage, click on MyInfo link

7 Accessing Salary Planner

8 Accessing Salary Planner

9 Accessing Salary Planner
If you do not see the “Salary Planner” link, please contact Dawn Watkins at or and provide your banner username to request access to the link.

10 Accessing Salary Planner
“Edit Scenario” will likely be the only link that you will see due to different access for different users.

11 List by Employee *Reappointment Side (NBAJOBS)

12 Reappointment Reappointment

13 Reappointment

14 Review of Records List by Employee will be used to review records and for reporting purposes All changes to employee pay records should be processed using an EPAF Please review the current records carefully for accuracy and correct any discrepancies

15 Salary Planner Download Feature

16 Analyze Data for Inconsistencies

17 Look for Exceptions and Inconsistent Data
Position types and start dates 4A positions - Academic Year (AY) Faculty - reappointed Aug 1st 4B positions - Fiscal Year (FY) Faculty – reappointed July 1st 4C positions - Professional positions Look for PY employee class – reappointed Aug 1st or Aug 16th depending on the Contract or Letter of Appointment Other 4C positions - reappointed July 1st 4E positions - Executives - most are reappointed July 1st 4M positions - Classified Salaried – Reappointed July 1st 4N positions - Classified Hourly– Reappointed July 1st

18 Look for exceptions and inconsistent data in FTE and Hrs Per Pay
FTE should be consistent with hours per pay and number of pay 4A 9 month positions at 1FTE = hrs 4A 10 month positions at 1FTE = 156 hrs 4B,4C,4E at 1FTE = hrs 4M, 4N at 1FTE = 174 hrs % FTE x Hrs for 1FTE = hrs per pay Classified hours are 2088 for FY15

19 Look for exceptions and inconsistent data- FTE and Hrs Per Pay
FTE should be consistent with hours per pay and number of pay EXAMPLES: 4A position 9 month at .75 FTE .75 X = 130 hrs per pay 4A Position- 10 month at .5 FTE .5 X 156 = 78 hrs per pay 4M position at .8 FTE .8 X 174 = hrs per pay

20 Frequently Asked Question
What do I do if I do not plan on reappointing an employee for the fall, but the employee will be returning in the spring? The employee will be put on LWOP until they are hired back in the spring using an EPAF/LoA If your employee is not to be reappointed and is not returning, please submit a terminating EPAF.

21 Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if my employee has a stipend? Stipends are ONLY Budgeted they are NOT reappointed Stipend information is provide to Human Resources from the Provost office and manually entered. Don’t make any changes to an employee’s base pay with an EPAF for stipends or the employee will be overpaid

22 Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do about my faculty who have received tenure and promotion? Tenured Promotions are ONLY Budgeted they are NOT reappointed Promotion budgets were included in your Salary Projections, so should already be loaded on the Budget Side of Salary Planner Promotion information is provide to Human Resources from the Provost’s office and manually entered Don’t make any changes to an employee’s base pay for a promotion via an EPAF or the employee will be overpaid.

23 Frequently Asked Question
What steps do I need to take to ensure that my employees are reappointed correctly for next fiscal year?

24 Employees on a Letter of Appointment (LoA)
Human Resources will need the LoA with the check box “New LoA as of July 1st no change” submitted An EPAF will be needed with this LoA New EPAFs have been created to activate the employee from LWOP to Active Status BZREAY - Reappointment for AY LoAs BZREFY - Reappointment of FY LoAs


26 Employees on a Letter of Appointment (LoA)
If employee is receiving an FTE or Salary change effective July/August 1, Human Resources will need both an EPAF (normal EPAFs used) and an LoA submitted Employees on a MUS Contract Human Resources will need nothing more. Human Resources will print the MUS contracts around mid-November once the contracts are approved by OCHE If employee is receiving an FTE or Salary change effective July 1st or August 1st, Human Resources will need an EPAF and the new MOU

27 Other Types of Contracted Employees
USRA Contracted Employees must be reappointed by submitting a completed USRA Contract. If a labor distribution change is needed, please submit a Labor Distribution change EPAF Post-Retiree Contract Employees must be reappointed by submitting a completed EPAF and Post-Retiree LoA **Submit any Labor Distribution Change EPAFs necessary for payroll changes If an EPAF is submitted to change employees funding prior to July 1st a new EPAF is NOT needed effective July 1st to carry that current funding forward into new fiscal year Funding change EPAF is only needed if changing July 1st and future records.

28 List by Position *Budget Side (NBAPBUD)

29 Position Budgeting You will select the extract ID that is named “Position Budgets”. The scenario should always be the same. Filter by Position Attributes.

30 Position Budgeting

31 Position Budgeting Each position number will be pre-populated with the budgets that were provided in your salary projections as explained on the following slides.

32 For State, ES, FSTS, and MAES Funded Positions
Index Fund Orgn Pgm Acct Position Current Budget Current PBUD FTE NEW Projected FY15 Budget (Base + Longevity) Increased Allocation over current FY15 Budget Allocation 414003 411201 01 61125 4M0561 24,048.90 1.0000 24,876.93 828.00 24,876.90 4M0623 36,075.01 37,162.75 1,087.74 4M0805 5,033.48 0.1000 5,152.79 119.30 5,152.78 4M0956 13,167.03 0.2500 13,471.36 304.31 13,471.34 4M1242 24,265.50 0.6700 251.25 615.23 24,880.73 Total 102,589.92 3.0200 80,915.08 2,954.58 105,544.50 The amount that is in the blue column for each specific position, is the amount that has been allocated by the Budget Office and the amount that was loaded for that position.

33 For Restricted, Designated, and Auxiliary Funded Positions
Index Fund Orgn Pgm Acct Position Current Budget Current PBUD FTE NEW Projected FY15 Budget (Base + Longevity) Increased Allocation over current FY15 Budget Allocation 434182 421320 04 61125 4M0047 40,259.08 1.0000 43,539.67 1,105.60 41,364.68 4M0392 0.00 26,468.92 849.36 4M1193 12,174.45 0.5000 12,606.79 431.94 12,606.39 4M1390 37,618.17 39,966.68 1,547.69 39,165.86 4M1445 0.0000 4M1722 40,652.17 44,310.31 1,461.22 42,113.39 4N0153 10,669.37 0.3000 11,126.29 299.78 10,969.15 Total 141,373.24 4.8000 178,018.66 5,695.59 147,068.83 The amount that is in the ‘FY15 Projected Budget’ column for a specific position, is the amount that should be budgeted in that position and the amount that was loaded for that position.

34 Some things to double-check
Does the ‘Proposed Budget’ column match the position as was discussed in the 2 previous slides? Does this number match what the budget FTE is suppose to be? Is the distribution correct? Hit the “Save” button OFTEN

35 Position Distribution Check
You can check how the position distribution will be loaded here by clicking on the Distribution Link in the screen before. The “Current” record shows how it loaded into Salary Planner. The “Proposed” record shows how it will be uploaded into Banner for the final budget.

36 What Should I Do if these things are not correct?
In the past, Salary Planner has been available for each of you to update your positions as needed. Because the positions have been pre-loaded, Salary Planner is now a review-only process from the Department’s standpoint If you need to make changes to your position budgets, you will submit necessary changes to the Budget Office

37 How Should I Submit Changes?
For areas under Academic Affairs and VP for Research, send an to Megan Bergstedt For areas under the President, VP for Student Success, and VP for Admin & Finance, send an to Mackenzie Sorenson Please Include: Position Number Old Budget, Index, and Split New Budget, Index, and Split Explanation of how these funds will either be used elsewhere (if lowering the budget) or where they will be coming from (if increasing the budget)

38 BUDGET DEVELOPMENT Budgeting for Operations

39 How do I Know Which Indexes to Budget?
You can run a report! Log on the Banner SAIS Report Web Go to Report Type: “Finance Reports” Run the report named Index Listing (by Org) The only parameter you have to enter is your Org number (i.e , , etc.)

40 Which Indexes to Budget?
The answer is that you should budget all indexes in this list except the ones discussed earlier (4Wxxxx, 436xxx, 437xxx) For any index that is in Fund , you will receive a budget allocation and must budget to that. For all other indexes, use FY14 actuals as a basis to budget both your revenue and expenses in each index.

41 Key Points Make sure to budget ALL necessary indexes
Budget 6% admin fee on designated indexes in account code 62889A. This is 6% of budgeted expenses. A maximum budget of $5,000 is allowed in All accounts that have $0 budgeted need to be deleted. Use A15GL1 as the Budget Phase and FY2015 as the Budget ID when entering your budget information (case sensitive) DO NOT budget IDC or Grant funds (436xxx, 437xxx, 4Wxxx, or 425xxx-429xxx) DO NOT budget in personnel account codes used in Salary Planner (i.e , 61124, 61125, 61126, 61127, 61128, 61224, 61225, 61226, 61227, 61228)

42 Accessing Budget Development
Select the Finance Services tab at the top of MyInfo and then click the Budget Development link in the menu below

43 Accessing Budget Development
From here there are 3 options. Choose “Create Budget Worksheet”

44 Accessing Budget Development
Click the “Create Query” button. Make sure that the “Saved Query” field says None.

45 Accessing Budget Development
Make sure that at least the top two boxes are checked when selecting columns to display amounts.

46 Accessing Budget Development

47 Selecting and Adding Your Index
CLICK ON INDEX BUTTON Click on the Index button to select the proper index. This process ensures the proper fund, org, and program components are pulled in with your index. If not you will end up with an invalid FOP combination and your budgets won’t load properly.

48 Selecting and Adding Your Index
In the Index Criteria box enter the index number you would like to budget and hit the “Execute Query” button.

49 Selecting and Adding Your Index
Your index will display on the screen with a link. Click on the link under the Index heading to populate the appropriate fields on the main page.

50 Selecting and Adding Your Index
FUND, ORG, AND PROGRAM WILL BE POPULATED, BUT NOT THE INDEX. Once you have clicked the link, the correct fund, org and program will pull into the screen. The index will not display at this point. That is okay. You will be budgeting the appropriate index if the other elements are correct. Click the “Submit” button to budget.

51 Making Changes to Your Budgets
4 Options for Making Changes: Decreasing the current budget amount Increasing the current budget amount Creating budgets for additional account codes Deleting budgets in certain account codes The rounding is automatically set to 1.00, which indicates rounding to the whole dollar. Do not change the rounding amount.

52 Making Changes to Your Budgets
This does not include wage and salary account codes as those are budgeted in salary planner. To start, the program will automatically pull in the accounts that are currently budgeted within your index as well as the current base budgets associated with them.

53 Decreasing Budget Amounts
Enter the amount by which you would like to decrease each specific account code as a negative number in the “Change Value” column.

54 Increasing Budget Amounts
Enter the amount by which you would like to increase each specific account code as a positive number in the “Change Value” column.

55 Adding Budget to New Account Code
Once you calculate or post these new account codes, the status column on the left will say “NEW” indicating the addition of the account code. There is an area for adding new rows at the bottom of the screen. Enter the account code in which you wish to add budget as well as the proposed budget amount.

56 Calculating Changes Once you have entered all of your information, you can click the “Calculate” button to see the proposed changes you have made to your budget before you post them.

57 Although you have calculated the budgets to check for accuracy, you have not yet posted these budgets. You will now see the amounts that you entered in the “Cumulative Change” column and the calculated new budget in the “New Budget” column.

58 Posting Budgets Once you hit post, the screen will refresh and at the top of the page, you will see a checkmark next to the words “The changes submitted have been processed and posted” Once you have verified that your budget amounts are correct, press the “Post” button. You should now see a change in the “Proposed Budget” column. This is what will load into Banner.

59 Summary of Changes Posted
Your cumulative change may not be zero if you are moving operations budgets over to positions (in that case a negative change) or vice versa. After posting, there will be a summary of changes by account type at the bottom of the screen. Base Budget is the starting point, Proposed Budget is what FY15 will be and Cumulative Change is the difference between the two.

60 Deleting Accounts After posting, if you have any accounts codes with the New Budget column equal to zero, these need to be deleted. Check the “Delete Record” box and hit the “Post” button again.

61 Deleting Accounts Although the account code still appears after posting the change, it now has a notation in the status column (DEL) that indicates it will be deleted.

62 Budgeting Additional Indexes

63 Report to Verify Operation and Position Budgets Combined
Go to the Banner Report Web ( Click on the Banner Application Switchboard Link Log In using your Banner ID and Password On the left in the dropdown box, select Finance Reports Click on the Budget Preliminary Summary report (2 below the box)

64 Click Execute Report(s) to run.
In the Org field, enter the Org you would like to view. In the Fiscal Year field enter FY2015 In the OBPH Code field enter A15GL1 When the report is done running, click the TXT link next to the report you would like to view.

65 The top portion of this report will show you what you have budgeted, in the listed Index, on the “List by Position” or Budget side of Salary Planner for each position listed. PLEASE verify this is what you would like budgeted for that particular Index. The bottom portion will show you what you budgeted for each account code in your operations in Budget Development. Make sure that you have not budgeted amounts in the account codes listed in the top portion (this would double the budget in position account codes) The total listed for your Index is the total amount budgeted in positions and operations. This amount should NOT exceed the amount that was allocated to this Index by your executive.

66 Help Session Schedule Tuesday, May 20th Thursday, May 22nd
9-10am and 2-3pm Thursday, May 22nd Wednesday, May 28th 3-4pm Thursday, May 29th 2-3pm Friday, May 30th 9-11am All Help Sessions will take place in the Hamilton Training Lab (Hamilton 202)

67 Contact Information For questions regarding Letters of Appointment, EPAFs, Reappointment Dawn Watkins, For questions regarding position budgets or Budget Development Academic Affairs and VP Research Megan Bergstedt, VP Student Success, VP A&F, President Mackenzie Sorenson,


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