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1 Graduate College

2 Welcome to Northern Arizona University

3 Getting Connected Graduate College Facebook Graduate Student Facebook “NAU Grad Students” Graduate College Events Graduate Student Government Graduate Student Government Facebook

4 The Graduate College – What do we do? Formal admissions to the university Tuition waivers and assistantships Academic success, monitor degree progress, process petitions Thesis and dissertation policy and process Graduate policies and procedures Graduation applications, Graduate commencement

5 You’re Admitted…now what? Your NAU Email is the official means of communication You will receive all department and university communication at your NAU email address Access Your Email at Manage your email and technology at

6 You’re Admitted…now what? Click on “New and Prospective Students” at –Advising – Which classes to take? –Registering for classes –Housing – Where will I live? –Family Resources –Financing Your Education – How will I afford it? –Orientation

7 Advising Check departmental communications to see –your assigned advisor –when advising will take place for you –which courses to take –if your program advisor is not listed, you may contact your program for more information at Use LOUIE to search and register for classes Tutorial:

8 Advising Manage all student information Schedule Finances Directory Information Log in with your assigned NAU ID and password

9 Advising


11 Registering Log in to LOUIE to register for classes at Common Questions: I don’t meet prerequisites, what do I do? –Contact your department for options I don’t have access to register –Contact the Graduate College at (928) 523-4348 I’d like to transfer credits –Contact your department and/or program advisor as soon as possible

12 Registering

13 1.Click on the term you for which you wish to register 2.Click “Continue” 3.You are responsible for dropping any courses you do NOT want. An unwanted course, which is not dropped, may result in an “F”

14 Registering 1.Make sure the term and year are correct 2.If you know the course number, enter it here 3.Click “Search”

15 Registering 1.Select the “Course Subject” 2.Enter the “Course Number” 3.Search by “Open” classes only, or by all classes 4.Enter any additional search criteria (e.g. days of week, time, etc) 5.Click “Search”

16 Registering Click “Select Class” to add to your shopping cart

17 Registering 1.Check for prerequisite information. Contact department and/or faculty of record if prerequisite is not met. 2.Click “Next”

18 Registering Click “Proceed to Step 2 of 3”

19 Registering Read through the Financial Terms and Conditions Click “Finish Enrolling” to add courses to your schedule

20 Registering 1.Denotes “Successfully Enrolled” 2.Denotes “Error” 3.Status denotes “Success” or “Error” in enrollment process Read the message information to see which error has prevented enrollment. Then, address that error with your department or faculty.

21 Registering All Successfully Enrolled courses show up in your schedule. More detailed information on Enrollment at

22 Housing Off Campus Housing Most graduate students live off campus –See the following sites for housing in our community Check Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce for visitor/relocation info –

23 Housing Join the Graduate Student Housing Listserv for current housing information from fellow graduate students and home owners – Click on “Grad Life” Click on “Housing”

24 Housing On Campus Housing Very limited for graduate students Family Housing is available at NAU

25 Family Resources Childcare - –Daycare directory information –Childcare assistance Campus Health Services - –Insurance Variety of options Major medical included in 20 hour GA positions –Healthcare Needs Primary and Urgent Care Radiology Pharmacy

26 Financing You should know if you were awarded funding from your department for the following areas Graduate Assistantships –Teaching and Research Assistantships are given through academic departments Tuition Waivers Scholarships Check with your department if you requested department funding, but have not yet been awarded

27 Financing Additional sources of funding Graduate Service Assistantships (Flagstaff Campus Only) –Teaching, Research, Service* 10 hour – 50% tuition remission, stipend 20 hour – 100% tuition remission, stipend, major medical insurance Look for Non-Academic Graduate Service Assistant* positions and other types of funding here:

28 Financing Other Sources of Funding to Consider Scholarships Financial Aid at FAFSA student loans at If you have already been awarded funding and have questions, contact the Graduate College at (928) 523-4348

29 New Graduate Student Orientation All New Graduate Students – Department Orientation –Check with your department for your department orientation dates

30 Northern Arizona

31 Helpful Links New Graduate Student Orientation: Graduate Programs – Graduate Events – Graduate Financing – Student Resources – Campus Visit – NAU Extended Campuses – Graduate College Homepage – Graduate Student Government –

32 Questions David Spivey Associate Director, Graduate College (928) 523-6263 Box 4125, 624 S. Knoles Flagstaff, AZ 86011

33 Evaluation Please help us improve our services for future students by completing a brief survey

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