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Louisiana Seafood &. ProStart student enjoying crawfish etouffe that was made with Louisiana crawfish purchased with the Louisiana Seafood stipend. We.

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1 Louisiana Seafood &

2 ProStart student enjoying crawfish etouffe that was made with Louisiana crawfish purchased with the Louisiana Seafood stipend. We prepared Louisiana Black Drum with a Jumbo Lump Crab Buerre Blanc, and the Shrimp and Grits Appetizer. We also prepared Crawfish Bread and Crawfish Pasta to serve to various faculty members to advertise the program. Mandeville High School

3 Donaldsonville High School fieldtrip to New Orleans

4 Caddo Career Center cooking with Louisiana Seafood In northwest Louisiana, shrimp, catfish and crawfish are the only local products I could find for our students to work with. But work they did! The shrimp are so superior to imported product; you can taste the difference with each bite. The ProStart students worked hard learning to devein and handle shrimp “gently” to not overcook. They came up with quite a variety of recipes to use and they really enjoyed this tasty learning experience. We LOVE our Louisiana seafood. Thanks so much again!

5 Grace King High School Crawfish Boil

6 Many thanks to the Louisiana Seafood Association for donating $500 to the ProStart Program at West Monroe High School. In compliance with the Seafood Associations’ request, these funds were used to help further the students’ education and awareness of Louisiana Seafood. These are some of the things the ProStart Students were exposed to or did with the funds. 1. Lectures and PowerPoints on Louisiana Seafood presented in class. 2. Lab on Roux making including a handout from Louisiana Seafood curriculum. --All stages, white, blonde, brown and chocolate were included. 3. Lab demonstration and activity on properly filleting fresh fish. 4. Mrs. Maroney and Students attended the ProStart Invitational Competition in New Orleans, March 2014, including the following meals. a. Dinner at Palace Café b. Lunch at Harbor House Seafood c. Showcase Dinner of Louisiana Seafood Dishes West Monroe High School and Louisiana Seafood

7 Sulphur High School Louisiana Seafood was used to practice and to help us prepare for the Louisiana Seafood ProStart Student Invitational. It was used at all of our practices and the students enjoyed trying different seafood species to determine what to use in competition. Sulphur also did a unit on seafood and we used the funding on crawfish, tuna, and some other Louisiana seafood dishes. Thank you !

8 Rayne High School


10 At Hammond High Magnet School, the $500 grant was utilized in the following ways: Seniors in ProStart II completed a sustainable seafood lab and prepared grilled catfish and crab cake sliders. We also learned to shuck oysters! We purchased 4 half-sacks during the preparation process, and tested several oyster recipes, including bienville and rockefeller. We finally settled on a bacon- wrapped oyster atop herbsaint creamed spinach. That particular menu item was the highest score (90%) the ProStart Student Invitational team received for taste. The class fried several pounds of fresh Louisiana shrimp, catfish, and oysters to prepare and photograph one of the ProStart Management competition Team’s signature dishes for their state winning restaurant concept, Take 2. The menu item featured was called “Moby's Dish," and included enough fried seafood to serve a family of four. Finally, to celebrate the end of the year, all ProStart students enjoyed a crawfish boil which featured Louisiana Spillway Crawfish. The students learned about the process of boiling seafood, as well as the difference between spillway and farmed crawfish. Thank you for the grant and all of the opportunities it provided for our students! Angie Drago, Hammond High Magnet School


12 Jennings, La LOUISIANA SEAFOOD DETAILS: This year the WEIC ProStart program thanks Louisiana Seafood for giving us money to enhance our program. We purchased Louisiana shrimp, catfish, crawfish, flounder, oysters and crab meat. The students made crawfish breads, seafood gumbo, fried catfish and baked flounder. They also learned how to fillet fish from a local fisherman. The students learned that Louisiana Seafood is not only Excellent, but worth every penny spent. West End Instructional Center

13 ProStart spend the Louisiana Seafood Grant in the following ways: Purchase of Louisiana crawfish, shrimp, and seasonings. The following are recipes they prepared: Crawfish fettuccini Bbq shrimp Crawfish etouffee Springfield High School

14 West St. John High School We Purchased: Gulf of Mexico flounder and redfish for demo and practice. fresh Louisianashrimp of various sizes to demonstrate size variations. Louisiana oysters to teach how to shuck. live Gulf blue crabs to demo how to steam and pick. soft shell crab to demo how to prepare. jumbo lump and lump crab to explain difference. frozen Louisiana shrimp and crawfish tails for a seafood cook-off activity. live crawfish for a Louisiana crawfish boil. Recipes Students prepared were: Bbq shrimp Blackened redfish Sautéed FlounderShrimp pasta Crawfish RisottoOyster Salad Stuffed CrabsBoiled Crawfish Crab SaladFried Soft Shell crabs Shrimp and corn bisqueSeafood and okra gumbo


16 Louisiana Seafood Grant Expenditures In class labs in which we practiced different cooking methods applied to Louisiana seafood. Each student worked on each dish individually two times. Sautéed, pan fried, poached, and baked Gulf fish. Sautéed, fried, and butter poached Louisiana shrimp. We served seafood at three of our events this year. Grant money was used to purchase seafood for practice/refinement in preparation for these events. Grant money was then used to purchase product for the actual events. St. Charles Satellite Center


18 Louisiana seafood Grant We purchased Gulf fish and crabmeat for class lab. Kenny’s seafood came and performed a fish/shellfish demonstration and have a fish for every student to fillet. Salmen High School

19 With our seafood grant money, I was able to do some great things for the students. I went to the seafood department at Whole Foods and got a variety of Louisiana seafood for my level 2 students to learn about. I talked to the man working behind the counter learning about the different types I was getting. I got fresh seafood and a whole round fish to fabricate. The students participated in a hands on demonstration. I discussed where it came from, how it should look for freshness, and how to cook it. They got to try a lot of things they never had before. I know they appreciated the opportunity. We also used some of the money to purchase the Louisiana seafood we used in the competition. The students used soft shelled crabs and red fish in the dished they made. The students' took 2nd Place overall in competition this year. West Feliciana High School We would love to have opportunities like this for next year! Thank you very much to Louisiana Seafood and the ProStart program for your support.

20 John Ehret High School Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab and Avocado Sphere with Watermelon Gazpacho

21 East Iberville High School I was so grateful to have the opportunity to receive the Louisiana Seafood grant. My students operate a school- based café, The Tiger’s Paw, and we used the grant to incorporate Louisiana seafood by creating four new dishes. Here is our story. Two weeks before we opened the restaurant students were given the challenge to come up with a new Louisiana seafood dish and give it a name unlike any dish on any of the popular restaurant menus. Then recipes had to be created. We had labs so students could test the dish out on each other. We used our grant money to purchase Louisiana seafood from a reputable seafood market in Baton Rouge. From there we voted on names and recipes and came up with such recipes as: The Iberville (pan seared redfish stuffed with crabmeat dressing and topped with hollandaise sauce, Tiger Seafood Pasta (rainbow rotini noodles cooked in a white sauce with pan-seared shrimp and crawfish and topped with lump crabmeat). Seafood is very costly and home -grown seafood taste totally different from foreign imports. Unfortunately, most teachers can’t afford Louisiana seafood products. So it was such a treat to be able to purchase good Louisiana seafood products. I hope to be fortunate enough to receive this grant again


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