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BYOT – What it means and how to prepare Francis Li Softchoice Corporation.

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1 BYOT – What it means and how to prepare Francis Li Softchoice Corporation

2 Evolution of the “Social” Being Financial Scandals of 2001-2008 Gen Y Enters Workforce (76 million of them) Technology Advances Communication Irreversible Social Change




6 BYO – A Practical Overview Readiness Scorecard Stakeholder analysis Business Objective(s) Employee Survey Financial Assessment Infrastructure assessment Policy assessment Security Requirements Financial Budget / Stipend Infrastructure Requirements Legal / HR Review Policy Employee Purchase Plan Self Service Portal Monitoring Program Governance Compliance Reporting VDI Provisioning AnalysisPrepareProgram CreationManageDeployment VDI Management Cloud Provisioning Communication Plan Bundling of Warranty Data Migration Backend System Deployment Laptop Compliance

7 Prepare -Helps to understand where there might be roadblocks -Suggest ways to influence stakeholders

8 BYOC Analyze Assessment Findings Report Adoption Review current adoption process and highlight difficulties IT Assessment Service Desk TicketsVDI Assessment / Asset Check Policy Assessment Review current policiesAssign risk rating for data Financial Assessment Cost comparisonCurrent procurement strategy fit Employee Survey Customize PersonaeProgram Adoption Project Charter Scope and Boundaries Stakeholder Discussion Processes

9 Employee Survey Create an employee survey to gage adoption rate Example questions: How comfortable are you with the responsibilities of a Bring Your Own Computer? How likely are you to join the program if the cost of the laptop was…. ? Analyze findings – provides direction on what offering should look like

10 IT Assessment How many devices require a refresh? Utilize Techcheck Would VDI be a good option? Utilize VDI Assessment Determine minimum requirements

11 IT Support Assessment and Financials LaptopsIncidentsAvg. Minutes per IncidentTotal Hours Laptop.Hardware issues66152573 Laptop.Upgrade Request4431831351 Laptop.Hardware failure16443118 Laptop.Full Replacement79243320 Laptop.Re-Image36197118 Laptop.Hard disk failure176920 Laptop.Stolen Laptop4433 Operating SystemIncidentsAvg. Minutes per IncidentTotal Hours Long Login Time1748 14 Backup18161 48 Windows Update22136 50 Admin Rights3315 8 Settings Change9632 51 Lack Of Resources33146 254 Slow42351 360 Blue Screen / Error Message45248 362 Performance Issue54339 353 Total Support Incidents (6 months)3339 4001 Total Support Incidents (1 Year)6678 8002 Total Laptops users730 Support Hours/Laptop/Year 10.96 Support Cost/Laptop/Year $ 274.05 Support Cost over 3 years $ 822.16 Unit Price (T420s) = $1250 Set up & Imaging = $100 (4 hours x $25 per hour) Administration* = $50 Shipping Charges = $32.50 Total Procurement Cost: = $1432.50 Total Support Cost = $822.16 (over 3 years) Total Cost: $2254.66 * Includes internal procurement, storage, inventory tracking, shipping, and tracking. Analyze service desk tickets to determine support costs Feeds calculation for total cost of ownership for a device

12 Program Creation BYOC Policy Communication Plan FAQsImportant Dates Program Governance Owner of the programProcess flows HR / Legal Review HR requirementsMitigate liability Financial Budget / Stipend Capital Budget requirementsStipend amount defined Infrastructure Requirements Virtual Environment Storage Cloud Security Requirements Incorporate Security Policies Compliance

13 Deployment Go Live! VDI Provisioning Image VDIDeploy VDI Client Data Migration Move corporate data offReturning of corporate asset Laptop Compliance Meet recommended specsMeet policy requirements Backend System Deployment VMWare ServersCitrix

14 Industry Insights “IT [is] increasingly losing control of mobility budgets to other departments. In 2011, 53 percent of IT departments managed the mobile budget. This number dipped to 48 percent in 2012. – Mobile Iron, 2013 Mobile Enterprise Report "For CIOs, BYOD is both an opportunity to outsource cost to employees and also a call to action to implement security models and application architectures that are device-agnostic. Only in this way can you get out of the business of device provisioning and into the business of service provisioning, and that's where you can make a real difference in employee's satisfaction and productivity.“ –, February 7 th, 2013 “…54 per cent of Canadian companies (61 per cent globally) reported the majority of employees now use personal computing devices in the workplace. –, February 1 st, 2013 “BYOD is talked about a lot but I have not run into any company that has a full BYOD policy. Cost is an issue, but over time they will figure out how to reduce that premium...” Dave MacDonald, Softchoice Corporation –, February 1 st, 2013

15 Resources Citrix Softchoice VM Ware Whitepaper.pdf Info-Tech Research Group

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