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2013-2014. About Team 2 What is Team 2? The Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO) functions as a central hub, providing research administration.

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1 2013-2014

2 About Team 2 What is Team 2? The Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO) functions as a central hub, providing research administration support to all research centers, departments, and affiliated ORUs in the UC Berkeley College of Engineering. We recently joined Campus Shared Services and became Team 2, so you may hear us referred to as both names.

3 Online GSR Appointment Process GSR requests appointment using the online appointment request system One business day later the PI can review request and approves or denies Once PI Approves GSR will receive email notifying him/her if further action is needed. If you are a new hire, or have had even a 1 day break in service between appointments, you will need to come in to complete hiring paperwork Once the GSR appointment has been entered into the HCM system, all parties are noticed

4 How to Request Your Appointment Go to:

5 GSR Requests Appointment Online

6 Complete ALL Information

7 Review your Request, Agree & Submit

8 Print Your Confirmation Page and Keep For Your Records

9 CORRECTIONS/REVISIONS Corrections/Revisions can be made to GSR appointment requests. If you made an entry error in your request and need a correction/revision, and you have not received an email with your appointment information that says you have been “Hired,” you should contact ERSO HR at: If you have received a “Hired” notice and you believe there is an error, please contact ERSO HR Operations immediately.

10 Important!!! Update your email address in the CalNet Directory!! This is the email address ERSO uses for all employment and payroll communications. We may need to contact you with questions.

11 For International Students only: Complete your GLACIER record GLACIER is a secure, web based non- resident alien tax compliance system GLACIER is available 24 hours a day from any computer that has internet access GLACIER helps determine your Tax residency Withholding rates Income tax treaty eligibility

12 What does this mean? RSO: Research Support Officer – assigned to faculty to manage research funding HR: Human Resources – coordinates ALL hiring for employees who will be paid on funds managed by Team 2 (ERSO). PI: Principal Investigator: - Faculty who is awarded research funding. Faculty who you are working for- this is the Faculty whose research project you will be paid from. Faculty Adviser –Faculty Advisers are official deputies of the Dean of the Graduate Division in matters affecting graduate students in their departments. Chart string: This number identifies the project from which you are paid GLACIER: A secure on-line tax compliance software system that collects tax related information from foreign individuals receiving funds from the University of California at Berkeley. All foreign individuals receiving funds (Wages, Stipends, Scholarships, Fellowships, etc) from the University must have a GLACIER record. GLACIER determines residency status and tax treaty eligibility for the foreign individual. E-verify: Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to use E-Verify as of September 8, 2009. E-Verify compares information from your Form I-9 to data from U.S Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Of employees whose employment eligibility is checked through E-Verify, 96.9 percent are confirmed automatically as eligible to work in the United States. The University of California participates in E-Verify. Stipend: A stipend is financial support that does not require work to be performed. A stipend is usually deposited directly into your CARS account.


14 GSR Pay Rate by Academic Department Each Academic Department within the COE determines the GSR salary of their students. Step & Percentage determined by Academic department Based on progression in degree program (ie Passed Qualifying Exam, Advanced to Candidacy) Some departments restrict percentage you may work including summer (eg Physics % remains same including summer)

15 Fee Remission Hierarchy Outside Agency Awards LBNL Remissions from GSRA Appointments Fee & Tuition remissions from UCB Appointments Department awards made through Department Student Award System (DSAS) Fellowship Awards Student Loans Student Payments

16 UC Berkeley Child Care Reimbursement Program for GSRs This program is for student parents with non-school age children. To be eligible, graduate students must have at least a 25% or greater GSR appointment during the semester or summer session. The grant will reimburse up to $900 in childcare costs per semester, or up to $600 during the summer. More information can be found at: _family.shtml.

17 Frequently Asked Questions When will my fees be paid? Fees are usually paid within 10 business days of your appointment being processed. If your fees have not been paid after 10 business days contact as there may be an issue with your appointment. What is Filing Fee? Filing fee is a reduced fee for graduate students who are advanced to candidacy, are eligible to register, and who have completed all requirements for the degree except for filing the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, or taking the final exam. You are not eligible for a GSR appointment or any fee remission when you are on filing fee. I submitted my GSR request, why can’t my PI see it? There is a 1 full business day delay meaning that if you submit your request Friday, he or she wont be able to see and approve your request until Tuesday. When can I come in to be hired? Please come to 199M Cory Hall for one of our mass hirings listed in the handout. If you are not able to attend a mass hiring session please come to our office M-F, 8:30 am - 11:30 am to complete your GSR paperwork. Please bring documents to complete your I-9 with you. Most commonly used documents are either your passport, or your drivers license and social security card. If you are on a visa you should also bring your work authorization, which is usually an I-20 for students. Ask for Vicky or Jennifer when you come in.

18 Frequently Asked Questions Why is there a $172 fee still on my CARS account? New students must pay the Document Management Fee which is $172. This will not be paid by your GSR appointment, but only needs to be paid once. What happens if I end my GSR appointment before the end of the semester? Talk to HR before making the decision to end your GSR appointment because it will have ramifications with your fee remission. You must hold your GSR appointment for the full semester in order to be eligible for fee remission, this includes if you graduate early. What is the GSR/GSI combo? The goal of the EECS Department is to equalize the amount of funding doctoral students receive over the course of their doctoral study. Because the GSI salary is slightly lower than the GSR salary and departmental fellowship stipend, the department will supplement GSIs. If you are on a visa this will be processed as a stipend through DSAS as you are not allowed to work over 50% time during the school year. If you are not on a visa you should request a GSR appointment the semester you are a GSI for a small percentage (about 6%-8%)


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