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A member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, Bemidji State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator.

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1 A member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, Bemidji State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator.

2 Internationalization Update Martin Tadlock November 2014 PROVOST/VPAA

3 MAP actions In the spring of 2013, the commitment to further internationalize BSU began via the following : Financial resources were allocated to support international recruiting, create new partnerships with international universities, and to fund new programs and opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. An International Council was created, including faculty and staff from across campus. An international recruiter was hired to focus on the western hemisphere and Europe, enhance web based recruitment efforts, and recruit in the U.S. at transfer fairs.

4 MAP actions A faculty member was appointed as Director of International Relations to revamp Eurospring, the visiting professor program, the international studies major, and to secure additional partnerships, articulations, and semester abroad opportunities for students. CIBT, a private educational group, became an active partner to grow connections in Asia with plans to expand into other areas later.

5 Actions taken to insure that internationalization becomes cost neutral so that travel costs, recruitment, partnership developments, and cost of new agreements etc. are self-sustaining.

6 Preparation course for students going abroad $32,246 total in revenue produced to date to offset the cost of international travel. o Revenue generated by Sanjeev Phukan teaching ARR classes for International Studies on a no-cost basis over the past two semesters; spring 2015 will generate another $10K as well.

7 Visiting Scholars Program $78,000 income from visiting scholars program. The above includes spring 2015. Net to date is approximately $40,000 after the following: o Faculty mentors are paid a stipend; o A staff member who assists with the program has been paid a stipend; o Everyone who puts together a Friday workshop for visiting professors receives an honorarium; o Empty apartments at Cedar have been occupied and paid for by visiting professors. o The North Star Scholars Program and creation of the NTC visiting professors program will help guarantee that housing at University Heights is full.

8 Visiting Scholars Program $40,000 savings/year by eliminating the visiting professor program with Liaoning University.

9 Education abroad Number of BSU students going abroad: o 2011-12: 59 o 2012-13: 57 o 2013-14:91 A savings of $3K per student for participating in Eurospring was realized in the spring of 2014. Additional savings to students will occur in spring of 2015 for this program through further revisions. With 28 students participating, this is a $84K reduction in costs.

10 Semester abroad We have the following semester abroad locations available for students where they may spend a semester studying and/or working at less cost than remaining at BSU for that same semester or for less than $1,000 above the cost of the semester at BSU, including air fare, visa, insurance, and related misc. costs: Weifang China (study and work); BYPC University, Beijing; Wuhan University, Wuhan, China; Liaoning University, Shenyang, China; HELP University, Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia; Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. BSU was recognized by the MnSCU system for the creation of affordable semester abroad opportunities for students with an award of excellence in the summer of 2014.

11 English Language Center Due to the partnership created with Winona State University, who has a SEVIS approved and nationally accredited ELC, we now have a joint BSU/WSU center on our campus. It starts slowly, but will build quickly as we are discovered by international students. For example, we could NOT join the AASCU 1-2-1 consortium until we had the ELC on campus and open. We are now eligible to receive students through that consortium. We can also have the visiting professor program and non-credit J visa programs as professors and students in those programs may need English instruction which we can now provide. We expect that the ELC will result in 30-50 additional international students studying at BSU within the next three years.

12 New Programs for NTC Visiting professors from Chinese Technical Colleges will come and stay for up to 6 months at BSU/NTC. The cost to them will be $12K-$16K each. We anticipate 6 next fall to start, going to about 12. This will start in the fall of 2015. We will begin a non-credit/audit J1 visa opportunity for international students at NTC/BSU. They will be full fee paying, residential students who come for one semester or a year. This may start in the fall of 2015.

13 International Student Enrollment Fall Semester 2012-13124 2013-1489 2014-1588 + 21 in spring known at this point in time 2015-16170 is reasonable to expect due to the below reasons On average, it takes 3 years of consistent recruitment in one area before students begin applying and enrolling at an institution. This is widely known in the international recruitment world and was discussed at NAFSA.

14 International Student Enrollment In January, 5 more students are coming to the ELC. We just joined the Brazilian consortium to receive Brazilian studies who are supported by their government. UM Crookston, for example, has 30 currently on their campus through that consortium. We are joining the Saudi consortium with Winona State due to the ELC being on our campus and expect to receive Saudi students as early as fall of 2015. For example, Minot State has approximately 40 Saudi students a year in their ELC.

15 International Student Enrollment We expect about 20 Chinese students from our efforts next fall beyond current numbers. Some will be in the ELC. Some will be exchange. Some will be transfer. Some will be regular admits. That is based on experience and history. We had two Chinese students at BSU last year; 12 this year along with the 6 visiting professors from China we will have with us this year. We had two on campus last year. We expect about 20 Nepalese students and 20 Malaysian students beyond current levels due to the BUAD program with HELP, Sanjeev recruiting in Nepal with ABC Agency and re-establishing relationships there, and because of the re-established relationship with HELP University in Malaysia and new connections with Taylors and SEGI universities in Kuala Lumpur.

16 International Student Enrollment We expect about 20 additional students from varied locations due to Amna's efforts. We expect the ELC numbers to continue to climb, hitting 30-50 students a year within the next 3 years.

17 Opportunities for Faculty/Staff We set aside $25K in 2012-2013 for faculty to apply for CIEE sponsored international travel/study that would lead to faculty engaging in the internationalization effort to bring students to BSU, work with new partnerships, and enhance revenue. I am eliminating the fund. Funds will be moved into additional international initiatives such as creation of international marketing materials we desperately need. Faculty can serve as a site coordinator for one of the semester abroad locations and go there with students if they organize and coordinate the site. We have multiple opportunities through CIBT…see next section.

18 CIBT In-Kind Contributions to BSU’s Efforts $8K Chris Brown and Marsha Driscoll lived and worked in Weifang China in the summer of 2014, all expenses plus a stipend provided by CIBT. $8K Chris Brown will return to Weifang February – July 2014. His expenses will be covered by CIBT. We will provide 3 credits of release for him to recruit for BSU while there. $4K Janice Haworth will go to Weifang for a two- four week band summer camp in 2015 summer. Expenses covered by CIBT. $10K CIBT subsidized the BSU electronic woodwinds group to travel to Weifang and Beijing China for a month.

19 CIBT In-Kind Contributions to BSU’s Efforts $24K CIBT has funded the Beijing Expo recruiting booth for the past three years, covering the costs of marketing materials for BSU, staffing of the booth, and the booth rental fee. $10K CIBT paid for 6 middle school students and a teacher to come to BSU for a two week long summer camp. $10K CIBT subsidizes Weifang University Student Ambassadors coming to BSU for a month. 10 total over the past two years. $28K Two nursing professors are being sought to teach two week short courses at Chinese partner universities each semester. Expenses paid and they may bring spouse/partner and just pay their airfare. Two NTC professors in automotive are being sought to teach two week short courses at two Chinese Technical college locations each semester. All expenses paid, and they may bring spouse/partner and just pay their airfare. CIBT connections resulted in these opportunities.

20 CIBT In-Kind Contributions to BSU’s Efforts $12K per semester per faculty member. BSU faculty may spend a sabbatical teaching in China at any of our partner locations. Their expenses are covered plus they receive a monthly stipend. CIBT connections resulted in these opportunities. $12K per semester per student. We have 6 BSU students working and studying in Weifang right now and had 6 last academic year in Weifang studying and working. They are all covered by CIBT, including housing, air, insurance, visa, and are paid a stipend for their work. The students are our best recruiters.

21 Budget Budget related to international initiatives StaffingFY 13FY 14FY 15 Director of International Relations($26,600)($26,500)($53,000) International Recruiter($34,921)($39,221) International Program Center Director($63,115)($64,253)($68,110) International Program Center Support($31,943)($35,741)($37,759) 216090 International Recruiting($4,500)($11,500)($2,000) 211005 International Initiatives($101,384)($77,409)($50,000) ELC costs$0 ($675) 210112 Visiting Scholars$0 $70,000 Hosting visiting scholars($60,000) CIBT funding for faculty, recruitment$18,000 Tuition from arranged pre-trip course$22,246



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