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“Skilling Pakistan” National Skill Strategy Sajid Manzoor MED 09030 National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo July 23, 2010.

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1 “Skilling Pakistan” National Skill Strategy Sajid Manzoor MED 09030 National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo July 23, 2010

2 Background: Why technical & Vocational Trainees are not getting Jobs? Why Industrialists are outsourcing to CHINA? Why Overseas Pakistani workers are being replaced and Remittances are decreasing? Population Explosion The ONE answer was “SKILLS” 2

3 Prime Minister’s Vision Human Resource Development & employment generation are at the centre of the development policy. WTO & Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities Increase in export of skilled manpower Medium-term Development Framework (MTDF): 2005-10 to train 1.0 million per annum by 2010 Government policy of Technical Education & Vocational Training (TEVT) for employability 2

4 Economic Challenges High unemployment rate: 5.3% High population growth: 1.8%  92.5 million below 25 years (Atomic Bomb) Large informal sector Expanding services sector (esp. Telecom) Low comparative remittances Low Comparative Human Capital Indicators Expanding Foreign Investment in Industrial Sector Unskilled and informally skilled workforce Lack of access for the marginalized Less Focus on TVET 3

5 General Education Vs. TVE Enrollment Source: AEPAM 2005 and NAVTEC Survey 2006-07

6 Sectoral Enrollment Source: NAVTEC Survey 2006-07

7 TVE Enrollment Source: NAVTEC Survey 2006-07

8 Technical and Vocational Institutions Province/Region Institutes (Nos.) GovernmentRegistered Private Total MaleFemaleCo-ed.MaleFemaleCo-ed. AJK177-17- 32 Balochistan32472174 132 FATA841--- 13 Islamabad239-22 18 Northern Areas-121-101 24 NWFP59437855- 199 Punjab238231139921786 803 Sindh113105413318 301 Total 469452219218461181,522 11403821,522 Source: NAVTEC Survey 2006-07

9 Province/Region GovernmentRegistered Private Total Punjab164,03044,884 208,914 Sindh34,0801,745 35,825 NWFP34,7388,610 43,348 Balochistan6,526242 6,768 AJK10,784- 10,748 Northern Areas4,126279 4,405 FATA1,599- Islamabad2,076469 2,545 Grand Total257,95956,229314,188 TVET Enrollment by Province Source: NAVTEC Survey 2006-07

10 Situation Analysis : Supply-oriented not demand-driven Outdated skills standards Defective National Qualifications Framework Ineffective industry-training linkages Inadequate labour market information Weak participation of private sector Lack of training for enterpreneurs Shortage of Financial resources 9

11 NAVTEC NAVTEC established on December 30, 2005 followed by Presidential Ordinance No. XXXIV of 2006 Apex body  to provide policy direction  to regulate  to coordinate  Autonomous organization Demand-driven strategy 10 Paradigm Shift: TEVT for Employability

12 Mandate National policies Laws and regulations Certification, accreditation, skill standards & curricula Instructor training (ToT) Performance evaluation system National and international linkages Labour Market Information System (LMIS) National Qualification Framework (NQF) Centres of Excellence (CoEs) Creation of Funds 11

13 NAVTEC Organization Prime Minister Chairman Board of Directors Executive Director DG(Planning) DG(ISC&A) DG(M&E) DG(A&F) ToT, National & International Linkages, Centre of Excellence, coordination with TEVTAs Skill Standards, Certification, Curriculum Development, National Qualification Framework M&E Mechanism, LMIS, Networking of TVET Creation of Funds 12

14 Strategic GoalsAction Plans Relevance Sector Skills Councils Competency Based Training Enhanced role of private sector in training Reform of the Apprenticeship System Centers of Excellence Training for employed workers Quality National Qualifications Framework Quality Training Framework Research & Development Access, Equity & Employability Skills for women Training for Disadvantaged Regions and Sectors Integration of Informal Economy of Workers Flexible Training Delivery Expanded geographical provision Mobility of Skilled Workers Career Guidance & Placement Vocational Education in Schools NAVTEC Interventions

15 Development of National Skills Strategy: 2008-09 – 2012-13 13 Strategy Development and Implementation National Skills Strategy: Mandate Accreditation and Certification Uniform National Accreditation System MoU with Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC), Philippines in 2007  08 applications forwarded to APACC

16 Contd…. Skills Standards and Curriculum Development Selection of 08 priority sectors Industry Advisory Groups for 03 sectors  Hospitality and tourism  Construction  Dairy and livestock Cooperation with International Bodies  Centers of Excellence (CoEs)- JICA 14

17 Review of Apprenticeship Ordinance and System Working Group constituted  NAVTEC  Ministry of Labour  Ministry of Industries  Chambers of Commerce  Apprentices  Skills Development Councils Seminar of stakeholders held on June 5, 2008 Monitoring and Evaluation  Survey instruments developed, pre-tested and in operation through RDs.  Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation software  Training of RDs on software in progress 15 Contd….

18 Policy Initiatives Facilitation of establishment of Provincial TEVTAs Institutional linkages with industry  Sector Skills Councils Framework for Public-Private Partnership (BoD) Teachers’ Qualification Framework A National Level Survey of TVET Institutes Online Management Information System Creation of Funds 16

19 Prime Minister’s Special Initiative Special focus on marginalized segments of society, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Balochistan  Short courses  Free of cost  Stipend to trainees  Toolkit  Trainers’ fees  Consumables  Accommodation and transport  Employability skills  Placement support  Small Grants Facility 17

20 Issues: Overlapping activities with NTB, SDCs and TUSDEC Education is a provincial subject. NAVTEC Act still under debate in the Parliament. Non Provision of Funds Posting of Bureaucrats in NAVTEC Project based approval instead of Bloc allocation 18

21 Thank You

22 NAVTEC Board of Directors (High Powered) Designation and Organization Public Sector Chairman, NAVTEC Executive Director, NAVTEC, Member/Secretary Secretary, M/o of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis Secretary, M/o of Finance Secretary, M/o industries, Production and Special Initiatives Secretary, M/o Education Chairman, TEVTA, Punjab Chairman, S-TEVTA Chairman, B-TEVTA Chairman, Export Processing Zones Authority Secretary, Department of Industries, Government of NWFP Private Sector 8 eminent industrial experts from Private sector including industrialists

23 Budgetary Provision/Expenditure Year Budget Allocation (Rs. million) Expenditure Incurred/Committed (Rs. million) Non-DevelopmentDevelopmentNon-DevelopmentDevelopment 2006-076050059125 2007-08106 510 (2500) a 106 510 2008-09203.5 2000 b 14.737150.4 a. Announced in budget speech 2007-08 b. Budget demanded for the year 2008-09 = Rs. 8456.781m (Finance Division released 150.4 million for development budget for the 1 st Quarter 2008-09 9

24 Prime Minister’s Special Initiative 08 Priority Sectors 1. Hospitality 2. Construction 3. Dairy and livestock 4. IT and Telecommunications 5. Light Engineering 6. Services 7. Paramedics 8. Agriculture Future Sectors 1. Oil & gas 2. Textiles 3. Childcare 4. Traditional trades (cottage crafts etc.) 5. Auto industry 6. Transport sector 7. Chemical & Pharmaceutical 8. Financial services 15

25 Cooperation with International Development Partners International Labour Organisation (ILO) British Council: Institutional Partnerships 1. GCT, Rasul – Newcastle College: Construction 2. GCT, Nowshera – Awaiting UK Partner 3. GCT, Multan – City College Brighton & Hove: Engineering 4. University of Hazara – Bradford College: Hospitality 5. TDCP (Punjab) – Bradford College: Hospitality 6. GPI Women, Karimabad, Karachi – Bradford College: Textile 7. Pakistan Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management, Karachi – Landrillo College: Hospitality Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA): Centre of Excellence 8. GCT Railway Road, Lahore: Engineering (Automotives) UNESCO: Traditional Trades (Cottage Crafts etc.) Asia-Pacific Accreditation & Certification Commission (APACC), Manila Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada NAVTEC: UNEVOC Centre, First ever centre in Pakistan

26 Industry Advisory Group (Sector Skill Councils) Construction Public sector training providers 1. National Institute for Science & Technical Education, Islamabad 2. GCT, Rasul 3. Construction Technology Training Institute, Islamabad 4. National Training Bureau, Islamabad 5. Provincial TEVT’s / DMT’s (NWFP, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK) NGO 1. UN Habitat Private sector Employers 1. Saad Ullah Khan & Brothers (SKB) 2. Halcrow International (Pvt.) Limited 3. DESCON Training Institute 4. Centaurus Private Limited  Public sector National Employers (SME & Large Firms) 1. Pakistan Public Works and Development Department (Pak-PWD) 2. Capital Development Authority (CDA) 3. National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) 4. Frontier Works Organization (FWO) 5. National Highway Authority (NHA) 6. Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA)

27 Industry Advisory Group (Sector Skill Councils) Dairy and Livestock Public sector training providers 1. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore 2. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 3. University of Agriculture, Peshawar Private Sector Organizations 1. Livestock Breeders Association, Jhang 2. NESTLE Pakistan 3. Shakkar Ganj Foods Limited 4. Haleeb Pakistan Limited 5. Olper Milk 6. Pakistan Dairy Association Public Sector Organizations 1. Pakistan Dairy Development Company, Lahore 2. Livestock & Dairy Development, Govt. of Punjab, Lahore 3. Livestock & Dairy Development, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi 4. Livestock & Dairy Development, Govt. of NWFP, Peshawar 5. Livestock & Dairy Development, Govt. of Balochistan, Quetta

28 Industry Advisory Group (Sector Skill Councils) Hospitality Public sector training providers 1. Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ministry of Tourism. 2. Pakistan Austrian Institute for Tourism and Hotel Management (PAITHOM), Swat 3. Chef Association of Pakistan 4. Aga Khan Foundation, Islamabad Private Sector Organizations 1. Islamabad Serena Hotel 2. Café Lazeez, Islamabad 3. Serena Hotel, Quetta 4. Margalla Hotel, Islamabad 5. Marriott Hotel, Islamabad 6. Holiday Hotel, Islamabad 7. Avari Towers, Karachi Public Sector Organizations 1. Ministry of Tourism, Islamabad Academia 1. Karakoram International University, Gilgit 2. Hazara University, Mansehra 3. College of Home Economics, Lahore

29 Teachers’ Qualification Framework National Qualifications System for Teachers  Teacher should be qualified at least one level above he/she is teaching  Continuous professional development  Financial incentives  Staffing structures  Shared with all Provincial TEVTAs for implementation

30 Online Management Information System To generate up-to-date information about  Institution Management Departments, Disciplines, Courses, Student Batches  Teachers Detailed Profile, Lectures Delivered  Students Registration, Lesson Plans, Daily Attendance, Exams, Results  Barcode printed certificates  Stipend Management  Employed/Unemployed Student Management Establishing linkages among NAVTEC Regional Directorates, Institutions and NAVTEC HQ through online/offline mechanism

31 Hospitality = 10 Chef Floor Man Floor Supervisor Food Production (Cooking) Food Service (Waiter) Front Desk Assistant (Receptionist) Home Baking & Fruit/Veg. Preservation House Keeping Baking Room Attendant Skills for Women = 17 Beautician Hair & Skin Crochet & Knitting Cutting & Sewing Dress Designing/Dress Making Fancy Leather Work Accounts Assistant Hand & Machine Embroidery Hand & Machine Knitting Hand Knitting Handicraft & Interior Decorates Handicrafts Balochi Leather Embroidery Machine Knitting Stitching Machine Operator (Knitwear) Tailoring & Dress Making Tailoring (Dress Making) IT & Information Technology = 44 3D Studio Max and Composing & Offset Printing CAD (Computer Aided Design) Call Centre Agents Ceramics Designing Certificate in Graphic design Communication & Media Skills Computer Aided Landscaping Design Soho Network VB Net Linux Sun Solaris MCSE MCSD Net Telecom Diploma CCMP CCSP CCVP Networking Technician Optical Fiber System and Cable Jointing Oracle Basics CCNA PCB Design & Fabrication (PCAD/ORCAD) Web Page Designing Wireless & Mobile Phone Repair Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Wool Technology Network Administration Computer and Data Entry operator Computer Hardware Computer Information/IT Computer Operator Drafting and Interior Designing Draughtsman (Architecture) Draughtsman (Building Services) Draughtsman (Civil) Draughtsman (Electrical) Draughtsman (Mechanical) Outside Plant and Cable Jointing (OSP) Hardware Technician Interior & Spatial Design IT & Web Page Designing Mobile Phone Repair Modeling & Graphic Design Movie Making and Still photography

32 Agriculture (Dairy & Livestock) = 30 Animal Nutrition Management Mali Class Course Artificial Insemination & Management of Dairy Animals Landscape Gardening Kitchen Gardening Preservation of Food & Vegetables Drying, Dehydration of Foods & Vege. Preparation of Juices & Carbonated Beverages Preparation & Packaging of agriculture produce Preparation & Packaging of Bakery Products Product Preparation from Mango Pickle & Ketchup preparation & Packaging New Food Product Development Concept Reducing Post Harvest Losses Canning of Food & Vegetables Production of Guava Nector & Packaging Bee Keeping & Sericulture C. T Agriculture Dairy Herd Management Horticulture Meat Production & Processing Mushroom Cultivation Ornamental Fish & Aquarium Mangt. Poultry Disease Protection Poultry Farm Management Tractor Operator Wild Life Management Farm Machinery Mechanic Fisheries & Aquarium Management Services and Others = 15 Chauffer Security Guard Haulage Driver LTV Driver Office Automation & Management Office Automation (Advance Course) Photography Assistant Secretarial/Maintenance Technician Procurement and Inventory Management Driver Shorthand / Typing Accounting Technician Domestic Tailoring Fashion Designer Painting, Art & Craft Construction = 21 AutoCAD Basic Plant Operator Brick Layer/Mason Electrician Painter Carpenter Civil Draughtsman Civil Surveyor Construction Machinery Operator Const. Machinery Plan. & Supervision Construction Material Lab. Technician Mason Mason & Shuttering Plumber Quantity Surveyor Scaffolding Shuttering Carpenter Steel Construction Worker/Machinist Steel Fixer Steel Fixer and scaffolding Surveyor

33 Paramedic = 22 Auxiliary Person in Accidents and Emergency OPD Auxiliary Person in Burn Center Auxiliary Person in Community Health Auxiliary Person in Gynae and Obstratics Auxiliary Person in OPD Auxiliary Person in Operation Theatre Auxiliary Person in Ophthalmology Auxiliary Person in Pediatrics Beauty Therapy BLS/ACLS/First Aid Clinical Assistant Clinical Biochemistry Community Pharmacy Assistant Disaster Manager ECG/EET/ECHO./EEG Electro Equipment Manager EPI/PHC Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Technician Medical Technical Assistant USG/CT/MRI Ward Master Light Engineering = 57 Auto Electrician Auto Mechanic Basic Mechanic-III Boat Engine repair CAD/CAM & CNC Programming CNC Machine Operator O.H Crane Operator Denting & Painting Mine Machinery Fitter Diesel Engine Mechanic Electronics Electronics (Advance Course) Fitter Gas Cutter Generator Repair Household Appliance Basic Industrial Sewing Advance Industrial Sewing Quality Control & Assurance Middle Management Training for Apparel Sector Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance (Advance Course) Home Appliances Assembly Technician Molding (Foundry) Industrial Chemistry Assistant Industrial Electronics Material Lab Technician Industrial Food Technology Koalas Leather Garments Machinist Maintenance Tech (Mechanical) Mechanic-II Chassis Mechanic-II Engine Mill Wright Mine Electrician Mine surveyor (Advance Course) Motor Cycle Mechanic Auto Mechanic USG/CT/MRI Ward Master Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Technician Motor Winding PLC Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Radio & Television Repair Sheet Metal Ship Electrician Turner/Machinist Painter TV servicing Welding Carpet Weaving Drilling & Blasting Fabric Printing Garment Designing Garment Technician Textile Designing Assistant Weaving Machine Operatorxiliary Person in Accidents and Emergency OPD Auxiliary Person in Burn Center Auxiliary Person in Community Health Auxiliary Person in Gynae and Obstratics Auxiliary Person in OPD Auxiliary Person in Operation Theatre Auxiliary Person in Ophthalmology Auxiliary Person in Pediatrics Beauty Therapy BLS/ACLS/First Aid Clinical Assistant Clinical Biochemistry Community Pharmacy Assistant Disaster Manager ECG/EET/ECHO./EEG Electro Equipment Manager EPI/PHC Medical Technical Assistant Mine Sardar

34 Small Grants Programme Partner institutions Grants up to Rs. 500,000 (Applications to be approved by BOD)  Capacity Building Hiring master trainers Attending training courses  Infrastructure Equipment Training materials

35 Creation of Funds a. Funds for establishment of scholarship and stipends (students, training of teachers). b. Endowment fund for technical educational and vocational training (government and non-governmental resources). c. Fund for infrastructure development and training of faculty. d. Establishment of National Vocational and Technical University (NAVTU). e. “ A revolving fund for rehabilitation of Vocational Training Institute’s pass-outs for establishing their own business”.


37 Top 15 remittance recipient countries in 2006. Source: World Bank

38 Atlas Honda -one of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world Largest Tractor Manufacturer in the world (Messey, FIAT, FORD) 9 th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Suzuki Pakistan decided to make Pakistan its manufacturing, export hub, Hyundai Korean giant By 2010 half million cars export to Suzuki and Hyundai General Electric Hewlett-Packard IBM Dell

39 Pakistani Overseas Work force Middle East- 1.7 million United State- 1.5 million UK and Ireland- 2.0 million Canada- 0.5 million Western Europe- 1 million Australia/Newzealand- 0.5 million

40 . Project NAVTEC BoD/ Chairman National Assembly Cabinet M/o Finance Planning Commission BoD/ Chairman NAVTEC Project Bloc Allocation

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