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Pharmacy Practice Residency Janet Silvester Operations Committee June 13, 2006.

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1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Janet Silvester Operations Committee June 13, 2006

2 Pharmacist Education Significant changes over last decade Similar to medical school Entry level doctorate 4 years of didactic and clinical training 2 years of pre-pharmacy requisites Option of residency training Pharmacy practice Specialty

3 Pharmacy Practice Residency One-year program for pharmacists to gain clinical experience in a progressive practice setting Similar to a medicine intern or the first year of physician training after medical school Accredited through the American Society Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

4 Accreditation Requires a site visit and inspection for reaccreditation every six years Site visits usually include a comprehensive overview of the site, training facilities, pharmacy services and personnel Required for Medicare pass-through funds

5 Value of Residency Program Residents play an integral part in the department’s patient care activities Contribute to quality of patient care Staff shifts as pharmacists Unlike medical residents they decrease costs associated with providing care Staff development Program development thru residency projects Recruitment opportunity

6 Clinical Support Pharmacy residents have extensive clinical didactic training, never less than 6 years of training and more often 7 to 8 years. Residents required to make numerous presentations regarding clinical pharmacy issues and drug research, nationally and locally providing the hospital with significant exposure to a broad audience

7 Project Activity Regulatory compliance initiatives Medication reconciliation Patient safety initiatives Improved core measures compliance Cost reduction initiatives Antibiotic selection and utilization Antiemetic standardization Formulary adherence initiatives Operational and clinical benchmarking projects

8 Financials 108 ASHP accredited pharmacy programs receiving Medicare GME pass-through funds funds from Medicare pay for resident salaries, preceptor salaries and other costs related to the residency program A “normal” week would consist of 55 to 60 hours, a majority of which would be providing services directly to MJH

9 Financials residents receive a set stipend based on a 40-hour work week - the hours provided in excess of 40 would be provided in exchange for their learning experience

10 Funding Total Direct Education Costs215,545 Medicare Reimbursement (estimated)(140,820) Staffing Contribution by residents (8 hours per week each)(45,793) Teaching and Administrative time (salary dollars exist today)(113,865) Net Costs Associated with Pharmacy Practice Residency Program(84,933)

11 Request Recruit two pharmacy practice residents at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. Recruitment would include participation in the residency showcase. The residency would begin in July of 2007. Begin the process of applying for accreditation of the pharmacy practice residency program with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Medicare reimbursement will be dependent upon being accredited through ASHP. Application for accreditation would be initiated as soon as a resident is enrolled in the program.

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