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3 WHAT IS THE SAME IN TITLE II & TITLE III BUDGETS? Most of the guidelines in the Title I, Part A School- Wide Programs & Budget Information is the same for Title I and Title III. These include: T III inclusion in your SIP. Budget guidelines. Deadlines for budget submission and purchasing. General purchasing information. Stipend pay and submission of required forms and paperwork.


5 TITLE I AND TITLE III Title I funds are awarded to schools based on the number of students receiving free and reduced lunch. Title I funds can be used for LEP students. Title III funds are awarded to schools based on the number of LEP students. Title III funds can only be used to help ELLs increase English acquisition and academic performance.

6 TITLE III OBJECTIVES To help LEP students, including immigrant students attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic performance and meet the same challenging state content and achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.

7 TITLE III The Cupcake with the Cherry on the Top

8 WHAT IS SUPPLANTING? If a item, or service can be purchased for students with general funds, school funds, Title I funds, or from any other funding source, you can not use Title III funds. Title III funds are used to supplement-“the cherry on the top.” This may include tutoring, materials, technology only purchased for ELLs. Textbooks, large amounts of copy paper, school supplies or anything that is “ part of the cake” is not allowable from Title III.

9 SUPPLANTING? I am holding 2 Parent meetings at the beginning of the school year, one in English and one in Spanish. Can I use Title III funds for the mail invitations and hand outs in Spanish, and to pay for an interpreter? I am buying Promethean boards for my new teachers’ classrooms with Title I funds. Can I buy a Promethean Board for my ESL teacher with Title III funds? Can I buy Spanish books for PBS rewards for my ESL students with Title III funds? Can I pay teachers/paras who tutor ELLs with Title III funds?

10 IMPORTANT BUDGET CODING Title III Fund Number 103-2015 Budget Codes-For Title I –you use 5-1510-132 to pay “Extended hours for Teachers” to pay a teacher for extended hours for tutoring. For Title III you use 5-1520-132. All Title I Codes with 10 become 20 in Title III. EIC Codes-Title I EIC Codes end with SB, for Title III EIC codes end with CFA

11 PURCHASE JUSTIFICATIONS Students will receive after school tutoring to in English and math on Mondays and Weds. In addition, ELLs will receive after school tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday to increase their academic English language skills. Computers will be purchased for the ESL classroom to allow ELLs the opportunity to access websites to learn English.

12 IMPORTANT DATES FOR SUBMISSION, APPROVAL AND PURCHASING FOR TITLE III July 28-July 31 -Title III and Title I technical assistance meetings (Schedule in AVATAR for Title I) August 15- Title III budgets are due. December 5-95% of Title III funds should be encumbered in Business Plus (BP). January 20-February 13 Budget revisions due. March 31, 2015 100% of Title III funds should be encumbered in BP.

13 HOW DO I GET MY TITLE III BUDGET APPROVED? Highlight the Action Items in your SIP that are purchased with Title III funds in yellow. That makes it easier for us to find Title III and approve. Put the Action Item and page number from your SIP in your budget. Put the Focus Area and EIC Code ending in CF on your Budget. Make sure you are not supplanting, and all purchases increase ELLs academic achievement.

14 WORKFLOW Principal submits Title III budgets and highlighted SIP to your NED, Karina Castillo and Karen Abell. On approval, Karen forwards SIP and Title III budget to Gwen Kerner. Gwen puts budget in Business Plus and notifies principal that purchasing may begin. Purchases in IFAS are approved by Gwen Kerner, Maria Marroquin, Karen Abell, the technology department if it is technology and Joe Deckelman.



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