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TEC Meeting May 6, 2013 1:00PM to 3:00PM Exhibition Lounge, Corey Union.

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1 TEC Meeting May 6, 2013 1:00PM to 3:00PM Exhibition Lounge, Corey Union

2 Agenda 1.Welcome (A. Lachance). 2.DASA Update (M. Barduhn) 3.C-TEN Activities (M. Barduhn) 4.edTPA Issues and Updates (A. Lachance, C. Widdall, D. Farnsworth) 5.TECRC: Updates and Next Steps (S. Wilson) 6.TEC Bylaws Committee: Updates and Next Steps (J. Cottone) 7.Unit Wide Data Collection (A. Lachance, D. Farnsworth, C. Widdall) 8.Mid-Cycle SPA Reports (D. Farnsworth) 9.Announcements, etc.

3 Update on the New DASA Requirements 1) understanding the Dignity Act; 2) understanding how school climate and culture impact student achievement & behavior; 3) understanding bullying, harassment & discrimination (early earning signs, prevention and intervention) and how to interact with families of victims & aggressors; 4) understanding diversity & multicultural environments and examining personal biases; 5) developing sensitivity to the experience of specific student populations.

4 DASA Timeline Amendment of Part 52 and 80 of NYSED regs and curriculum approval to occur at June Board of Regents meeting. Implementation: 07/01/13 May and August graduates should apply and pay for certification by 07/01/13; they will need DASA training when applying for additional certificates after that date.

5 DASA Workshops 6 clock hours (3 of which must be face to face) Short-term: Summer workshops being planned here at SUNY Cortland & BOCES maybe. No approved commercial providers yet. Long-term: Develop 3 hour online course/workshop and have 3 hour workshops ongoing, like CARR and SAVE. Embedded within designated courses.

6 Update on C-TEN Initiative Four spring workshops completed with action plans. EdTPA, Data-driven instruction, Clinically rich experiences and Common Core $40,000 coming to each campus for professional development of faculty by 9/1/14. Should include community college partners. $250K competitive grant within Central New York Region to establish Regional Centers of Pedagogy targeting best practices.

7 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Approximately 26 student teachers from seven programs (Childhood, Early Childhood, PE, Adolescent English, Science, Math and Modern Languages) participated in edTPA field test with 15 from Health doing an internal pilot. All submitted on time and with support. Discussion of “lessons learned” planned for Monday, May 13, 4:30 – 6 pm in Jacobus. Ad Hoc edTPA Advisory Committee has been meeting weekly to discuss issues related to implementation of edTPA. Plan is to propose unit-wide policies for edTPA implementation to TEC in the Fall.

8 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Unit wide issues/decisions: Supervisor training: Adjunct supervisors will be paid a $250 stipend to get edTPA training this summer. Multiple sessions will be available While expectations of how much supervisors will review edTPA may vary by department, all supervisors need to have familiarity with edTPA and Taskstream for purposes of supporting student teachers and host teachers through the process.

9 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Unit wide issues/decisions: Technological Support: Short term: Technology training will be provided to students and faculty on an as needed basis. Ideal delivery method is in methods courses or seminars. Long term: Integration of technology competencies in curriculum.

10 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Unit wide issues/decisions: Retake Policy: How will students be supported to retake edTPA? Possible solution: edTPA Internship Student makes proposal to department with areas needing to be addressed, proposed length of time/credit hours, suggested host teachers. Department approves proposal; FESP makes placement; student pays for credit hours. Issues to be determined: How many retakes allowed? Stipends for host teachers/faculty involved in retake? Other ideas?

11 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Unit wide issues/decisions: Video taping procedures/permissions How much videotaping should be happening in schools prior to student teaching? Appropriate handling of videos of children and confidential info. Implications for Field Placements: Communication with the Field

12 edTPA Issues, Challenges, Roadblocks Departmental Decisions: Role of Supervisor in administering edTPA Requirement of submission of edTPA to Pearson: The Unit will not be requiring this. Curriculum/Catalog changes related to edTPA. Role of edTPA in SPA reports.

13 TECRC Committee Update & Next Steps Susan Wilson

14 TEC-RC Follow-up Put together a policies and procedures manual that outlines the current practices of TEC-RC Adjust meeting schedule to reflect admissions calendar Develop a training for Coordinators and set up times for training (s) Develop brochure for students and marketing campaign Fully develop new policy changes for TEC members to vote on (June 1)

15 New Policy Require teacher candidates to disclose a charge of Driving while intoxicated (DWI, DWAI), a crime against a child or physical assault within five business days to Associate Dean (Change) Require student teachers to disclose any charge of an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct, Academic Integrity Policy, and/or any arrest to their Associate Dean within five (5) business days.

16 New Policy After application and acceptance to the program, require disclosure within five (5) business days of any violations of the Code of Student Conduct, Academic Integrity Policy and /or convictions of local, state or federal laws. Failure to disclose within five business days may result in removal from or delay of fieldwork, removal from or delay of student teaching.

17 TEC BYLAWS- Update from John Cottone and members of the committee and NEXT STEPS

18 Unit-Wide Assessments and Reporting of Data REVIEW: Banner-based Rubrics: Summary data should be entered by mid-June for Spring 2013 TEC Chairs and Co-Chairs will review data over the summer First TEC meeting of AY 2013-2014 will be devoted to discussion of data trends and changes we want to make to the data collection rubrics/systems.

19 Current Unit Assessments Initial Level Dispositions: covers candidates in BS, BA, BSED, MAT, MST Advanced Level Dispositions: Covers candidates in MSEd and CAS programs Initial Candidate Impact on Student Learning: covers candidates in BS, BA, BSED, MAT, MST Advanced Candidate Impact on Student Learning: covers canidates in MSEd and CAS programs Unit Assessment Upon Completion of an Advanced Program: data derived from completion of the culminating activity or project in an MSEd Program.

20 Alternate Means of Entering Dispositions Data For programs wanting to enter data on individual students, Taskstream Rubrics are available. These will allow programs to enter data on candidates and have Taskstream collate the data. Initial programs 262 Advanced Programs:

21 ALL TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAMS Must submit new, mid-cycle reports in March 2014 (no matter what it says on your National Recognition Final Reports). Be sure that you prepare your reports using the most recent standards as many SPAs have published updated standards Start talking now in your program/department meetings about how you have used data from assessments to improve your programs

22 SPAs Review your final SPA reports from last cycle to determine areas of strength and opportunities for growth Review and update your faculty roster: education levels, experience, tenure status, scholarship, etc. Review your program standards and report forms Identify your primary report preparer Review your list of assessments to insure that they will yield appropriate evidence to support meeting the standards Consult with your SPA Reps if you have questions.

23 Mid-Cycle SPA Reports March 2014 Data Needs Survey Attendance at SPA Sponsored Conferences and other SPA-Related Events Changing Standards Identification of SPA Writers to Deans by 6/1/13 Compensation Process

24 SPA Report Access Go to: http://www.ncate.org Click on AIMS Member Login Enter Username: 15663 Enter Password: 5189hod Click on Program Review System (PRS) Find the drop down menu and click on S10 if you were recognized on first review or access the semester when you submitted your rejoinder that led to recognition.

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