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Jacksonville University Active Duty and Veterans Workshop.

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1 Jacksonville University Active Duty and Veterans Workshop

2 VA Certifying Officials at JU Deirdre Willette - Assistant Registrar Sandra Roman – Student Records Specialist II 904-256-7233 Carolyn Phillips -Associate Registrar

3 JU Campus Chart with VA Statistics

4 VA Education Programs CH 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill CH 30 Montgomery GI Bill CH 1606 Selective Reservists CH 1607 Reserve Educational Assistance Program CH 35 Dependents of Deceased/Disabled Veterans CH 31 Vocational Rehabilitation

5 Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008, CH33 Eligibility Application form 22-1990 can be made at Typically entitled to 36 months of education benefit, to be used over 15 years

6 CH33 Education Benefits at JU Academic year 2012-2013 August 1, 2012 – July 31, 2013 Tuition and fees – to the school for Active Duty and Veterans Monthly housing allowance - to the Veteran Book Stipend – for Active Duty and Veterans

7 Yellow Ribbon School JU is participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program with a 100% match Yellow Ribbon Eligibility Undergraduate programs Graduate programs Yellow Ribbon Exclusions Active Duty Less than 100% eligibility Division of Aviation and Orthodontics

8 Transfer of Entitlement For the first time in history, service members enrolled in the Post 9/11 GI Bill program are able to transfer unused education benefits to their spouses or children starting 8/1/09.

9 Transfer of Entitlement DOD Eligibility Requirements Any member of the Armed Forces (active duty or selected reserve), officer or enlisted, served after 8/1/2009, who is eligible for the Post 9/11 GI bill, and:

10 Transfer Of Entitlement Eligibility 1. Has at least 6 years of service and agrees to serve 4 additional years 2. Has at least 10 years of service 3. Is or becomes retirement eligible during 8/1/2012 through 7/31/2012, and agrees to serve an additional period of service 4. Such transfer must be requested and approved while the member is in the Armed Forces

11 Transfer of Entitlement Dependents Eligible Dependents Any individual approved to transfer an entitlement, may transfer to: Spouse One or more children Any combination NOTE: A family member must be enrolled in DEERS and be eligible for benefits

12 Transfer of Entitlement: Spouse An eligible service member may transfer up to their total number of months. Spouse: May use the benefit immediately May use while service member is active duty or separated Is not eligible for housing while service member is active Can use up to 15 years after service member’s separation

13 Transfer of Entitlement: Child Child: May use after the service member has 10 years completed May use while the service members remains active or separates May not use until he/she has attained a secondary school diploma, or reached 18 years of age. Is entitled to the monthly housing allowance, even when service member is still active or separated. Is not subject to the 15 year delimiting date, but may not use the benefit after reaching 26 years of age.

14 Transfer of Entitlement Application Go to the DOD transferability application website to determine if your dependents are eligible to receive the transferred benefits. Upon approval, the family member (transferee) completes a VA form 22-1990e with the VA. The VA will mail a Certificate of Eligibility. Contact the school VA Representative to submit copies of your documents.

15 Student Veterans of America Jacksonville University Club

16 Student Veterans of America

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