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CIHR Funding Opportunities to Consider Presentation for the Universities without Walls Summer Learning Institute July 13, 2009 Nancy Mason MacLellan Associate.

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1 CIHR Funding Opportunities to Consider Presentation for the Universities without Walls Summer Learning Institute July 13, 2009 Nancy Mason MacLellan Associate Director, Partnerships and Knowledge Translation HIV/AIDS Research Initiative

2 2 1.What is CIHR? 2.Funding Opportunities 3.Funding HIV/AIDS Research 4.The Application Process 5.Questions? Up for Discussion Overview

3 What is CIHR? Funding Health Research in Canada

4 4 What is CIHR? Mandate and overview  Government of Canada’s health research funding agency  Supporting the work of over 12,000 researchers and trainees in universities, teaching hospitals, and research institutes across Canada  Developing high-quality people, excellent science and training the next generation of health researchers  Funding research that improves Canadians’ health, health care system and quality of life  Annual budget of $978M  Average annual grant $130K “To excel, according to internationally accepted standards of scientific excellence in the creation of new knowledge and its translation into improved health for Canadians, more effective health services and products and a strengthened Canadian health care system…”

5 5  CIHR funds: Biomedical Research Clinical Research Health Systems and Services Research Population and Public Health Research (including the social, cultural, environmental and ethical dimensions of health) What is CIHR? Funding across the spectrum of health research

6 6 Population and Public Health Gender and Health Aboriginal Peoples’ Health Health Services and Policy Research Genetics Infection and Immunity Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Cancer Research Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction Aging Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Circulatory and Respiratory Health Human Development, Child and Youth Health What is CIHR? Structured through 13 Institutes

7 Funding Opportunities Open Programs, HIV/AIDS CBR Programs and HIV/AIDS Priority Announcements

8 Open Programs

9 9 Funding Opportunities for Trainees Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) Master’s Awards This program funds… Master’s students at Canadian universities Stipend per annum: $17,500 Term: One year Application Deadline: All nominations and direct applications are due at CIHR for February 1 st FYI… Application quotas are provided to each AUCC member university Applications are forwarded to CIHR by the nominating university Direct applications accepted only from students who are not yet registered at a Canadian university in the Fall semester prior to the CIHR deadline

10 10 Funding Opportunities for Trainees Doctoral Awards Funding is available for… Doctoral students in Canada and abroad Three envelopes of funding… Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (VCGS) Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Awards (CGSDA) CIHR Doctoral Research Awards (CIHR DRA)

11 11 Funding Opportunities for Trainees Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships This program funds… Canadian and international doctoral students enrolled at a Canadian university. Stipend per annum: $50,000 Term: Up to three years Application Deadline: Common CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC online application system available end of August; nomination deadline is November 6 th for all institutions and agencies FYI… Program is administered by Canada's three research funding agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) Applications are made to the institution and those selected are forwarded to agencies by the nominating institution New fully electronic application process will be available on ResearchNet for all three agencies

12 12 Funding Opportunities for Trainees Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships and CIHR Doctoral Awards This program funds… Canadian doctoral students enrolled at a university in Canada or abroad (CIHR DRA only). Stipend per annum: up to $35,000 Research Allowance per annum: up to $5,000 Term: Up to three years Application Deadline: October 15 th FYI… Applications are forwarded directly to CIHR by the applicant. Note: Funding for HIV/AIDS research is available via the Priority Announcement process

13 13 Funding Opportunities for Trainees CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (CGS-MSFSS) This program funds… existing Canadian Vanier and Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) Master’s or Doctoral Award recipients interested in building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional short-term research experiences at research institutions outside of Canada. Supplement: up to $6,000 Term: three to six months Application Deadlines: June 10 th and October 10 th, 2009

14 14 Funding Opportunities for Trainees Fellowship Awards This program funds… individuals with PhD and/or health professional degrees that are proposing further research training in Canada or abroad Stipend per annum: $40,000 to $55,000; depending on the background of the awardee and where the award is held Research Allowance per annum: $5,000 Term: up to five years Application Deadlines: October 1 and February 1 Note: Funding for HIV/AIDS research is available via the Priority Announcement process

15 15 Funding Opportunities New Investigator Salary Awards This program funds…individuals that have held a full-time independent research appointment at a Canadian institution for less than 60 months Salary contribution per annum: $60,000 Potential* Research Allowance per annum: $50,000 *applied for annually if the awardee has less than $50K in in peer reviewed operating funds Term: up to five years Deadlines: Registration: August 15 Full Application: September 15 Note: Funding for HIV/AIDS research is available via the Priority Announcement process

16 HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (CBR) Program

17 17 HIV/AIDS CBR Program Overview Transferred from Health Canada in 2004 Managed by the CIHR – Institute of Infection and Immunity Recognizes necessity for greater community involvement Distinct budget envelopes for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal based programs Offers both capacity-building and knowledge creation funding tools

18 18 Funding Opportunities HIV/AIDS CBR Program Funding Tool Term (max) Value/year (max) Master’s AwardsTwo years$17,500 Doctoral AwardsThree years$22,000 Catalyst GrantsOne year$33,000 Operating GrantsThree years$125,000 Meetings, Planning and Dissemination (MPD) Grants One year$25,000 Community-Based Research Facilitator (CBRF) Grants Two years$90,000

19 HIV/AIDS Priority Announcements

20 20 Funding Opportunities Overview of HIV/AIDS Priority Announcements Priority Announcements offer additional sources of funding for highly rated applications that are relevant to specific CIHR research priority areas or mandates…in our case HIV/AIDS Research Candidates may request that their application to a core program be considered for up to three priority announcement research areas per application, in each competition

21 21 The HIV/AIDS Research Initiative offers priority announcement funding through the following open programs: Doctoral Research Awards Fellowships New Investigator Salary Awards Operating Grants Refer to the most appropriate open program funding opportunity for a complete listing of available priority announcement opportunities. Funding Opportunities HIV/AIDS Priority Announcements

22 Funding HIV/AIDS Research The CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative

23 23 Government of Canada Supporting HIV/AIDS research Targeted Support! CIHR receives targeted Government of Canada funding to support HIV/AIDS research (above and beyond its regular funding competitions) Annual funds received via the: Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada; and Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative Together, these initiatives direct $22.5M annually to CIHR and are managed by the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative (part of the Institute of Infection and Immunity) With additional CIHR support, overall HIV/AIDS related research expenditures totalled $37.1M in 2007-08

24 24 The HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2008-2013) Overview “…provide a guide with respect to priorities and directions for CHARAC, CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative and the broader research community in the use of strategic HIV/AIDS funding”

25 25 The HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2008-2013) Strategic Research Themes The CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative Strategic Plan 2008- 2013 builds on the strategic research priorities developed to guide the administration of Federal Initiative funds for HIV/AIDS research within CIHR 1.Health systems, services and policy 2.Resilience, vulnerability and determinants of health 3.Prevention technologies and interventions 4.Drug development, toxicities and resistance 5.Pathogenesis 6.Issues of co-infection and co-morbidities

26 26 The HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2008-2013) Supporting the Federal Initiative Strategic plan focuses on the same target populations as noted in the Federal Initiative: People living with HIV/AIDS Gay Men Injecting drug users Aboriginal Peoples Prison inmates Youth at risk Women at risk People from countries where HIV is endemic

27 27 The HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (2008-2013) Strategic Goals A. OUTSTANDING RESEARCH: Support world-class research in HIV/AIDS that creates important knowledge and new insights relevant to a national and global response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic B. OUTSTANDING RESEARCHERS IN INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENTS: Attract, train and retain outstanding HIV/AIDS research personnel across a wide range of disciplines required to effectively address HIV/AIDS C. TRANSFORMING HEALTH RESEARCH INTO ACTION: Promote the translation of HIV/AIDS research results into action D. EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENTS: Develop partnerships that engage stakeholders and advance the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative agenda and Canada’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic E. ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE : Maintain and enhance operational excellence

28 The Application Process

29 29 Find Funding

30 30 Or view all opportunities

31 31 All current HIV opportunities are listed

32 32

33 33

34 34 The Application Process Tips Applicants are encouraged to… Work on the research proposal in collaboration with a mentor, if applicable Proofread the application Show the complete application to peers, mentors and/or other researchers for feedback Verify, verify, verify that the application is complete (refer to checklist available as well as the additional Instructions in the specific funding opportunity)

35 35 The Application Process Tips Remember to… Read the Funding Opportunity carefully…and follow instructions exactly! Adhere to format guidelines (e.g., font, page limits) Applications MUST be completed using the media specified in the funding opportunity Use the full page allowances but do not exceed Start the application well before the deadline for submission as late or incomplete applications are not accepted Keep the reviewer in mind, make it easy to read Contact CIHR staff if you have any questions… contact information is listed in every funding opportunity

36 36 The Application Process Useful Links Funding Opportunities: Funding Policies: Funded Research Database: Information for Peer Reviewers: Peer Review Information for Applicants: Peer review committees and mandates:

37 Questions? Nancy Mason MacLellan

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