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Meeting Group Murillo Pontual. Study Abroad Ph.D. Program Part II.

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1 Meeting Group Murillo Pontual

2 Study Abroad Ph.D. Program Part II

3 PhD - UTSA With 28,534 students, UTSA is rapidly becoming the institution of first choice for undergraduate and graduate studies. The university is responding to this unprecedented growth by pursuing an aggressive building campaign and is continually adding courses and major offerings to meet the needs of this diverse population. 33 buildings

4 PhD - UTSA



7 Admission Requirements B.A., B.S., or M.S. degree in computer science or related area, The GRE general test (verbal, math, and analytical sections). The GRE computer science subject test is strongly recommended but not required. When GRE scores are used to determine an admission, applicants will be compared to applicants with similar socioeconomic backgrounds. Three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's readiness for doctoral study. TOEFL

8 PhD - UTSA TOEFL International applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English language proficiency before being admitted to a graduate program. UTSA recognizes the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as measures of English language proficiency. English Language Assessment Program (ELAP) Exempt Master's Admission Qualification* PhD Admission Qualification TOEFL Internet 1006179 TOEFL Computer 250173213 TOEFL Paper 600500550 IELTS756.5 *The admission requirement for the Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science is 213 on the computerized version of the TOEFL and 550 on the paper version of the TOEFL.

9 PhD - UTSA GRE/ TOEFL – International subscription ABA– Recife (Rosa e Silva) – Where? Feb 1Computer Science, Ph.D. Deadline - PhD

10 PhD - UTSA Stipends All students who apply are automatically considered for a doctoral student stipend. Each stipend is approximately $18,000 for twelve months, with tuition and fees paid. Some teaching and research assistantships are also available. Ph.D. Program Guidelines 1st year. Take the 4 core courses: CS 5363, CS 5513, CS 5523, and CS 5633. Complete about 1/2 of the course work by the end of the 1st year. Choose an Advisor by the end of the 1st year 2nd year. Pass the qualifying exam at the beginning of the 2nd year (note: the core courses are the subject of the qualifying exam). Take Doctoral Research every semester with your Advisor. Complete nearly all of the course work by the end of the 2nd year. 3rd year. Write a dissertation proposal. Form a dissertation proposal exam committee. Successfully defend the dissertation proposal by the end of the 3rd year. Apply for candidacy. 4th and any additional years. Form a dissertation committee with your Advisor as the Chair of this committee. (normally, this committee will be about the same as the oral examination committee). Write a dissertation. Pass the final oral examination.

11 Questions ??? Thank You… “(…)Dark hawks hear us. Night! Night! My ho head halls. I feel as heavy as yonder stone. Tell me of John or Shaun? Who were Shem and Shaun the living sons or daughters of? Night now! Tell me, tell me, tell me, elm! Night, night! Telmetale of stem or stone. Beside the rivering waters of, hitherandthithering waters of. Night!” James Joyce – Finnegans Wake

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