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Lesson Seven Vocabulary Made by: Daniel Bitner and Rainee Swisher.

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1 Lesson Seven Vocabulary Made by: Daniel Bitner and Rainee Swisher

2 Austere Severe or stern in manner; without adornment or luxury, simple, plain; harsh or sour in flavor The austere expression on the man’s face led us to believe that the victim of the murder was his wife.

3 Austere sounds like “I’ll stare” (usually done with anger) and is similar in spelling to “severe”.

4 Antonyms- mild, indulgent; luxurious; flamboyant Synonyms- forbidding, rigorous, puritanical, ascetic; adorned, subdued

5 Beneficent Performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good If one wishes to be held in higher respect of the community then he should consider spending time performing beneficent acts.

6 Beneficent…it’s beneficial to perform good acts of kindness.

7 Antonyms- selfish, cruel, harmful, deleterious Synonyms- humanitarian, magnanimous, charitable

8 Cadaverous Pale, gaunt, resembling a corpse From our vantage point it appeared that the casket shown with a cadaverous light.

9 Cadaverous- Corpse spelled with a “c” as well… sounds like an adjective…combine these.

10 Antonyms- robust, portly, rosy, the picture of health Synonyms- corpse-like, wasted, haggard, emaciated, ghastly

11 Concoct To prepare by combining ingredients, make up (as a dish); to devise, invent, fabricate The nurse was able to concoct a quick remedy to save the generals life.

12 Concoct- cocking a wall together with plaster….plaster is used as a mixture…which must be concocted

13 Synonyms- to create, fashion, fabricate; to rustle up

14 Crass Coarse, unfeeling; stupid It was said that O’Malley’s Mill itself was a crass place even after the funeral due to the ridiculous racism that was spewed during his lifetime.

15 Crass- crab grass is annoying to get rid of and is a crass and stubborn plant

16 Antonyms- refined, elegant, tasteful, polished, brilliant Synonyms- crude, vulgar, tasteless, oafish; obtuse

17 Debase To lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate; to cause to deteriorate The prosecution was able to debase the defendants reputation in case based on the fact that he had indeed been with the woman in question at that time.

18 Debase- de…grade is a synonym

19 Antonyms- to elevate, uplift, improve, enhance Synonyms- to cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate

20 Desecrate To commit sacrilege, treat irreverently; to contaminate, pollute The Indian burial site was desecrated due to the teenagers’ late night partying there.

21 Desecrate- crates are a symbol of pollution if they are pictured in environment

22 Antonyms- to revere, honor, venerate, consecrate Synonyms- contaminate, pollute

23 Desist To cease doing something, forbear She commanded me to desist after I had taken the argument past a point of reasonable discussion and had begun to take the debate personally.

24 Desist- similar to resist… except one step further from resisting is to stop it and desist

25 Antonyms- To continue, procede, prolong, resume Synonyms- To stop, discontinue, refrain, suspend

26 disconcert To confuse; to disturb the composure of The man seemed competent to disconcert any opponent confident enough to face him in debate.

27 Disconcert- rock concert would be a disconcerting for a fan of opera Vs

28 Antonyms- to relax, calm, put at ease Synonyms- to upset, rattle, ruffle, phase, perturb

29 grandiose Grand in an impressive or stately way; marked by pompous affection or grandeur, absurdly exaggerated The grandiose house was said to belong to a famous basketball player.

30 Grandiose- something grand and impressive

31 Antonyms- simple, modest, unaffected, humble Synonyms- impressive, pompous

32 Inconsequential Trifling, unimportant The quest that our boss had for us seemed so inconsequential that we were unwilling to do them until he threatened our pay checks.

33 Opposite of consequential. No consequences for something inconsequential

34 Antonyms- important, essential, crucial, vital Synonyms- trivial, negligible, petty, trifling

35 Infraction A breaking of a law or obligation However unfortunate it may have been, your anger is no reason to not pay for the parking infraction.

36 Infraction- base word fracture means to break….apply this to rules and you have an infraction

37 Synonyms- violation, transgression, breach, offense

38 Mitigate To make milder or softer, to moderate enforce or intensity Although sometimes a hothead, the man’s wife was able to mitigate his advances in their argument quite effectively.

39 Mitigate- mittens are put on to soften the blow of outside cold

40 Antonyms- to aggravate, intensify, irritate, exacerbate Synonyms- to lessen, relieve, alleviate, diminish

41 Pillage To rob of goods by open force(as in war), plunder; the act of looting; booty After the civil war the southern general affectively disrupted the southern economy by pillaging all of the major confederate holding areas.

42 Pillage- rhymes with village and this would be ransacked if pillaged

43 Synonyms- to ravage, sack, loot, booty

44 Prate To talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion The girls in his history class would sometimes prate for hours about things that he simply did not think were worthy of discussion.

45 Prate- Someone that prates often: Spencer Pratt

46 Antonyms- to come to the point, not waste words Synonyms- to chatter, prattle, blab, babble, palaver

47 Punctilious Very careful and exact, attentive to fine points of etiquette or propriety The punctilious Napoleon Bonaparte was almost always successful in battle due to his divinely- inspired tactics.

48 Punctilious- Making a puncture (similar), one needs to be very exact and careful

49 Antonyms- careless, negligent, lax, perfunctory Synonyms- precise, scrupulous, exacting; fussy, finicky

50 Redoubtable Inspiring fear or awe; illustrious, eminent He told us all that he was a competent leader because of his strong and redoubtable determination.

51 Redoubtable- A redoubtable person is never to be doubted because they are tremendously respected

52 Antonyms- laughable, risible, contemptible Synonyms- formidable, fearsome, awesome; august

53 Reprove To find fault with, scold, rebuke The kindergarten reproved her children for eating the cheerios that she had set out for an activity later that day.

54 Reprove- Instead of approving of something, one reproves someone’s faults or problems

55 Antonyms- to praise, commend, laugh, pat on the back Synonyms- to chide, chastise, upbraid, reproach

56 Restitution The act of restoring someone/something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good for loss or damage He wondered if he would be granted restitution for the car accident the month before.

57 Restitution- Gaining restitution can only be achieved after rest.

58 Synonyms- repayment, recompense, compensation

59 Stalwart Strong and sturdy; brave; resolute; a brave, strong person; a strong supporter; one who takes an uncompromising position In the movie “Brave Heart,” Mel Gibson plays a stalwart bent on the freedom of his people.

60 Stalwart- Stalwart…strong, sturdy…… like a wall.

61 Antonyms- weak, infirm; irresolute, vaciliating Synonyms- sturdy, stout; intrepid, valiant; a mainstay

62 Stipend A fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses The young man received a yearly stipend to attend a college of his choice due to his fabulous essay in the competition.

63 Stipend-similar to spending which deals with money. Stipend is a more constant payment

64 Synonyms- salary, wage, allowance, emolument

65 Vulnerable Open to attack; capable of being wounded or damaged; unprotected The lonely base of Pearl Harbor sat perfectly and terribly vulnerable on that Sunday morning of December 7, 1941 when the world’s history changed forever.

66 Vulnerable- able to get attacked. Volunteer not important and would be let off if needed. Job is vulnerable.

67 Antonyms- invincible, protected, safe, secure Synonyms- defenseless, exposed, unguarded

68 Review

69 1.Which of these is a synonym of reprove? a)Approve b)Chastise c)Confuse d)Commend

70 2. Fill in the blank: The __________ cost the careless driver several hundred dollars despite it being a parking ticket because of the many he had had before this incident.

71 3. Which of the following is an antonym of mitigate? a)Solve b)Open c)Multiply d)Irritate

72 4. What means the closest to restitution? a)Restoration b)Fatality c)Health d)Subject

73 5. Which represents a stalwart the worst? a)A mainstay b)A bravado c)Firm supporter d)Weakling

74 6. Fill in the blank: The Vikings terrorized and ________ the town after defeating its feeble militia.

75 7. Which is the closest definition of prate? a)To continue on a path b)To undermine c)To talk aimlessly d)To research

76 8. Which is a synonym of stipend? a)Allowance b)Permition c)Honor d)Relaxation

77 9. What is not an antonym of vulnerable? a)Invincible b)Fortified c)Helpless d)Secure

78 10. Fill in the blank: The ________ ways of our substitute teacher became very annoying to those of us who were not very precise in our work.

79 11. What is the opposite of redoubtable? a)Contemptible b) Fearsome c)Unattainable d) Atrocious

80 12. Which is a synonym of debase? a)Degrade b)Approve c)Discern d)Disclude

81 13. The seemingly _______ old woman soon took off her veil and we realized she was downtrodden so much that she could not acknowledge any of us.

82 14. The opposite of inconsequential is: a)Meaningless b)Vital c)Trifling d)Secondary

83 15. A synonym of concoct is: a)Fabricate b)Include c)Pursue d)Determine

84 16. The closest word in meaning to grandiose is: a)Humble b)Flamboyant c)Moderate d)Mediocre

85 17. Fill in the blank: The man attempted to ________ the security guard while his companion snuck around the back in a half-hearted effort to rob the jewelry store.

86 18. Which is most similar to cadaverous? a)Mischievous b)Dependant c)Breath-taking d)Gaunt

87 19. Fill in the blank: The officer commanded us to “cease and _______” after we had come to close to the stage at the rock concert.

88 20. Which is an antonym of beneficent? a)Charitable b)Modern c)Selfish d)Courageous

89 21. Which is a synonym of austere? a) Forbidding b) Amiable c) Diverse d) Exhilarating

90 22. Fill in the blank: The unknowing first-time Church attendee accidently ________ the holy water by dipping his face gently into the container.

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