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RIPS and the Math Clinic: Two student team-research programs Sponsored by Industry Mike Raugh Interconnect Technologies LLC 505-918-0696.

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1 RIPS and the Math Clinic: Two student team-research programs Sponsored by Industry Mike Raugh Interconnect Technologies LLC 505-918-0696 Presentation for Harvard SEAS Dec 10, 2012

2 My Background PhD Stanford, Math (20+ years in industry) 1999-2006 director HMC Math Clinic 2001-2012 director RIPS at IPAM/UCLA Currently semi-retired in Placitas, NM NSF REU Reviewer Proposed HPCC National Software Exchange 2

3 HMC Team on Projects Day 3

4 RIPS 2009 at IPAM/UCLA 4

5 From RIPS 2012 to Rhodes 5 Mohit Agrawal, Princeton University

6 Math Clinic at HMC Two-semester capstone experience Clinic program well established over decades Each department has a clinic director 50% of math students elect to participate 3-5 sponsored projects/year (four students per team) Total industry financing (all IP assigned to sponsor) Students get 6 semester units credit for the senior year some summer sessions with stipend/credit hours for students 6

7 RIPS at UCLA Nine weeks of summer but same number of hours Now in 12th year (Raugh RIPS founding director) 36 students from 350-450 applicants 33% foreign students 9 projects (four students per team) Joint industrial-NSF financing (no IP assigned to sponsor) Students housed on UCLA campus, receive $3K stipend Entire IPAM building available in the summer for RIPS Two offices per team, full system access and support 7

8 Program Elements, 1 Industry sponsors recruited by HMC/IPAM Sponsor proposes a project problem Supports (but does not manage) project Provides funds and usually data, and assigns liaison Liaison monitors progress, provides discipline knowledge Regular conference calls Project IMPORTANT but NOT on sponsor’s critical path Sponsor benefits Work products, fresh ideas, long-term recruitment exposure, name recognition as good citizen (IP, patents at HMC) Success not guaranteed 8

9 Program Elements, 2 Each team: 4 students, 1 faculty mentor, 1 sponsor liaison Project manager is a student Faculty mentor helps guide and sets standard of professionalism Sponsor’s liaison monitors progress, provides discipline expertise Students rework sponsor’s proposal into Work Statement Set milestones and deliverables Reports, presentations, analyses, software Work Statement is negotiated with sponsor Students learn teamwork (a challenge in itself) Project manager and mentor learn about project management 9

10 Program Elements, 3 All projects overseen by Program Director Explains sponsor’s role to liaison Available to sponsor to discuss issues Liaison involvement is critical to success (regular interaction) Meets regularly with project managers and academic mentors Promotes cooperation among teams Leads in brainstorming team organizational issues Helps project managers learn to manage Helps guide mentors in their support for project managers Reviews all work products before presentation to sponsors 10

11 HMC Scheduling (Prior Summer, sponsors selected and contracts signed. Students assigned to teams. Managed by department clinic director) Opening Day—sponsor presentations, introductions Weeks 1-2—select project managers, prepare Work Statements End of semester 1 —mid-term presentations/reports End of semester 2 —Projects Day Presentations Final Reports, Software & Documentation PROJECTS DAY Acceptance by sponsors – fee paid half-way, and at end 11

12 RIPS Scheduling IPAM Administration handles Engagement of Sponsors Vetting of Project Proposals Recruitment and selection of Students and Mentors Housing and travel arrangements Remuneration RIPS Director (“Guest Conductor”) Overall management of ongoing projects 12

13 Director’s Key Management Tools Initial meeting with sponsors—stress importance of regular contacts, role of WS, student project management Explicit written norms for Project Manager, Work Statement, Presentations, Reports Weekly meetings with Faculty Mentors, Project Managers Weekly review of schedule and progress Collaborative trouble-shooting Open critiquing of practice presentations—peer participation promotes excellence Careful editing of report drafts (LaTeX template) 13

14 Startup Considerations for Harvard Cultivate sponsors, set pricing and expectations Sponsor supplies liaison and (usually) data Projects are not contract work or internships (success NOT guaranteed) Educational functions of the University (each project managed by a student) Manage contracts and legal issues with sponsor Provide faculty & mentor compensation Comp time, academic credit, payment Recruit students (regular units credit, stipend for summer) Director assignment, compensation Administrative support 14

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