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Seva Mandir Rural Education Program Udaipur, Rajasthan

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1 Seva Mandir Rural Education Program Udaipur, Rajasthan

2 Background: Seva Mandir
Founded in 1968 and education unit for promoting primary education started in 1991 Key stratetic objectives: To create and strengthen institutions for development To enhance people’s capabilities for self-development To create sustainable improvements in the livelihoods base

3 Seva Mandir Education Program [1]
172 Non-Formal Education Centers/Shiksha Kendras running in 5 blocks of Udaipur and Rajsamand district in southern Rajasthan 4769 children (6-14) currently enrolled across 172 Shiksha Kendras Focus is on building basic reading/writing, comprehension and math skills equivalent to grade III/IV Instructors follow a practice an interactive and child-centred constructivist pedagogy Community participation is central to the entire program and Shiksha Kendras and owned by the village community

4 Seva Mandir Education Program [2]
Clearing annual examinations at grade III allows a child to continue with grade IV in government school Last year 982 children got admissions in government schools across 172 NFE centers Regular instructor training programs and workshops for improving teaching techniques Mandatory by-annual and annual performance evaluations for all children Residential Learning Camps to increase outreach amongst first generation learners and drop-outs

5 Shiksha Kendras: Key Stats
Block wise distribution of Shiksha Kendras/NFE Centers and enrollments: Block No. of Shiksha Kendra (as of 31st Mar ’08) Enrollment (as of 31st Mar,08) Jhadol 41 970 Kotra 43 1235 Kherwara 34 999 Badgaon 23 644 Girwa 31 921 Total 172 4769

6 Learning Camps: Key Stats
21 residential concentrated literacy camps conducted since 2001 Three residential camps of around 2 months [55 days] conducted every year Average attendance of ~210 children (6-14) 70% of children enroll in Shiksha Kendras after attending the camp Shiksha Kendra/NFE Center instructors along with Seva Mandir Health Unit conducts/runs the residential camps Evaluation exam is conducted at the end of learning camp to assess the literacy level [and subsequent follow-up by a social worker for enrollment in a Shiksha Kendra]

7 Seva Mandir: Proposal 2008-2009
Continue support for 20 Shiksha Kendra (rural schools), formerly known as Non Formal Education centers in Badgaon Block Supporting the initiation of 10 activity cum tuitions centers. These centers will be set up in collaboration with government schools in Badgaon block Supporting at 25 out of school children of Badgaon to attend three residential learning camps

8 Seva Mandir: Proposal 2008-2009
Activity/tuitions centers [new initiative] Attempt to partner and improve quality of education in government schools After school tuition center for middle-school children, class 5-7 Provide children with an opportunity to exercise their creativity, and practically test and learn the concepts read and heard Help improve performance and reduce drop-out rates of children in/from government schools

9 Budget: Shiksha Kendra/NFE Center
Budget estimate for running one Shiksha Kendra for one year: Budget Heads Details Amount in Rs. Teacher Stipend Rs.1400 x 6 months + Rs.2500 x 6 months[1] 23,400 Study Material for students of the NFE 6,000 Infrastructure cost (Rent Repair etc of NFE) 2,500 Evaluation of children (twice a year) 1,000 Instructor meeting (8 times a year) Rs.250 per meeting x 8 meetings 2,000 Instructor training Two trainings a year 3,000 Certification course 5,000 Total Rs.42,900 [1] The stipend of the instructor at the Shiksha Kendra is currently Rs.1400 and is proposed to be hiked to Rs.2500 from 1st April, This hike is keeping in mind the inflation and also to attract and retain qualified people

10 Budget: Activity Centers
Budget estimate for running one Activity Center for one year: Budget Heads Details Amount in Rs. Teacher Stipend Rs.3000 x 9 months x 2 teachers 54,000 Material Books, Resource Material, Furniture, etc 25,000 Infrastructure cost 3,000 Training 4,000 Miscellaneous 2,000 Total Rs. 88,000

11 Budget: Learning Camps
Budget estimate for 25 children attending one Learning Camp: Budget Heads Details Amount in Rs. Boarding And Lodging (25 children + 3 teachers) x Rs.100 x 55 days 154,000 Study Material 6,250 Medicines and toiletries 3,750 Uniform/clothes for children Travel Teachers stipend @Rs.130 per day x 55 days x 3 teachers 21,450 Teachers training 6,000 Total Rs.198,950

12 Budget: Overall Proposed budget for 2008-2009 program in Badgaon block
Line Item Amount (in USD) One time / Annual Shiksha Kendras (x20) [1] 19,050 Annual     Activity Cum Tuition Centers (x10) [2] 19,550 Learning Camps (x3) 13,250 Salary of one staff/cordinator (x1) 2,000 Annual Total     $53,850      

13 Evaluation Criterion Q.Give 5 clear milestones/goals that we will achieve in the proposal Ensure quality education to ~600 children Improving the quality of education imparted in our Shiksha Kendra and Learning Camp, through training of teachers Build on English language teaching in all the Shiksha Kendras. Initiate around 10 activity centers in collaboration with government schools to enable students have meaningful and joyful education. Q. Indication of how will we self assess our progress on these goals Have evaluation of children’s learning level – twice a year for Shiksha Kendra and end of each learning camp Through parameters like participation and contribution of community in parents meetings, fees, etc. Compare the exam results of the students who attend the tuitions classes with those who don’t.

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