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MSA Orientation Things You Need To Know Anita Brown, Program Coordinator June 30, 2009.

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1 MSA Orientation Things You Need To Know Anita Brown, Program Coordinator June 30, 2009

2 Program Guide The program guide serves as a sequencing guide.

3 First Year MSA Courses Fall 2009 EDN 513 EDN 580 EDN 514 EDN 582

4 Principal Fellows Must follow course sequence. 2 year program, 4 year obligation to the state. Must attend orientation scheduled for August 7th – 8th at Chapel Hill, NC. Must complete full-time internship. The scholarship loan is in the amount of $30,000 per year of full-time study for a total of $70,020 over two years. The funding pays for tuition, fees and living expenses while in the program.

5 Principal Fellow Award Money will be sent to Student Accounts in late August or early September. 15,000.00 per semester. Tuition, parking, and ID fee automatically withdrawn. Students may not pick up card until after 1 st day of class (August 20th).

6 Principal Fellows All Principal Fellows are assigned to teach a lab in conjunction with Education 200. Lab assignments are made by the EDN 200 coordinator.

7 Full-time Student University policy defines full-time as a student who takes 9 hours or more. You will be taking 12 hours. Stipend available only if student has taken 9 hours or more each semester since initial enrollment and taken a leave of absence from their district. Stipend amount is 37,300.00 (distributed in 10 equal payments, second year). This figure may not be accurate and could be changed by the General Assembly at any time. Please contact the Principal Fellows Office with questions.

8 Part-time Students University policy defines part-time as 8 hours or less. Student is not eligible for stipend.

9 Internships All full-time students are required to complete their internships in two public schools within two different school districts. Students that are employed by a public school system must complete 500 hours each semester, as well as fulfill job requirements. The MSA coordinator is responsible for acquiring and securing internship placements.

10 Thesis Option If you know you will later want to pursue a doctoral degree it is suggested you take this option, but not required. Students are encouraged to begin their thesis in the summer before fall semester 1, year two. Students taking the thesis option will earn 45 hours.

11 Non-thesis Option Elective course to be determined in advising appointments with program coordinator. Up to three hours of electives can be transferred into the program from another university with advisor’s consent and approval of grad school. Students are strongly discouraged from taking more than 9 hours during each semester of internship. Internship is 6 hours so you may add 3 hours. Comprehensive Performance- based Portfolio and Defense. This option earns 42 hours.

12 Comprehensive Performance-based Portfolio Defense This is a formal culminating product to show your growth as a leader. All students are expected to produce and defend this product during spring semester of the second year.

13 State Licensure Exam Generally given on campus in January. Students take the 2 nd year. Pencil and paper test. 6 hours in length. Student responds in writing to different administrative scenarios. Cost is between 400.00 to 500.00. Must pass in order to be licensed. In process of changing.

14 Contact Your UNCW email address will be the official means of communication between the program and you. 910.962.3359 Office # 376

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