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NIGMS Predoctoral Fellowship (F31) Program at the NIH

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1 NIGMS Predoctoral Fellowship (F31) Program at the NIH
Shawn Drew, Ph.D. Program Director, NIGMS October, 2010

2 National Institutes of Health
The mission of the NIH is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone by: Conducting research in our own laboratories Providing support for research conducted throughout this country & abroad Communicating medical information to public Training future research investigators

3 National Institutes of Health
FY2008 ~$28 billion budget Support ~ 50,000 competitive grants/awards; 200,000 researchers; 2,800 universities 27 Institutes and Centers (e.g., NCI, NEI, NIDDK, NIGMS)


5 NIH Predoctoral Training
Institutional Predoctoral Research Training Grants (T32) Individual Predoctoral Fellowships (F31)


7 Individual Predoc Fellowships (F31)
“General” – open to all eligible US citizens “Diversity” – open to all eligible US citizens; designed to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups (minority, students with disabilities) Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA)

8 NIH Predoc Fellowships (F31)
The primary objective of the Predoc F31 Fellowship is to help ensure that diverse pools of highly trained scientists will be available in appropriate research areas to carry out the Nation’s biomedical, behavioral, or clinical research agenda.

9 NIH Predoc Fellowships (F31)
Up to 5 years of support; $20,976 (FY09) annual stipend plus partial tuition (60% of request up to 16K) and health insurance & institutional allowance [$3,100 (federal and non-profit) or $4,200 (others)] Candidate must identify a mentor who will supervise the predoctoral research Mentor and candidate work together to prepare the F31 application; competitive program - reviewers look for: - Applicant - Mentor - Environment - Proposed Research

400/1600 X100 = 25% award rate; competitive program

11 Sample Fellowship Number
Type Serial Number Amended 1 F31 GM A1 New National Grant Application Institute of Support General Medical Year Sciences When contacting the NIH state your Name and Fellowship Number

12 NIGMS Predoc Fellowship (F31)
Notice of Fellowship Award Sent to your institution on your behalf A legal contract between you, your institution, and NIH

13 Example NFA Your Name, BS Name of Business Official

14 NRSA Policy: Rules of F31s
F31s are for graduate work leading to science PhD (or combined professional degree w/ science PhD) Period of support up to 5 years (including any other NRSA time, e.g. on T32); no service payback Stipend NIH provides to school; full-time training Stipend Supplementation: only non-Federal funds allowed with no additional obligation

15 NRSA Policy: Rules of F31s
Tuition/Fees/Health Insurance: 60% req.; up to $16K Institutional Allowance: $2750/year for travel to meetings, etc. Computers stay with institution Sick Leave – can get stipend for up to 15 calendar days/year for sick leave Taxability – use IRS Form 1099; check w/your school’s business office or IRS

16 F31Reporting Requirements
1) Activation Notice (PHS 416-5) 2) Termination Notice (PHS 416-7) Both, mail to: NIGMS Grants and Council Operations 45 Center Drive, MSC 6200 Building 45, Room 2AS.55 Bethesda, MD 

17 F31 Reporting Requirements
3) Annual Progress Report (PHS 416-9; rev. 9/08) - Purpose: serves as the basis for determining whether to fund each year (after the initial year) of recommended support - Due 2 months prior to the start date of Award - Late submissions may delay receipt of Award - Report your progress from the previous reporting year - Work w/ mentor; mentor’s section & signature required - Submit to NIH centralized mailing address: Division of Extramural Activities Support, OER, NIH 6705 Rockledge Drive, Room 2207, MSC 7987 Bethesda, MD (for regular or US Postal mail) Bethesda, MD (for other courier/express mail delivery only) Phone Number: (301)

18 F31Reporting Requirements
Annual Progress Reports Summary of Activities: A. CHANGES – if changes in scope (mentor, project, institution) must have received prior NIGMS approval – note in report B. PROGRESS - Concisely describe your research progress over past year - State responsible conduct of research (RCR) training and describe completed RCR instruction (rationale, subject matter, format, duration, etc.) - List all courses/publications/oral & poster presentations C. RESEARCH TRAINING PLANS - Concisely describe the research & research training planned for the requested budget period

19 Requires Prior NIGMS Approval
Unpaid Leave – extended periods of leave (beyond 15 days for sick leave) require prior approval; state dates of leave Waivers - by law, F31 limited to 5 years. Under rare circumstances, NIGMS is authorized to allow a WAIVER of this limit to permit more time to complete research training in exceptional circumstances. Extensions – up to 5 years, but beyond IRG recommended level. Like Waivers are neither automatic not routine and always involve an unusual situation. Changes in SCOPE of program as awarded: Mentor, Project, Institution: CONTACT your PO

20 To Request NIGMS Approval
Written letter (on school letterhead) by you with a strong justification for the rationale of the request Letter must be signed by you, your mentor, and school business official Submit the letter to your NIGMS Program Officer (Dr. Toliver or Dr. Drew, as indicated on your NFA) Submit 2 months prior to requested start

21 NIH Training the next generation of biomedical researchers
Dr. Adolphus Toliver, Branch Chief ; Dr. Shawn Drew, Program Director ;

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