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National Aeronautics and Space Administration Strategic Integration Management Office Exploration Systems Mission Directorate: Higher Education.

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1 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Strategic Integration Management Office Exploration Systems Mission Directorate: Higher Education Jerry Hartman ESMD Education Lead 202-358-1451 Gloria Murphy Kennedy Space Center 321-867-8934

2 Strategic Integration Management Office 2 Overview Introduction to NASA and –NASA vision and mission –Criticality of education to NASA goals –Numerous opportunities for students and faculty Student Launch Initiative ESMD Space Grant Project

3 Strategic Integration Management Office 3 NASA’s Exploration Mission The U.S. Space Exploration Policy as presented by the President includes returning the shuttle safely to flight, completing the International Space Station, developing a new exploration vehicle and all of the systems needed for embarking on extended missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The current generation of high school and college students will solve the problems to allow future explorers to travel to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

4 Strategic Integration Management Office 4 NASA Education NASA strategic goals cannot be accomplished without education The first person to walk on Mars is probably in elementary school today!

5 Strategic Integration Management Office 5 NASA Education Supports the Agency’s Strategic Plan

6 Strategic Integration Management Office 6 ESMD Education Mission Grow Engineers Grow Systems Engineers Grow Engineers

7 Strategic Integration Management Office 7 ESMD Education Objectives Use ESMD’s unique mission as the means to inspire, engage, and educate explorers of all ages –Execute Lunar Precursor Robotics Program –Develop shuttle replacement (Orion, Ares) –Develop lunar infrastructure (Altair, habitats, EVA equipment) Involve multiple partners in program development and execution –Fund projects that cut across Directorate programs (Constellation and Advanced Capabilities Divisions) –Use NASA center education offices, program office content experts and outside partners to implement projects Tie back to the agency’s education framework –Use existing infrastructure wherever possible

8 Strategic Integration Management Office 8 University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) Managed by Marshall Space Flight Center Engages university teams in hands-on, systems engineering through design, construction, test, and launch of a reusable rocket with a scientific payload. It also involves aspects such as: educational outreach in the community, financial management, performing complex calculations, documentation of impact made on education through reports and design reviews, scheduling, and media relations. Project began locally and is expanding to a national reach: Georgia Tech, Louisiana at Lafayette, Embry-Riddle, Calhoun, Tennessee, Arizona State, and Canada have all expressed interest in participating during academic year 2008-09. Proposed partners for the 2008-09 academic year include, National Space Grant Consortium, ATK Thiokol, Bragg Farms, National Association of Rocketry, Huntsville Area Rocketry Association chapter, and Girl Scouts.

9 Strategic Integration Management Office 9 ESMD Space Grant Collaboration Primary focus is undergraduates and graduate students are also eligible Student Internships Senior Design Projects Systems Engineering Paper Competition Exploration Research Paper Competition Senior Design Conference ESMD Senior Design Course Development

10 Strategic Integration Management Office 10 ESMD Internships Placed 155 interns in Academic Year 2007-2008 Spend up to 10 weeks at a NASA Center or in private industry working on an ESMD Project Includes a stipend Opportunities available for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2009 Deadline for Spring is October 1, 2008 Selected students will be responsible for acquiring housing arrangements and travel plans

11 Strategic Integration Management Office 11 ESMD Senior Design Projects Student teams can be funded for ESMD Senior Design Projects related to exploration. 25 projects funded in Academic Year 2007-2008 A list of approved projects is available on the website Includes funding up to $7000 per state Faculty member contacts Space Grant Consortium for funding availability Examples: –Lunar Dust Removal Brush (University of Maryland Baltimore County/JSC) –USLI competition (Utah State University, competition winners) –Lunar regolith excavator (Auburn U/KSC)

12 Strategic Integration Management Office 12 Systems Engineering Paper Competition All student teams participating in an ESMD funded Senior Design Project are eligible to submit a paper by March 2, 2009. Notice of Intent deadline is February 16 th. For more information visit: Papers will be evaluated by NASA Systems Engineers Winning teams will receive tickets for VIP seating at an upcoming launch Cash Scholarships: First place-$3500; Second place-$2500; Third place-$1500 Winning teams will receive a travel stipend to attend awards ceremony at the ESMD Senior Design Symposium at Kennedy Space Center 2008 winner was Georgia Tech’s LEXco Team for “Yamato - Bringing the Moon to the Earth… Again”

13 Strategic Integration Management Office 13 Exploration Research Paper Competition Students are invited to submit a research paper on a Constellation topic in each of the following ESMD Research Areas: –Lunar and Planetary Surface Systems –Ground Operations –Propulsion –Spacecraft Papers to be evaluated by NASA judges First prize in each area above is a $3500 scholarship and VIP launch viewing Awards Ceremony at the ESMD Senior Design Symposium at Kennedy Space Center, with travel stipend provided Deadline for Constellation Research Paper February 2, 2009 For more information visit:

14 Strategic Integration Management Office 14 ESMD Senior Design Course Development Senior Design Courses with emphasis on NASA Systems Engineering: Auburn University: Dr. David Beale & Dr. Dan Harris: Concepts for lunar regolith excavation equipment and proposed solutions in the form of completed designs and prototypes. NASA POC at KSC Michigan Technological University: Dr. John Gershenson: High-risk, low cost development projects like those common to the Small Spacecraft Program. The curriculum is not tied to a particular project, although the examples are based on a small spacecraft project. NASA POC at ARC -$12,000 per Space Grant Consortium available for training and implementation of Auburn/Michigan Tech courses in 2009-2010 -$55,000 available for development of a new senior design course in 2009 For more information visit:

15 Strategic Integration Management Office 15 Senior Design Symposium (tentative) Scheduled for Summer 2009 around the Ares I-X launch An opportunity for selected students to present the details of their work –ESMD Senior Design Project teams –ESMD Paper Competition Winners Includes awards ceremony for paper competition winners Keynote Speakers will include high level NASA management. Space industry partners will be sponsoring career fair booths. Invited students will receive travel stipends A tour of KSC will be included

16 Strategic Integration Management Office 16 For More Information University Student Launch Initiative: Frank Six, Marshall Space Flight Center 256-951-0678 – _Launch_Initiative.html _Launch_Initiative.html ESMD Space Grant Project: Gloria Murphy, Kennedy Space Center 321- 867-8934 –

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