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Spice up STEM with SciGirls: Become a SciGirls Museum Affiliate! December 17, 2009.

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1 Spice up STEM with SciGirls: Become a SciGirls Museum Affiliate! December 17, 2009

2 Presenters Lisa Regalla Science Editor Margaret Duden Outreach Specialist

3 Museum Affiliates Program What is the SciGirls Museum Affiliates Program? Nationwide, two-year initiative Organized by Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) Based on the new SciGirls TV series Funded by the National Science Foundation

4 History What is SciGirls? A new, national science TV series on PBS Produced by Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) The scion of DragonflyTV’s national outreach initiative, also called SciGirls (ongoing)

5 History DragonflyTV’s SciGirls outreach program is: Entering its 5 th year, with SciGirls en Familia Offering free bilingual video and print resources to engage girls in science inquiry Giving out grants in 2010 (RFP forthcoming)

6 A new PBS television series from Twin Cites Public Television (TPT) premieres February 2010

7 Season One Episodes Twelve half-hour episodes: Turtle Mania Puppet Power Dolphin Dive Digging Archaeology Horsing Around Blowin’ in the Wind High-Tech Fashion Science Cooks! Underwater Eco-Adventure Robots to the Rescue! Star Power Going Green

8 Promo Clip

9 Website

10 Sample Episode Izzie’s quest: Izzie is running for class president. Her bff, Jake, tells her that her speech is irrelevant – the tallest candidate always wins. Desperate to get a leg up on the competition, Izzie looks to the SciGirls!

11 Sample Episode Puppet Power Izzie checks out Anna and her friends, as they engineer a giant pig puppet for a parade.

12 Sample Episode The result? Izzie makes a giant puppet of herself. She has everyone’s attention during her speech until… she loses her balance and falls over. The lesson: Always make a prototype!

13 Sample Episode Educational value: showcases real girls – not actors – engaged in STEM underscores relevance of STEM in girls’ lives highlights mentors and careers in STEM models the process of engineering and/or inquiry illustrates strategies for engaging girls

14 Museum Affiliates Program The SciGirls Museum Affiliates Program is: A brand new, pilot outreach program Intended to grow, with new sites every year Expected to expand in scope, encompassing more diverse organizations every year

15 Museum Affiliates Program What – and who – are the affiliates? Science centers or museums in the US Selected this winter on a competitive basis 10 sites will be chosen for pilot program Institutional partnerships are encouraged!

16 Museum Affiliates Program What are the goals of the SciGirls Museum Affiliates Program? 1) Help enhance existing girl-focused programs 2) Develop successful models for SciGirls programming 3) Empower affiliates to train others 4) Aid dissemination of free SciGirls resources

17 SciGirls Resources What are the SciGirls resources? DVD with all 12 episodes Activity Guides with hands-on, inquiry-based activities Gender equity guide detailing SciGirls’ strategies for engaging girls in STEM

18 Gender Equity Booklet SciGirls Strategies for Engaging Girls in Science 1)Encourage equitable communication and collaboration in a safe environment. 2)Prioritize learner-centered, open-ended tasks. 3)Present STEM content in contexts that girls find relevant and meaningful. 4)Offer specific, affirming feedback on things girls can control (i.e. effort, attitude). 5)Respect diverse, individual methods of learning and sharing knowledge. 6)Facilitate connections with role models and mentors. 7)Allow girls to challenge conventional thinking about STEM.

19 Activity Guide What’s in the Activity Guides? In-depth, inquiry-based investigations (designed to take 1 hour +) Quick, simple inquiry-based activities (30 minutes or less) Full inquiries incorporate the SciGirls research-based strategies for engaging girls in STEM

20 Sample Activity Going Green After analyzing the trash in their school, three girls invent a way to turn plastic yogurt cups -- which are not recycled -- into a new product for gardeners.

21 Sample Activity Waste Sort

22 Sample Activity Waste Sort

23 Sample Activity Science Process Skills Classification Estimation Observation Measurement

24 Sample Activity Real world, meaningful context Collaboration Open-ended Challenge conventional thinking Support their efforts Communicate to others

25 Other Resources SciGirls project pages SciGirls poster game SciGirls club kit

26 Museum Affiliates Program What are the benefits to SciGirls affiliates? $1400 travel stipend for kick-off workshop Plentiful supply of SciGirls video, print, and web resources $200 stipend for materials/supplies Monthly support via conference calls SciGirls promotional items

27 Museum Affiliates Program Who can become a SciGirls affiliate? Museums and science centers Must have existing girl-focused programs Each “site” can have more than one organization (institutional partnerships are okay!)

28 Expectations for Affiliates Expectations in Year One Sign agreement affirming commitment to the program Send two or more representatives to March 17 kick-off workshop ($1400 travel stipend provided) Incorporate SciGirls resources and strategies into programs Provide monthly updates Submit annual report

29 Expectations for Affiliates Expectations in Year Two (pending funding) Attend “Train-the-Trainer” workshop (travel stipend provided) Continue using SciGirls materials (new resources will be available) Train others how to use SciGirls resources and strategies Provide monthly updates Submit final report

30 Museum Affiliates Program What is the application process? Submit by January 15, 2010: a completed application form (posted on NGCP site at a letter of support from your Executive Director (or equivalent) Send to: Margaret Duden Twin Cities Public Television, 172 East 4th Street, St. Paul MN 55101 fax: 651-229-1282; email:

31 What does the application ask for? Description of your existing programs: Girl-focused Professional development Ideas for using SciGirls resources In girl-focused programs In professional development programs Application form is posted at: Museum Affiliates Program

32 What are the selection criteria? 1)Commitment to gender equity 2)Plans for using SciGirls materials and strategies 3)Opportunities for dissemination 4)Unique contributions (audiences, location, programs) Application form is posted at:

33 Museum Affiliates Program Timeline: Year One January 15, 2010: Application Deadline February 1, 2010: Decisions announced Mid February, 2010: Affirm commitment to the program March 17, 2010: Workshop in Philadelphia, PA Spring 2010: Begin programs Timeline: Year Two (Pending Funding) March 2012: Train-the-trainer workshop Spring 2012: Begin programs

34 Questions? Contact Margaret Duden

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