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Overview.  Flavor of Second Life Second Life Herald Stories  SL Basics Terms  Appearance  Movement in SL  Communication  Searching  Performance.

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1 Overview

2  Flavor of Second Life Second Life Herald Stories  SL Basics Terms  Appearance  Movement in SL  Communication  Searching  Performance Issues  Social, Political and Economic Issues  Object Creation  Scripting

3  Second Life Herald Founded 2003, covered virtual worlds, primarily covers SL Creator – philosophy professor Initially covered SIMS but reporter was “murdered” by EA – quote from creator Secondary market  Adverting in the Herald for a fee  Hire writers Link – Here’s a flavor of life in Second Life   Marry Me -

4  Owner: Linden Labs  Co-founders Corey Ondrejko Philip Rosedale  Definition from Linden Labs A 3D Virtual world created entirely by its residents

5  Account Creation First Basic Account  Free  Build and scripting  Access to events and shopping  Avatar Premium Account (older information)  $$/month  Receive a weekly stipend in Linden Dollars $300.00  Can own land  Buy the land plus pay monthly usage fee  Can buy private islands too. US $1,675 for 65,536 square meters

6  Download client Receive confirmation email Age Check  Separate area of SL for people under 18 Limitations  ** Graphics card  Memory  Speed

7  Glossary of Terms AR – Abuse Report  formal report to Linden Labs Avatar  Animated being representing a SL resident Ban  Act of forbidding a resident back into SL Ban Lines  Floating red letters forbidding entry Borked  Broken

8  Glossary Boxhead  Newbie who attaches a “free” box to his head instead of the gift that is inside Build  Create objects in SL Cage  Trapping an avatar by rezzing an object that surrounds them. An AR offense Combat Region  The SL Safe setting has been disabled – You can be injured or “killed”

9  Glossary Cyber  Sex Day  Default day is 3 hrs long and night is also 3 hrs.  Time is Pacific Time First Life  Real world life RL  Real Life

10  Glossary Furry  Resident with anthropomorphic features GIRL  Guy In Real Life God Mode  Special mode only linden Lab employees possess Grid  Network of servers making up SL Griefer  A resident who harasses and causes problems

11  Glossary Help Island  Place to learn info about SL Lag  Slowdown in SL due to traffic etc. Mainland  Continents managed by Linden Labs Mature  Area that may include profanity and nudity Rez  To create an object Ruth  Initial avatar appearance SLURL  Special type of URL that launched SL and takes you to specific place

12  You tube videos Search on Second Life  Second Life Classes – InWorld  Blogs Winged Girl Royal Cavorite Second Life Insider

13  Right Click on avatar and choose appearance Menu options include body parts and clothing accessories Some avatars are quite elaborate and require special scripting and the purchasing of items Many shops in SL sell clothing, skin, hair, and other specialty items Ruth  If your avatar looks too much like the original SL gave you Demo

14  Walk  Run  Fly Watch out for ban lines  Map Highlights pop places, events, land etc. Landmarks in Inventory Search for people places Use coordinate system too or SLURL  Demo

15  Chat Distance Related  IM More personal  Voice Very controversial  Shout Annoying at times Distance related  Demo

16  Use search button to find Places Events Land for Sale Classifieds Groups  Rankings based on number of avatar visits

17  Linden Dollars Exchange rate approx one dollar = 269 Linden Dollars – exchange rate varies Obtain Linden dollars  PayPal  Credit Card  Commerce in SL  Small sum from Sl when your avatar is created  Financial Crisis ? 8025.html?mod=hpp_us_inside_today 8025.html?mod=hpp_us_inside_today

18  Making money in Second Life Make a job  Interior designer  Scripter  Reporter  Event host  DJ – Good JOB! Must have own music  Start your own business  Bar  Club  Sell art

19  Stipend Balls As a newbie ( usually 30 to 90 days) can receive money by touching the blue Stipend Ball at NCI North Plaza  Camping Chairs At certain stores sit in chair and receive Linden Dollars  Part of higher rankings in search engine  Not great way of making money  Premium Account Receive stipend each month  Money Trees Newbies Find tree pick apples (5L), Bananas (10L) Pineapples (20L) Funded through volunteers

20  Scams Business in Box  Usually free stuff Pyramid schemes  Look like small pyramids  Well, they are pyramid schemes Stick –Ups  Dying won’t hurt you – teleport home or off in space Bank Scams Transparent Prim Scam  Prim over a legitimate sign Fake Sales Rep  Accepts money but no product delivery or free content

21  Griefers Guns Orbited Shouts – scripts Emitters  Grid Lag trics#server_fps trics#server_fps

22  Friendship  Relationships  Anonymity  Cheating  Gambling  Pornography  Mature activities  Withdrawal from first life  Positive opps Ex Disabled person dancing  Marriage???

23  Institutions Government Anarchy Vigilantism  All powerful Linden Labs  Terrorism  Land ownership Barons  Laws ?????

24  Exchange  Scams  Money controls Again intervention, government, laws Banking crisis – chartered  Who determines what Capitalism ?  Haves and Have nots  Real Life Business – IBM  Universities – Ohio University

25  Prim Primitive – box, sphere, cylinder, etc. Primitives linked together form objects Everything in Second life comprised of prims except your avatar  Creating Prims Must own land, public sandbox Don’t litter – take, delete or wear your prim  Others may find your prim and give back to you  Area of land defines max number of prims  Rez – create a prim or pull from your inventory

26  Sample video EI EI eMaking.wmv eMaking.wmv


28  Basic Steps Rt Click the ground Cursor becomes wand Click on the ground and default prim appears Rt Click on prim and select edit menu  Move Left click on prim  Three colored axes – click and drag  Resize Control Shift

29  Resize Control Shift  Max size 10m X 10 m X 10 m Larger objects are created by linking multiple prims  Rotate Control  Duplicate Control D Size changes with distance/perspective  Transparency Edit menu – fill in transparency textbox up to 90%  Hollow Select object tab Choose hollow percentage – rotate object to see results

30  Linking Shift and left click on multiple prims Control L  Colors change  Last prim selected is yellow – primary prim  Will now move as one object  Max number of linked prims = 255  Unlinking Control – Shift - L

31  LSL – Linden Scripting Language Similar to JavaScript, PHP and C, but not as full featured  Prim Scripts exists inside of a prim Rez a prim and then right click to open the edit menu Select the Content tab Click on New Script button Window appears with a default script Also, go to Inventory, select Scripts folder and right click for new script and write/save.

32  Avatars Movement such as gestures, walking and dancing are not scripts Animation override (AO)  Upload file describing skeletal positions and movement  File format called BVH

33  Default New Script Default // This is a state –can have multiple { state_entry() // Event handler-Runs when you enter a state { llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!"); // Predefined function } touch_start(integer total_number) // Event { llSay(0, "Touched."); //Predefined function } }

34  Summary States  Default  Others defined by programmer Events  Every object at any given time is in one of the states as defined in your script  Event handlers are called in the current state  Event = touched, sit on, walked past within certain distance Functions  Functions within the event handler within the state determine what actions will take place

35  // default state default{ state_entry() { llSay(0, "i'm on!"); // llSetColor(, ALL_SIDES); // sets all sides to red } touch_start(integer total_number) { state off; } } // another state state off{ state_entry() { llSay(0, "i'm off!"); llSetColor(, ALL_SIDES); } touch_start(integer total_number){ state default; }

36  Variables Integer Float String Key  Special kind of string – similar to a pointer – identify objects Vector  3d position in space Rotation List

37  Variables Must be declared before use, typed Local  Defined within function – temporary Global  Defined outside of a function  Case sensitive  Typecasting Integer counter; (string) counter;  No library system  Mono – open source project allows.NET and use of other programming languages for scripting – supported by Linden Labs

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