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GTAP Graduate Teaching Assistant Program Orientation 2013-2014.

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1 GTAP Graduate Teaching Assistant Program Orientation 2013-2014

2 Introductions Geri Rypkema, Assistant Provost, Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships Lisa Rice, Associate Professor, Special Education and Disabilities Studies, and Instructor for the On- line GTA Course

3 Quote to Guide Us… “It is necessary for us to learn from others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself.” Admiral Hyman G Rickover

4 Why Are You Here? Benefits the GW students you serve Benefits you Learn to be a professor Prepare for ANY position in which you do presentations, training Hone other employment skills (communication, teamwork, technology literacy) Really learn the material you teach

5 GAs Graduate Assistant (full package) Typically given a package of support (salary, stipend, and tuition award) Usually full-year appointment GTAP required Eligible for $1,500 payment (excluding students in SPHHS, SMHS or GWLS) if enrolled in GW student health insurance plan Graduate Assistant (partial) Typically given a salary only Usually a semester appointment GTAP required Not eligible for $1,500 payment related to student health insurance enrollment

6 Perks Domestic GAs (with full packages) ONLY: Health Insurance Support: Aetna Student Health plan is $2,258 for a full year; GW reimburses $1,500, after enrollment is verified via additional stipend (or $750 per semester if you enroll in one semester at a time). International GAs ONLY: Health Insurance Support: All international graduate students will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Plan and the cost added to your student account ($1,129 on Fall 2013 invoice and $1,129 on Spring 2013 invoice. As an enrollee, you will be eligible for a $1,500 payment toward the cost of the plan ($2,258: $750 in the fall and $750 in the Spring). If you are a GA with a full package.

7 Perks (Cont.) GA Parking: For discount, complete form at Student Parking Services in Colonial Central, Marvin Center, Ground Floor Services: DoIT training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint; use of Instructional Technology Lab in Gelman, Blackboard training, etc.

8 Elements of GTAP GTAP Orientation: Today’s workshop on GA requirements, privileges, campus resources, and teaching ideas to get you started Instructional Presentation: Today’s mini-teaching demonstrations, with feedback on presentation skills (If Native Language is not English) Oral English Proficiency Screening with Speech and Hearing Clinic

9 Elements of GTAP Online Certification Course UNIV 0250. DE: Readings/resources and short assignments in Blackboard—No charge, pass- fail, MUST COMPLETE to: Have GTA Certification appear on transcript Continue as a GA!

10 More Elements of GTAP Departmental Training and Guidance: Most important: Seek feedback Evaluation: You will give us feedback on your experiences. We will seek evaluations of you by your mentors Advanced Teaching Appointments

11 Broad Responsibilities as an Instructor (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in Canada) 1. Display content competence 2. Display pedagogical competence 3. Deal sensitively with sensitive topics 4. Foster student development 5. Avoid dual relationships 6. Maintain confidentiality 7. Show respect for colleagues 8. Perform valid assessments of students 9. Show respect for the institution

12 You’re Not Alone! Faculty mentor Department chair: if you have problems with your faculty mentor GTAP website: Online GTA course: great web resources on teaching Counseling Center (4-5300): help for psychological problems; stress mgt., study skills, test anxiety, time mgt. workshops; peer tutoring program

13 You’re Not Alone! Teaching and Learning Collaborative (994-4026, Blackboard training, help preparing multimedia instructional materials, teaching tips, e-Community for GTAs and IAs Academic Technology Support (994- 7900): equipment, training to use equipment, help if equipment doesn’t work, in classrooms and computer labs

14 You’re Still Not Alone! Gelman (or Himmelfarb) Library: reference Desk (4-6558) for help researching topics & training students in library research skills Division of Information Technology (IT): The IT training unit (4-4948,, provides both classroom and online training in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and more if you sign in through Skillport or

15 You’ll Never Walk Alone! Academic Integrity Office (4-1977): help with cases of cheating Writing Center (4-3765): help with papers; see also University Writing Program website,, especially the WID Studio, for guidance on teaching Disability Support Services (4-8250): help for students needing accommodations International Services Office (4-4477): help for international students

16 You’re a Student First! #1 priority is your own studies. Take your GA responsibilities seriously, but don’t let them consume you. You should not put in more than 20 hours/week on average.

17 Your view of a learner? A vessel to be filled... or A live wire to be activated...

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