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D R. K ATE H AUSBECK K ORGAN, P H.D. I NTERIM D EAN F ALL 2014 Graduate Coordinator & Staff Support Training.

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1 D R. K ATE H AUSBECK K ORGAN, P H.D. I NTERIM D EAN F ALL 2014 Graduate Coordinator & Staff Support Training

2 T RAINING O VERVIEW The structure of graduate education @ UNLV GC Staff & Services Overview GC Strategic Planning, Mission & Goals Graduate Council Roles & Responsibilities Admissions Policies & Procedures General Graduate College Policies Mentorship Tips & Guidelines Student Records Issues & Timeline Graduate Student Appeals & Issues Graduation Policies & Procedures GA Program Policies & Procedures

3 GRADUATE EDUCATION @ UNLV o We have more than 130 graduate programs. o Student admission, matriculation, separation or graduation are all both departmental and graduate college processes. o Department handbooks and policies must be consistent with NSHE, UNLV and GC policies. o The Graduate Council oversees graduate curriculum, new programs & program changes, program review, appeals, student funding & professional development.

4 MISSION, GOAL & PLANNING The Graduate College provides strong leadership to facilitate Tier One graduate education, extend educational opportunities to graduate students, ensure the consistent and fair application of policies, and provide support for graduate faculty and programs by cultivating an environment in which the highest quality graduate scholarship and research can thrive. Core values: excellence, equity, diversity, opportunity, and impact. Strategic Planning 2013-2014 Funding for GAs Recruitment and Grad R2PC Graduate Rebel Academic Success Progarm E-systems and Support Services Tier One Graduate Education & Resources


6 G RADUATE C OUNCIL Faculty Leadership of Graduate Council Meetings 4+ Times per Year Committees: Executive GCNP&PRC GCCC Student Appeals & Legal Issues Awards Professional Development Program Review Ad-Hoc Grad R2PC and Ad-Hoc Diversity & Inclusivity

7 A DMISSIONS P OLICIES & P ROCESSES Application Process: Apply Yourself “AY” Deadlines & Fees; Processing Time Official Transcript Requirements; Regionally Accredited Up-front admit/deny by departments Department decision emails Full, Conditional & Provisional status: GC vs. Dept. Rec. Admissions Requirements & Policies Dual application process Minimum 2.75, or 3.0 in last 2 years or 60 credits Domestic vs. International Requirements: Credential Evals & PEP Meeting Conditional & Provisional Requirements Roll-over & Roll-back Policies Non-degree Info.

8 A DMISSIONS /R ECORDS P OLICIES & P ROCESSES Matriculation Immunizations & Residency Processes Enrollment requirements First Semester 6 Grad Credits in 3 Semesters (incl. Summer) Registration Requirement Annual review of graduate students Good standing, probation & separation processes Forms & Records Management: Retrievex Department access to student records Appeals and confidential docs not available Scanning in-house for quick turn-around

9 A CADEMIC P OLICIES Program Information Catalog & Websites GCNP&PRC: New Program Proposals & Program Changes Simultaneous Enrollment Changes to Program, Plan, and/or Sub-Plans UG to Grad Fast Track Programs Dual Degree Programs Graduate Certificates Course Information Grading System & X “hold” grades; S/F, S/U Grade Changes, Withdrawals, Etc. Course numbers: 500-700 Repeat Credits & Double Counting Courses

10 A CADEMIC P OLICIES FERPA Training Online Rebel Mail Requirement Credit Load Limitations GPA Requirements Leave of Absence Policy Academic Dishonesty or Conduct Code Issues Probation & Separation Requirements Student Refunds

11 S TUDENT R ECORDS, F ORMS & T IMELINE “A form for everything, and a policy to match!” Graduate Faculty Status forms Degree Audit Companion form Committee Appointment form (& change form) Prospectus Defense/Advancement to Candidacy forms Culminating Experience Results forms & cover sheets Thesis/Dissertation forms Leave of Absence form Appeal form And more!

12 G RAD C OLLEGE D EPARTMENT F ORMS Graduate Faculty Status Forms GA Forms Recommendation for Probation Recommendation for Separation Graduate Curriculum: New & Changes Graduate Programs: New & Changes & Holds UG Permission to Enroll Authorization for Overload

13 T HOUGHTS ON M ENTORSHIP Scholarly expertise & research Training future colleagues (not just customers) o RCR o Professional Socialization Regular and substantive feedback/reviews Advocacy within the system o Policies & Procedures: IRB, Hazardous Materials, Computer Use, Tech Transfer, etc. o Department & GC Requirements and Forms Equity, Fairness, Professionalism

14 Q & A …on Grad College Organization …on Grad College Admissions …on Grad College Policies …on Grad College & Department Forms …on Mentorship & Advisor Responsibilities

15 G RAD C OLLEGE A PPEAL P ROCESS Graduate Students have the right to due process GA Appeal Form: Universal Use o Academic appeals o No conduct code issues o Separate from fee committee o Must go from department, to academic college, and then to the Grad College Recommendation to FSI Committee Final Decision belongs to the Dean

16 G RADUATE S TUDY T IMELINE Meet your Advisor Determine if you need a Graduate Advisory Committee; if so, submit Committee Appointment Form Submit Proposed Degree Program, Parts 1 & 2, to the Graduate College at the same time: Until Degree Audit! Submit thesis/dissertation prospectus approval to the Graduate College (applies to thesis track and doctoral students only)

17 G RADUATE S TUDY T IMELINE Advance to candidacy (applies to doctoral students only): Deadline for submitting forms for stipend increase: 8/1, 12/23, 5/1. Apply for graduation by appropriate deadline; all but final culminating experience paperwork must be submitted Work with your Graduate Advisory Committee to draft your document and eventually submit final draft for their review no less than two weeks before your scheduled defense Defend thesis/dissertation (Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Students ONLY) or Pass your culminating experience (professional paper, course, and/or exam)

18 G RADUATE S TUDY T IMELINE Submit final documents to the Graduate College by appropriate deadline Submit Thesis or Dissertation, if applicable, in the proper format. Student & Committee ensure compliance with publication style Student & Committee ensure UNLV formatting guidelines are met Submit to the Grad College for final format approval Submit your final, approved E-version of your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest Graduate!

19 GRADUATION POLICIES & PROCEDURES Submit all forms as required along the way Transfer credit issues/guidelines: Avoid last minute pitfalls! Graduation Application Process Graduate Catalog program requirements & Degree Audit Preliminary Degree Check Process Culminating Experience or Thesis/Dissertation Requirements Committee Composition Credits & Grades Posted & X grades changed Defense & Documents Degree Conferral Process & Timeline

20 G RADUATION P OLICIES & P ROCEDURES Graduate Advisory Committee Guidelines Program Exam Process: Qualifying, Comprehensive, Final Exams Thesis & Dissertation Process Formatting Process Paper Submission E-Submission to Pro-Quest Professional Papers 6/8 year time limit extensions Minimum of 3 graduate credits in final semester Commencement Requirements

21 Q & A …on Appeals, Timeline, Graduation?

22 GA P ROGRAM P OLICIES GAs must receive a stipend to be considered a GA and derive benefits (residency, etc.); they must be an active, enrolled regular graduate student $10k minimum for 9 month Masters $13k min. for 9 mo. Pre-ABD Doc; $15k for 9 mo. Post-ABD Doc GA full time status = 6 grad credits; GAs must be enrolled in a min. of 6 grad credits Fixed appointment periods with min. stipend amounts: fall & spring, fall, spring, or summer (externally funded only) GAs may work up to 20 hours per week on teaching or research; no ‘busy work’

23 GA P ROGRAM P OLICIES, CONT. Since Spring 2012: New international GAs must take SPEAK test and may be required to take ELC class before teaching Dean generally has fixed state funded allocation for 3 year period; dean’s office allocates funds to departments 80% of state funded GAs (GTAs) must teach 6 credits, or equivalent, per semester Approved additional employment form required for up to 10 hours per week of paid work outside GA position; international GAs may not have any additional employment

24 GA P ROCESS O VERVIEW : P ART 1 Students apply by set deadline in AY-GA: March 1 st is recommended Departments appoint by set deadline in AY-GA Fall = May 15 th Spring = December 15 th Summer = May 1 st Grad College reviews appointment details Confirms funds are available Clarifies/reviews student offer GC publishes letter to student w/email notification

25 GA P ROCESS O VERVIEW : P ART 2 Student accepts or declines offer within 2 weeks or offer is rescinded automatically. If s/he accepts… GA receives email invitation to participate in contract signing, as well as a link to website with appropriate forms/documents; International GAs must register w/ OISS and obtain a SSN BEFORE signing a contract GA registers for contract signing (separated by new domestic, new international, renewals) GA brings completed & signed docs to session; International GAs must obtain a work permit from OISS, and bring the original document to the contract signing session GA completes process Externally funded students must complete the “pink” tuition waiver form & submit to GC International students must have social security card

26 GA P ROCESS O VERVIEW : P ART 3 GC reviews accounts, pulls data from AY into Access Database, codes student in PS GC processes tuition waiver for state students within 2 business days; we process waiver for externally funded students upon return of completed pink course form GC processes contract in HRMS for stipend GC submits health insurance for students who accept it (mandatory for international students through OISS, not the GC); non-refundable

27 AY–GA MODULE ~ PART 1: OVERVIEW OF DEPT. PROCESS Login to AY with your user ID and password Use queries in AY to locate and review all GA applications Enter your "Department Review" into AY GC reviews your request, publishes the offer letter, and sends an email notification to the student Offer letter contains all appointment details as well as information on accepting or declining the offer Student must accept their offer within 2 weeks or it will be rescinded

28 AY–GA MODULE ~ PART 2: STATE VS. EXTERNALLY FUNDED GAS State funded GAs come out of your departmental allocation. These GAs have a set offer package including tuition waiver and health insurance benefit. 80% GTA, 20% flexible. Appointing a state funded GA is therefore pretty simple in AY. Externally funded GAs are appointed using departmental or grant accounts. These external funds cover the stipend plus any tuition waiver or health insurance benefit you choose to offer. Appointing an externally funded GA in AY is therefore a little more complicated, so make sure you have your account numbers ready.

29 AY–GA MODULE ~ PART 3: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Faculty/Staff Training & Users Guide Tracking of Funds & Expenditure Reports Organized by College/Department; State funded only Includes tally for DOC contribution from Grad College $12k from state allocation; difference from GC Input full stipend amount into AY GA Trend Data Available Moving Forward Note: Grad Students (not GAs) hired on LOAs are processed by departments

30 Q & A Ask your questions about Graduate Assistantships, AY-GA, GA budgets, and/or GA policies!

31 W E ARE A R ESOURCE FOR Y OU ! Graduate College: 895-3320   895-0446   895-1039   895-5773   895-3346   895-1233   895-1211

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