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2 Opportunities for Study and Research in Germany.

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2 2 Opportunities for Study and Research in Germany

3 Herzlich Willkommen! DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service Grants & Funding: Undergraduates & Graduates Dalhousie University February 11, 2015 John Paul Kleiner DAAD Information Centre Toronto

4 4 What is the DAAD?  German national agency for international academic cooperation and exchange  Founded in 1925 as a way of connecting Germany to the world  DAAD provides: Scholarships & grants (for all disciplines, at all stages) Information and counseling about studying & research in Germany Support for internationalization of German universities The study of German language and culture abroad

5 5 What is the DAAD? – Part II  Facts & Figures: 70 Regional Offices and Information Centers worldwide Information Centre for Canada : Toronto Annual budget : ~ 470 m € / CAD $ 700 m in 2013 Over 119,000 people supported by DAAD-administered programs annually 2013: 330 from Canada / 804 to Canada

6 6 The DAAD Network – Worldwide

7 7 Repères et références statistiques sur les enseignements, la formation et la recherche (RERS 2012) Why study in Germany?

8 8 Because Germany...  has high academic and living standards at a reasonable cost  offers an outstanding research infrastructure  is home to almost 300,000 international university students

9 9 Because Germany...  is a convenient base from which to explore Europe  provides a chance to learn German, Europe’s most-spoken language  enables access to (a) vibrant culture(s)

10 10 DAAD Scholarships  Funding for study abroad, internships or senior thesis research  Open to students in all fields  Previous knowledge of German not required, but advantageous  Monthly stipend or lump sum  Health Insurance  Some travel reimbursement  All-Grantees meeting

11 11 Opportunities for Study and Research in Germany: Undergrads

12 Overview: DAAD Opportunities for Undergrads 1 Semester or Full Year Study Abroad Support 2 Summer Schools for Language Acquistion + 3 Internships

13 13  Funding study, thesis research and/or internships  Independently designed or organized programs  For second- and third-year students  All academic fields  4 to 10 months during the German academic year  €650/monthly, insurance, travel stipend  Deadline: January 31 Undergraduate Scholarship

14 14 Dalhousie’s German Partner University

15 15  Funding for summer courses taught in German at German Universities  For undergraduate and graduate students  2 years minimum language requirement  Courses must be 3 to 4 weeks in duration  Focus on literary, cultural, political and economic aspects   Deadline: December 15 University Summer Course Grant

16  Eight-week intensive courses at leading language institutes in Germany  Requirements: undergraduates or graduate students in any field of study except German Studies, German Language & Literature, and German Translation & Interpretation Applicants must have completed 3 semesters of college or university level German or have achieved an equivalent level of language proficiency  Terms of Award: Scholarship: €2,300; includes tuition, accommodation and a cash allowance, health insurance, travel costs Deadline: December 15 Intensive Language Courses in Germany

17 17 German Studies Research Grant

18 18  Internships for 2 months at German parliament  Advanced undergrads or graduate students  Fields: political science, international relations, law, history, economics, or German.  Excellent German skills needed  Monthly salary from German Bundestag Deadline: September 15  DAAD can help with health insurance and housing EMGIP – Bundestag Internship

19 19 © Dörthe Hagenguth Opportunities in the Natural Sciences and Engineering

20  8-12 weeks in summer  Web-based matching process  Undergrads work directly with German doctoral students at top labs across country  No German required  Scholarships and housing assistance provided  306 interns placed in 2013  Deadline: January 15 RISE – Research Internships in Science and Engineering

21  1 semester coursework at a university of applied science + 1 semester internship supervised by a U.A.S.  For second and third year students (at time of application)  Language requirements depend on individual program  € 700/month; travel stipend; insurance  Deadline: February 15 Study & Internship Program (SIP)

22 Overview: DAAD Opportunities for Graduates 1 Scholarships for Full Degrees 2 Research Grants 3 Grants for Language Learning

23  Support for one or two years of study in Germany  Can be used to earn a Master’s degree at a German university  German language ability should be commensurate with needs  Final-year undergrads may apply  60 awarded annually  € 750/month; insurance; travel stipend Deadline: November 4 Study Scholarship for Graduates

24  Fields: fine art, design, film, music, choreography and architecture  Masters, PhD candidates, postdocs  One academic year (October – July) with possibility of an extension  €750/monthly, health insurance, travel reimbursement Deadline: October 31 Study Scholarship for Artists & Musicians

25 25 Masters Studies in Germany  Admission with Canadian Bachelor’s degree  Tuition Fees: Typically none at public universities  Study in English (or German)  Graduate with degree recognized the world over  Find degree programs in searchable database at:  Contact individual universities regarding admissions

26 26 Cost of Living and Studying  Cost of Living: Euro 700-850/month (2 year Masters degree = max. Euro 20,400)  Student Fees: Between Euro 0-300 per semester, incl. transit pass  Work Permission: 90-180 days/year  For information on student visa requirements:

27  1 to 10 months with the possibility of an extension  For PhD candidates and postdocs, must have well-defined research project  Can also be used to complete PhD in Germany  Around 30 short term (< 6 mo.) and 60 long-term awarded annually  Invitation by host institution essential  Monthly support of ~ €1,000; travel stipend; insurance  Deadlines: November 4 / May 15 Research Grants (for PhDs and Postdocs)

28 PhD Studies in Germany  Tuition free for most programs  Study in English is possible  Study in either a Graduate School or „traditional“ German format  Online resources to identify programs or scholars of interest at:

29 PhD Research Grants and Positions DAAD : : North America : : Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst German Academic Exchange Service DAAD Research Grants DFG Research Training Groups Position/Grant Graduate Schools Max Planck Research Schools Individual Doctoral Projects Helmholtz Research Schools and Graduate Schools Individual Doctoral Projects Leibniz Graduate Schools Fraunhofer Institutes Individual Doctoral Projects

30 Funding Resources:

31  For undergraduate DAAD alumni, recent graduates or Masters & PhD students  Work place internships in industry with leading German companies  German requirements depend on the nature of the internship  Scholarships and housing assistance are provided  2 week intensive language course for RISE and RISE pro participants with little or no German  €750-1000 monthly stipend plus health insurance and partial travel reimbursement RISE professional

32 Your Application to DAAD: Tips for Success  Express why your activities in Germany are critical to your academic or professional goals  Show your passion: e.g. contact with and interest from German institution/professor  Submit quality letters of recommendation  Make sure your application is on time and complete

33 Online Resources for Study and Research in Germany  Visit DAAD North America website:  General information about study and research in Germany  Funding resources:

34 Other opportunities to experience Germany  YMA - Youth Mobility Agreement kanada/en/02/visa/yma.html  General Information Experience-Germany.CA

35 DAAD Canada Contact DAAD Information Centre Toronto

36 We hope to see you soon in Germany!

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