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Cardiac Rehab Specialist

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1 Cardiac Rehab Specialist
Dana Villasin, Jenna Galezniak, Elise Wood, Bridgett Passarella

2 What is Cardiac Rehab? Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a professionally supervised program to help people recover from : Heart attacks Heart surgery Percutaneous Coronary intervention procedures such as stenting and angioplasty Cardiac rehab programs usually provide education and counseling services to help heart patients increase physical fitness, reduce cardiac symptoms, improve health and reduce the risk of a future heart problems, including heart attack

3 What does a Cardiac Rehab Specialist do?
Conduct initial assessment of patient Gather information on patient history and information related to risk factors for heart disease Establish an exercise program for the patient Perform blood and glucose monitoring Develop care plan for the patient, including nutrition and medication Give direction on appropriate rehabilitation activities based on patient’s physical response to exercise Identify EKG rhythm abnormalities Respond appropriately to emergency situations

4 Programs Temple University West Chester University
– Master in Integrative Exercise Physiology West Chester University - Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology Rutgers New Brunswick University – Master’s in Nursing

5 Temple University Master of Science in Kinesiology
Pre-requisites : Bachelor Degree with Lab sciences – Biology, Anatomy and Phys, Chemistry, And Physics GRE score of 153 verbal and 144 quantitative Course Requirements ( listed on Handout) Some include: Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiology, and Exercise Testing and Prescription Credit Hours: 30-33 Will conduct : Master Research Project , Thesis, and Clinical Internship/ Practicum

6 Temple University Graduate Assistantship
Can receive an assistantship at Temple University Awarded directly by departments in form of research or teaching 20 hours per week of students time – research activities or grad related activities Carry full tuition remission and stipend $11,000 per year

7 West Chester University - Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology
Science based program of credit hours – depending on research or thesis based program Out of state tuitions – approx. $18,000 Some Courses include: Advanced Motor Learning Biomechanics Advance Ex Phys Muscular Physiology And more

8 West Chester University Graduate Assistantship
Must be a degree-seeking, graduate student; certifications do not count Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for current graduate students          Offered by departments outside individual colleges Such as: Academic Programs and Services Division and Residence Life and Housing Students must give 20 hours a week in duties to receive tuition remission and a stipend West Chester has multiple different GA programs – cost and stipend depends on chosen program GA revoked if 3.0 is not kept

9 Rutgers University: Master’s of Science in Nursing
Requirements for Application BSN 3.2 GPA Nurse license in New Jersey Three recommendation letters Program is 42 credits Cost is 8,000$ to 12,000$

10 MSN at Rutgers University
Fall: Year 1 9 Spring: Year 1 -Found. Of Research & Evidence- Based Practice -Theoretical Foundations -Social determinants of Health -Principles &Methods of Epidemiology -Healthcare Economics & Business Practices -Elective Fall: Year 2 Spring: Year 2 -Theory & Practicum: Transformational Leadership -Managing Human Capital -Theory & Practicum: Quality & Safety in Health Care Fall: Year 3 6 -Theory & Practicum: Organization Complexity

11 Financial Aid College of Nursing Scholarships
-Academic Performance College of Nursing Awards College of Nursing Fellowships -Graduate Students ONLY

12 Biology Kinesiology Nutrition Masters Degree is Not a Requirement
Other Master Degrees Biology Kinesiology Nutrition Masters Degree is Not a Requirement

13 What do I do with my graduate degree?
Cardiovascular related courses Volunteer/ Shadow Training Certification Exam “American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation” Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist is NOT a Degree

14 Professional Organizations
AACVPR: American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation AHA : American Heart Association UPCRA : Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association

15 American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR)
Networking opportunities Great resource of information for upcoming graduates Four types of memberships: SHOULD TALKE ABOUT INFO SEPEARATLY NOT ON SLIDE Professional Education Advantage Joint Affiliate Student

16 American Heart Association (AHA)
Five types of memberships: Premium Profession Plus ($450/year) Premium Professional ($250/year) Early Career ($75/year) Student/Trainee ($75/year) General Professional ($75/year) Benefits : See Handout

17 Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association (UPCRA)
Three types of annual membership: Professional- Dues $25/year Professional regularly involved in cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation Student – Dues $10/year Anyone interested in graduate or undergraduate school in health profession Associate - Dues $10/year Anyone interested in cardiac rehabilitation currently not eligible for other memberships

18 JOBS POSITIONS LOCATIONS Director Manager Assistant Therapist
Hospitals Outpatient Clinics Rehabilitation Centers Nursing facility Home health care services

19 Cardiac Rehab in Our Area
Virtua Cardiac Rehabilitation Performance Center Sewell, NJ 08080 Thomas Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia, PA 19145 Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation Pomona, NJ 08240

20 Our Site Visit – Bacharach
Out-patient program Only facility in the region equipped with EECP, a revolutionary non-surgical cardiac treatment system Center looks like a health club Unlike a health club, the Cardiac Rehab center is staffed by therapists and physiologists specially trained to oversee a physician-supervised controlled exercise program Ron Franzeschini Director of Cardiac/Pulmonary Services/Emergency Preparedness

21 References ehab/What-is-Cardiac-Rehabilitation_UCM_307049_Article.jsp tive_exercise_physiology_MS.htm#1 rehab/

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