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Cardiac Rehab Specialist Dana Villasin, Jenna Galezniak, Elise Wood, Bridgett Passarella.

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1 Cardiac Rehab Specialist Dana Villasin, Jenna Galezniak, Elise Wood, Bridgett Passarella

2 What is Cardiac Rehab?  Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a professionally supervised program to help people recover from :  Heart attacks  Heart surgery  Percutaneous Coronary intervention procedures such as stenting and angioplasty  Cardiac rehab programs usually provide education and counseling services to help heart patients increase physical fitness, reduce cardiac symptoms, improve health and reduce the risk of a future heart problems, including heart attack

3 What does a Cardiac Rehab Specialist do?  Conduct initial assessment of patient  Gather information on patient history and information related to risk factors for heart disease  Establish an exercise program for the patient  Perform blood and glucose monitoring  Develop care plan for the patient, including nutrition and medication  Give direction on appropriate rehabilitation activities based on patient’s physical response to exercise  Identify EKG rhythm abnormalities  Respond appropriately to emergency situations

4 Programs  Temple University – Master in Integrative Exercise Physiology  West Chester University - Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology  Rutgers New Brunswick University – Master’s in Nursing

5 Temple University Master of Science in Kinesiology  Pre-requisites : Bachelor Degree with Lab sciences – Biology, Anatomy and Phys, Chemistry, And Physics  GRE score of 153 verbal and 144 quantitative  Course Requirements ( listed on Handout)  Some include: Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiology, and Exercise Testing and Prescription  Credit Hours:  Will conduct : Master Research Project, Thesis, and Clinical Internship/ Practicum

6 Temple University Graduate Assistantship  Can receive an assistantship at Temple University  Awarded directly by departments in form of research or teaching  20 hours per week of students time – research activities or grad related activities  Carry full tuition remission and stipend $11,000 per year

7 West Chester University - Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Physiology  Science based program of credit hours – depending on research or thesis based program  Out of state tuitions – approx. $18,000  Some Courses include:  Advanced Motor Learning  Biomechanics  Advance Ex Phys  Muscular Physiology  And more

8 West Chester University Graduate Assistantship  Must be a degree-seeking, graduate student; certifications do not count  Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for current graduate students  Offered by departments outside individual colleges  Such as: Academic Programs and Services Division and Residence Life and Housing  Students must give 20 hours a week in duties to receive tuition remission and a stipend  West Chester has multiple different GA programs – cost and stipend depends on chosen program  GA revoked if 3.0 is not kept

9 Rutgers University: Master’s of Science in Nursing  Requirements for Application  BSN  3.2 GPA  Nurse license in New Jersey  Three recommendation letters  Program is 42 credits  Cost is 8,000$ to 12,000$

10 MSN at Rutgers University Fall: Year 1 9 Spring: Year 1 9 -Found. Of Research & Evidence- Based Practice -Theoretical Foundations -Social determinants of Health -Principles &Methods of Epidemiology -Healthcare Economics & Business Practices -Elective Fall: Year 2 9 Spring: Year 2 9 -Theory & Practicum: Transformational Leadership -Managing Human Capital -Theory & Practicum: Quality & Safety in Health Care -Elective Fall: Year 3 6 -Theory & Practicum: Organization Complexity

11 Financial Aid  College of Nursing Scholarships -Academic Performance  College of Nursing Awards  College of Nursing Fellowships -Graduate Students ONLY

12 Other Master Degrees Biology Kinesiology Nutrition Masters Degree is Not a Requirement

13 What do I do with my graduate degree?  Cardiovascular related courses  Volunteer/ Shadow  Training  Certification  Exam  “American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation” Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist is NOT a Degree

14 Professional Organizations  AACVPR: American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation  AHA : American Heart Association  UPCRA : Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association

15 American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR)  Networking opportunities  Great resource of information for upcoming graduates  Four types of memberships: SHOULD TALKE ABOUT INFO SEPEARATLY NOT ON SLIDE  Professional  Education Advantage  Joint Affiliate  Student

16 American Heart Association (AHA)  Five types of memberships:  Premium Profession Plus ($450/year)  Premium Professional ($250/year)  Early Career ($75/year)  Student/Trainee ($75/year)  General Professional ($75/year)  Benefits : See Handout

17 Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association (UPCRA)  Three types of annual membership:  Professional- Dues $25/year  Professional regularly involved in cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation  Student – Dues $10/year  Anyone interested in graduate or undergraduate school in health profession  Associate - Dues $10/year  Anyone interested in cardiac rehabilitation currently not eligible for other memberships

18 JOBS LOCATIONS  Hospitals  Outpatient Clinics  Rehabilitation Centers  Nursing facility  Home health care services POSITIONS  Director  Manager  Assistant  Therapist

19 Cardiac Rehab in Our Area  Virtua Cardiac Rehabilitation Performance Center  Sewell, NJ  Thomas Jefferson Hospital  Philadelphia, PA  Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation  Pomona, NJ 08240

20 Our Site Visit – Bacharach  Out-patient program  Only facility in the region equipped with EECP, a revolutionary non-surgical cardiac treatment system  Center looks like a health club  Unlike a health club, the Cardiac Rehab center is staffed by therapists and physiologists specially trained to oversee a physician-supervised controlled exercise program  Ron Franzeschini  Director of Cardiac/Pulmonary Services/Emergency Preparedness

21 References  ehab/What-is-Cardiac-Rehabilitation_UCM_307049_Article.jsp   tive_exercise_physiology_MS.htm#1  rehab/    

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