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Faculty of Medicine February 14 th – 25 th, 2011.

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1 Faculty of Medicine February 14 th – 25 th, 2011

2  Operational & Systems Changes  BSAC 101 (Banner Student Aid for Canada) ◦ Important Terms ◦ Budgets ◦ Award Processing Form (APF)  Scenarios ◦ Fellowships ◦ Agency Awards ◦ Stipends ◦ Fund Reassignment

3  BSAC - the single and authoritative source for all need- and merit-based student funding  Advanced planning for student funding is strongly recommended!  All student award payments will be processed using the Award Processing Form (APF) ◦ Pops and HR appointment form will no longer be used for processing award payments to students

4  Important Concepts ◦ Aid Fund ◦ Aid Year/Fiscal Year/Grant Year ◦ BSAC Budget  Estimated  Auto Increase/Decrease for Stipends  Actual  Encumbrances ◦ Disbursement schedules ◦ Access to APF  Who has now  Moving forward

5  An Aid Fund Code in BSAC is a unique code that is used to distinguish an entity for awards, scholarships, etc.  These codes identify specific awards including government, external, institutional scholarships and bursaries, graduate fellowships etc.  An aid fund for a monetary award is associated to a FOAPAL  More than one aid fund may be associated to one FOAPAL (but only one FOAPAL can be associated to an aid fund.)

6  Aid funds are coded using the following convention: Award Type + FIS Fund + Program Stage + one up number + G (for grants only) ◦ Award types: F – Fellowship; R – Agency; I – Stipend ◦ Aid Fund names for Agency awards are based on the fund name ◦ Aid Fund names for student stipends begin with STP – [researcher last name] – first characters of the fund title  Examples: ◦ F179518C00 – Dr. Richard I Birks Fellowship ◦ R213875C0G – CIHR 85092 Fellowship ◦ I 224921C0G – STP – Chacron – CIHR Operating

7  For Fellowships & Scholarships approved by CESA (Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs) aid funds are automatically created by GPS or SSAO  Over 700 aid funds were created when awards were migrated from HR Appointments to BSAC  Aid Fund Request Form for Stipends  CIHR or other external awards (other than NSERC or SSHRC) to complete a fund opening form

8 Aid Year - a complete year for which student aid/award is being tracked. McGill defines an aid year as September to August 31 st of the following year. Fiscal Year - twelve consecutive months used as an accounting period/cycle. The university fiscal year is May 1 through April 30, as is the fiscal year for provincial appropriations. For example Fiscal Year Code 12 represents May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012

9  Grant Year - A Grant Code is linked to a Fund Code to obtain cumulative results over multiple years (inception-to-date) or when there is a different Fiscal Year to the University’s. A Grant’s year is dictated by the granting agency’s reporting requirements and may end on any calendar month.  For example, the Tri-Council runs from April 1 st to March 31 st.

10  BSAC budget: every aid fund (award type) that is set up in BSAC requires a corresponding budget  Budgets in BSAC are separate from FIS budgets  How budgets are set in BSAC depends on the FIS fund type of the FOAPAL to which it is attached

11  Finance Funds used exclusively for awards or financial aid (2A to 2E fund types) ◦ Nightly refresh from Finance budgets ◦ SSAO/GPS can override as ‘estimated’  Funds outside 2A-2E fund types (not linked to a grant) ◦ Nightly refresh to take budget from account 600200 (Pooled position # ZBSAC1 - Student Aid and Awards) ◦ SSAO/GPS can override as ‘estimated’  Research Grants & Contracts in name of Principal Investigator (2F & 2M fund types) ◦ No upfront budget required. System will self-adjust budget based on disbursements scheduled.

12 FOAPAL with budget allocation Aid Fund APF Processing: Aid fund + Student +Amount+ Disb. Schedule GPS/SSAO Process award: Payments and memos FIS

13 FOAPAL B $500 FOAPAL A $500 FOAPAL C $500 Award $1500 Funding Source Student View

14 FOAPAL B $500 FOAPAL A $500 FOAPAL C $500 Award $500 Award $500 Award $500 Student View Funding Source



17  A disbursement schedule is the schedule of award payments.  Some award types may have a default disbursement schedule (Fellowships often have a ten payment default schedule)  Agency awards and stipends require that a custom schedule be created  The disbursement schedule wizard can automatically generate a schedule of payments based on a monthly or semi- monthly schedule

18  Paying a student a Fellowship from JAN to MAY  Paying a student a stipend from JAN-MAY with fund that has a grant year end within the payment period  Paying a student from SEPT-MAY from more than one funding source

19  An external agency names a student as a recipient of a multi-year award to be paid over 3 years from Sept-Aug each year (i.e.) CIHR

20  Aid fund request form  Award reassignment formerly “Retro FOAPAL change”

21  Registered participants for today’s session have been granted access to the APF  Listing has been sent by the Faculty of Medicine to BSAC team for set up  Moving forward access to the APF will be provided upon completion and submission of the FAA Access Authorization Form:

22  Phase I – New functionality has been added to the APF: ◦ A disbursement schedule wizard ◦ Aid fund request form (Student stipends only) ◦ Display of grant year end (Agency & Stipends only) ◦ Start and end dates (Agency & Stipends only) ◦ Total amount (Agency & Stipends only) ◦ Auto increase/decrease BSAC Budget (Stipends only)

23  Phase II - functionality (coming soon): ◦ Award reassignment capability for use when a new FOAPAL is paying an award (formerly retro-FOAPAL process) ◦ Display of Aid fund remaining amount to spend ◦ Support for multi-year awards ◦ Enhanced encumbrances ◦ More intuitive interface & better performance ◦ Fund Administrator Approval Form (for use by FIS)

24  Guides users through setting up a payment schedule ◦ Lump Sum ◦ Monthly ◦ Semi-monthly ◦ No longer tied to payroll payment schedule

25  Users create an Aid Fund “on-the-fly” for award processing ◦ Aid funds are created dynamically and ready for use on the APF ◦ Provides users with immediate award processing ability ◦ Mechanism for planning ◦ Reduces delays in payments

26  Medicine Administration website ◦ Presentation - ◦ Quick Links to GPS and SSAO coming soon  GPS – Fellowships & Awards  GPS Toolkit ◦ Award Cycle ◦ BSAC Glossary of Terms ◦ Guidelines: Awarding Graduate Fellowships (for Recruiting Units) ◦ Guidelines: Awarding Undergraduate In-Course Awards ◦ Roles & Responsibilities ◦ Fact Sheet BSAC ◦ Fact Sheet Student Stipends ◦ Student Stipend Payment Authorization Form  Post-doc Award Certification form coming soon

27  Medicine Admin –  GPS –  Internal Awards - Nikki Maphosa sinikhiwe.maphosa@mcgill.catel: 09353  External Awards - Ester Di Cori tel: 09341  SSAO –  Scholarships - Paula Pariseau tel: 4807  Aid Fund Questions- June Morrier june.morrier@mcgill.catel: 1001  Questions about APF access ◦


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